Sunday, September 24, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes SEPT 2017

Lanny Noveck
A few odds and ends to tell you about this month in the OBN, there are no NEW Old Bro's to report, but we have updated contact info from our favorite literary agent Lanny Noveck (EpSig 709), as well as from Jim Bonar (EpSig 405).  That info has been sent out as new Vcards, please update your records accordingly.

Remember, if your contact info ever changes, just drop me a note and I'll get it published and out to the rest of the EpSig tribe.

First of all, OBN received a note from Florida Taylor's granddaughter Kim Williams, commenting on Flo's 94th birthday .....

Hi everyone this is Flo's granddaughter Kim.  She wanted to thank all of you for everything, for the flowers, presents, and love for her 94th birthday!  Sorry it took so long to thank you all, I know nothing of this internet bull.  Love to all of you and thankx a lot it meant so much.  Here's my number 562-424-0376.  Flo

Second, the OBN recently received a note from the "New Bro's" at the chapter house, as follows ....

Brother Harness,

I was looking through old documents in the RR and found a sheet that detailed old traditions the house used to have. I was wondering if you or any alumni you may know would have a scrapbook or documentation of traditions the house used to have. We would love to bring some of them back.

Also, I was wondering if you would know where any old composites would be that predate the 1990's. We have been doing some interior renovation and have some perfect spots for composites.  

Yours, in ZAX,

Pierson Marks
High Gamma | EΣ 1669

Pierson sent me a photo of the "sheet" that he found and it is a page from the "60th Anniversary Collection" bound volume that was distributed in 1990 (see cover at right).  If anyone out there might have an extra copy of this volume, let me know, OBN would like to get it to the undergrads, they are just trying to learn as much as they can about the history & traditions of EpSig and this volume has a great deal of info that would help them understand what it means to be an EpSig.  Also, if anyone knows the whereabouts of any old composites, skins, trophies, etc. drop me a note (no questions asked) and let's see if we can get some of these items back to 10918 Strathmore Drive.

Next, a true blast from the past .... Old Bro Gary Messerotes earns another "Stud of the Week" honor for bringing to Tahoe 7.0 some copies of the "Greek Times" from 1977.  OBN has scanned and digitized these for your reading pleasure, you can view the March 14, 1977 edition HERE.  There are a number of stories about, references to, and personal ads to & from Lambda Chi, which is understandable given that FIVE of the Bro's were on the staff of the Greek Times in various capacities.  I'll post another edition next month .....

EPSIG PLAYLIST -- One of the other requests from Tahoe 7.0 was to find out what tunes should make up the all time EpSig playlist ..... which songs did you play at full blast before you headed out to do battle on the IM fields ..... which songs were the ones that ALWAYS got the party started ..... which songs remind you of something at EpSig that is indelibly etched in your mind (and no, I don't mean Mary Sue Barnes).  Send me your TOP FIVE TUNES (and why they should be included), I'll compile the list and publish it in a future OBN blog post.

Also, the Fall 2017 issue of the Cross & Crescent has been published by the national fraternity, you can see that HERE.  

There is an article in this edition about UCLA's own Barry Capello (EpSig 454) and his creation of a scholarship for members of California chapters, read about that HERE.

Finally this month, a bit of chest thumping pride from Basil Poulos (EpSig 385), who sent the following note to the OBN .....

To all my Really Old Brothers at LXA,

Forgive my bragging about my grand-daughter but It could be of special interest to other Lambda Chis and Alumni of UCLA.

The UCLA Alumni Association has awarded our oldest grand-daughter, Corinne Zahlis, a scholarship to study Public Health at the graduate level at our old school this next year. She earned a BA in that field at Tufts University in Boston.

Corinne is currently working with a non-profit organization in S.F. to screen and provide glasses for needy pre-school children with visual needs.

Corinne’s mother and my daughter, Andrea, is also a UCLA Alumnus, formerly a Little Sister of LXA, a Bruin Belle and member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Corinne’s Dad, Chris, is also a Bruin but a member of another fraternity.

Basil Poulos ES 385

Congrats to Corinne (and Basil as well) .....

As always, if anyone out there has any news and/or pix to share, send it in and I'll publish it for all to enjoy.  That might include anyone who hooked up with some other Old Bro's in Memphis before, during, or after the recent Bruin football game.  Remember, this site is YOURS to share info in, I'm just the inmate running the asylum .....

EpSig 700

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