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You can still post comments about any OBN blog posts at the bottom of each post, but this is the place for any general comments you may want to leave.

Also, inspired by Old Bro Greg Korth (EpSig 739), you can leave a comment if you are attending a Bruin event, like Greg mentions here .....

My family and I enjoy attending Bruin events….mostly sports, but also the occasional arts or community event…..when I’m at the events, I always wonder if any of the Old Bros are present…..For example, I caught last two (2) regular season UCLA baseball games vs USC this year, and wondered if any Old Bros were also in the stands….I was thinking, we should have a way that Old Bros can jump on the Old Bro website and post that they plan to attend a particular UCLA event…..that way, Old Bros would know what other Old Bros were attending same event…..Old Bros could then arrange to meet at the event, if they wished

So here is your opportunity to SOUND OFF !!  Scroll down to the comment box at the VERY BOTTOM of the page to post something, then scroll back up through the other comments to see what your other Old Bro's are talking about ..... the newest comments are always at the BOTTOM of the page, so check them out !!


  1. Steve Sann, Ep-Sig 784December 17, 2011 at 3:29 PM

    To kick off this new "Sound Off" section of The Old Bro Network for Ep-Sig of Lambda Chi Alpha at UCLA...

    I hereby dedicate this Sound Off to my awesome High Kappa (and creator of The Old Bro Network) Michael J. Harness, my Big Bro Kevin O'Connor, my Grand Bro Pat Murray, my Little Bros Art Galan and Milton Stumpus...and to ALL the other great Ep-Sig Bros before and after me who have made Lambda Chi Alpha at UCLA the incredible house and awesome brotherhood that it is, was, and hopefully always will be into the future....


    "Sir. Why are fire engines Red, Sir?
    Fire engines are red because...
    One plus one is two.
    Two plus two is four.
    Four plus four is eight.
    Eight minus two is six.
    Six and six is twelve.
    There are twelve inches in a ruler.
    Queen Mary was a ruler.
    Queen Mary was also a ship.
    Ships sail in the sea.
    Fish swim in the sea.
    Fish have fins.
    Finns fought the Russians.
    Russians are red.
    Fire engines are always rushin' around.
    And that's why fire engines are red, Sir."


    And now, a challenge to all the OTHER Bros...

    Can we recall the words to all the OTHER Sound Offs of the past, including:

    Jump Jump
    Oofty-Goofty Bird
    Simple Shit
    Syphilitic Afterbirth
    ...and any others I may have omitted?

    -Steve Sann, Ep-Sig 784
    (a sufficiently low Zeta number that qualifies me as a "not-quite Ancient" and "Still Lucid and Ambulatory" Old Bro)

  2. Steve Sann, Ep-Sig 784December 19, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    Thanks to Brother Ron Azad (Ep-Sig 685) we can now add hapless "Thaddeus Thistle" to the list of our past Ep-Sig Sound Offs:


    Sir! My name is Thadeus Thistle,
    the unsuccessful thistle sifter.
    One day, while shifting through
    a slew of unsifted thistles,
    I thrust three thousand thistles
    through the thick of my thumb. Thir! (SIR)!


    Thank you Ron!

  3. I cannot remember which one is my underwear and which one is my sock drawer. I am old and suffering from dementia. How could I possibly remember my Sound Off?

  4. Dan Ludwick, Ep-Sig 1003January 11, 2013 at 9:37 AM

    I just shared this one with my 17 year-old son last week!

    Sir! I am an Oofty-Goofty Bird
    I fly in ever-diminishing concentric circles
    Until eventually being consumed by my own asshole. Sir!

    Not sure I got that perfectly right...

  5. Bros -

    Will Forte's new movie "Nebraska" - (critically acclaimed!) will be debuting around November 15th, 2013. Please go support a bro. Will is the most humble bro you will ever meet. He would never ask for your support. So I will DO IT. Also go see his other new movie "Run and Jump". Here is some info


    Ep Sig 1136

  6. Thanks BJ. Your contribution to the film means a lot, and means even more because you are the only old bro that responded through this forum. Several others connected and contributed through Facebook and their support is a tremendous help.


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