Monday, February 26, 2018

Old Bro News & Notes - FEB 2018 edition

Greetings from the OBN headquarters, we're already two months into the new year, and have several items to bring to your attention ....

First, we have TWO new Old Bro's joining the tribe, please welcome Damon Anastasia (EpSig 1017) and Gary Harms (EpSig 1197).  This brings the roster count for the OBN up to 344 strong.  Both of their Vcards have been sent out, please update your records accordingly.

Next, we have updated info for Old Bro Vic Hurtado (EpSig 682).  Vic was tracked down in Washington D.C. by Old Bro Greg Anicich (EpSig 681), where they and their wives shared a meal and caught up with each other.

Marybeth Anicich, Vic Hurtado, Margaret Hurtado, and Greg Anicich enjoying a highly classified dinner

Greg got Vic's updated numbers, his updated Vcard has been sent out, again, please update your records accordingly.

As always, if you have any new or updated contact info for any Old Bro's out there who are currently NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if YOUR contact info ever changes, just drop me a note and I'll update your info as well.

This morning the OBN received a note from Willy Reese to the effect that Old Bro Jeff Rose (ZE 744) is undergoing a kidney transplant this week.  Our thoughts and prayers from the entire OBN are with Jeff this week, more info to follow as it becomes available.

Next, a few scheduling items, please make note of the following and SAVE THESE DATES ....

1)  The 3rd Annual Alumni Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday April 21, 2018, again at Heroes Golf Course in LA.  Please check out the note below from the chapter .....

Pick a club, tee it high & let it fly ... Heroes Golf Course

Dear Alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha-Epsilon Sigma Chapter,

On behalf of the current brothers Lambda Chi Alpha-Epsilon Sigma, we would like to invite you to the 3rd Annual Alumni Golf Tournament. The outing will be taking place on Saturday April 21st, 2018 at Heroes Golf Course in Los Angeles. Last year we saw a great increase in attendance, and we hope to continue this trend again this year. Included in attending the outing is free food and drinks ranging from burgers to beers. To gauge interest of the event, we would like to ask all alumni to please fill out the below Google Doc form regarding the Alumni Golf Tournament. We hope to see everyone out on the course and be sure to bring your A-Game!

Austin Edwards (Alumni Chair)
Brian McKibbin (Philanthropy Chair)

2)  For you Orange County Old Bro's, you might be interested in attending the "Quarterly Happy Hour" put on by the Lambda Chi Orange County Alumni Association, read all about that HERE.  This is not an EpSig specific event, but it's a good opportunity to network and meet some alumni from other chapters who are currently living down in the OC.
3)  For you 70's era Old Bro's, this year's Eighth Annual Tahoe Conclave of Old Bro's is being moved up a week, due to a scheduling conflict for one of our congenial hosts.  This year it all happens the weekend of August 17-20.  Therefore those of you who have had scheduling conflicts of your own in the past now have NO EXCUSE not to join us.  Share a weekend with old friends, including great food & drink, not so great golf shots, and more laughs than you'll have any other weekend this year.

Even Joe Bruin has joined us in Tahoe ......... no shit, that's a REAL bear
swimming in Lake Tahoe just a few yards away from our beachfront hideout

Also, this month there has been a flurry of activity within the OBN with respect to the current chapter house and their issues with the national fraternity.  One man that everyone in the OBN should know is the High Pi of the house, Greg Wright.  His email address is, feel free to drop him a note anytime if you have any questions, comments, etc. about what's going on at the chapter house.

Meador spins another one towards
the plate ... look at that perfect form !
Finally, once again from the way back machine, another issue of the GREEK TIMES from spring of 1977, including an article about the ALL-U CHAMPION LAMBDA CHI SOFTBALL TEAM .... read all about it HERE ..... Stud of the Week honors once again go to Old Bro Gary Messerotes for sharing these issues. 

Oh, by the way that's Old Bro Billy Saunders on the front page as the Cowardly Lion from EpSig's Mardi Gras booth, the Land of Oz. And Old Bro Tuck Meador prominently pictured on the back page as he throttled the Theta Chi's with a six hitter in the championship game (boxers poking out, of course).  EpSig won that title game 7-2, with Meador the defensive hero and yours truly the offensive hero (2HR, 5RBI).  A great day in EpSig history, for sure .......

EpSig 700 

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