Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes July 2017

No new Old Bros to report this month ..... Gary Messerotes sent in his new address, a V-card with his new info has been emailed out to all, please update your records accordingly.

There are a few upcoming events to take note of ....

1) LAMBDA CHI ALPHA IN A DAY - this event, put on by the national fraternity, will be held ON CAMPUS at UCLA on August 12.  Thanks to Old Bro Robert Frackelton for sharing the following links for additional info regarding this event.
Link to website and registration page: Website
Link to Facebook page: LCA in a Day
Link to promotional video on YouTube: Promotional Video

Also with respect to this event, Old Bro Tom Larson sent in the following ....


Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity changed its normal routine for the bi-annual Leadership conference for 2017.  Rather than have a single conference to draw Lambda Chi Alpha undergraduates and alumni for programming and training at a single location, the Fraternity decided to regionalize the conferences.  UCLA will be the host site for the Western Region.

On August 12, a gathering of undergraduates and alumni is scheduled to begin at 12:00PM and include time with Bill Farkas, the Executive Director, panel discussions and programming.  A cocktail reception in planned for 5:30PM.  The Purple, Green & Gold banquet follows the cocktail reception.  Attire is Business Casual.

From a personal perspective, I have actively participated at 16 annual conferences (General Assemblies and Leadership conferences alternate each year) and found the conferences to be of great value in developing a greater understanding of the mission of Lambda Chi Alpha, forging relationships with the leadership teams of the Fraternity for day to day management and the Grand High Zeta as well as interfacing with alumni and undergraduate members from across the franchise.  The contacts I have made contributed to my service to our Fraternity, appointment to the Lambda Chi Alpha Properties Board, Nominating Committee as well as selection as an Order of Merit recipient.

In short, this opportunity will allow our undergraduate and alumni members to experience a 'snapshot' of how Lambda Chi Alpha distinguishes itself from our competition with cutting edge initiatives and what it has to offer young men as they prepare for life after college.

Details are in the attachment.  Register at www.lambdachi.org.

Hope to see you at UCLA on August 12.  Spread the word to your lambchop buddies.

Tom Larson
Dave Adelman
2)  FIT 4 THE CAUSE QUADRATHLON - Also happening on August 12, Old Bro Dave Adelman (EpSig 702) is involved with the "Fit 4 the Cause Quadrathlon", an event supporting an organization that brings free fitness and nutrition programs to individuals who need this the most, like low income families, fragile seniors, and at risk children/teens among others.

Due to a recent back surgery, Dave is not going to be able to PARTICIPATE this year like he has in past F4TC events, but he did send in the following note about the event .....

My Lambda Chi Brothers . . .

On July 10th I’m having back surgery.  Ouch.

As the very proud Chairman of the Board of Fit 4 The Cause (“F4TC”), an IRS-determined 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, I was planning to compete in F4TC’s first ever QUADRATHALON (bike, swim, run and lift) on August 12th in exchange for your donations.

So much for those plans.  Urgh !!!!    

Nevertheless, here’s the link to my QUADRATHALON page:

Please help me with my recuperation by clicking on this link and making a tax-deductible donation to F4TC on my behalf.  WHY NOT SKIP A LATTE AND GIVE A LATTE?

You can learn more about F4TC and its remarkable achievements on my QUADRATHALON page (complete with “thank you’s” for those of you who’ve generously supported me in prior years).

Many thanks, in advance.  Any donation would be meaningful

David Adelman

Many Old Bro's have already contributed to Dave's cause, but he still needs our help to reach his fundraising goals for this worthy endeavor.  Peel off a few bucks, whip out your favorite VISA card, whatever you've got .... help an Old Bro help others (always a great idea).

Captain Bill Harrison heading into
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
TAHOE 7.0 - For all of you 70's era Old Bros, the seventh annual gathering in Tahoe is ON once again.  Old Bros Bill Harrison & John Kohler will once again play congenial hosts, and several Old Bros have already confirmed they will be on hand for the celebration.  This is always a great weekend of catching up with old friends, and I strongly suggest you consider joining us if you can.  Generally speaking, the festivities will commence Friday, August 25 and continue throughout the weekend.  If you are interested in attending, drop me a note and we will hook you up.

UCLA @ Memphis 9/16/17
4) UCLA BRUINS AT MEMPHIS (Football !!) - Many Old Bros have indicated an interest in attending the game at Memphis on Saturday, September 16 (11 AM local time start).  Sorry, Elvis won't be there, but you CAN visit Graceland as part of the trip, and also head down to Beale Street for some good old Memphis blues and barbecue. Feel free to use the Old Bro Network to let others know you're going to the game, just make sure to send in some photos of your trip !! 

As always, if any of you Old Bros out there have any other News & Notes items you would like to see published, send me the info and I'll get it pushed out to the entire tribe to enjoy.

EpSig 700

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