Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes - June 2017

Summertime is right around the corner, time to open up another cold one and see what's new in the Old Bro Nation .....

Got a note with updated contact info from Old Bro Aaron Placourakis (EpSig 707), his new email is  AaronPlack@gmail.com, please update your records accordingly.  Aaron is one of the most successful restauranteurs in Hawaii, last year he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from his peers in the islands, read all about that HERE.  Obviously, if you're ever over there, stop in to one of Aaron's restaurants for a great dining experience.  If our boy is in the house, tell him you are an EpSig and I'll bet he'll have a story or two to tell you about HIS time at UCLA.  Congrats, Aaron !!

Also sending in revised contact info is Jim Bonar (EpSig 405), who has moved up north a bit to be closer to his kids.  Jim's revised V-card has been emailed out, please update your records accordingly.

As always, if you have contact info for any Old Bro's that are NOT already on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if you own contact info ever changes, send that in and I'll update the rest of the OBN tribe.

In other news, Old Bro Gary Schwary (EpSig 727) is now a bona fide AUTHOR !!  Well, contributing featured author at least ..... Gary's story "Limitless: A Lesson in Living Life" is included in the anthology collection "Extraordinary Lives; Stories of Triumph and Inspiration".  You can find it on Amazon.com HERE, all of the stories in the book are great, and Old Bro HQ recommends it for your summer reading pleasure.

As far as upcoming events go, the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation will host "Lambda Chi Alpha in a Day" on Saturday, August 12, beginning at 12 p.m., coinciding with the Stead Leadership Seminar at UCLA.

This is an opportunity for all southern California alumni to “dip their toe back in the Lambda Chi Alpha water.”  Whether you’re still connected to the fraternity or if you haven’t heard from Lambda Chi Alpha in 20 years, this is a fun day designed to help you reconnect and relive your chapter experience.

At LCA in a Day, you will have the chance to create your own experience by choosing which events interest you. You can join us for lunch, attend the discussions and programming, or just network at the cocktail reception before the final banquet.

For more info about this event, including a tentative agenda and how to register, click HERE Old Bro Robert Frackelton (EpSig 1103) earns the "Stud of the Week" honors for sharing this info about "LCA in a Day".

And it's getting close to that time of year again for all of you 70's era Old Bros to gather in Lake Tahoe for TAHOE 7.0, a long weekend of food, drink, catching up with friends, golf, hiking, biking, drinking, boating, tall tales, mischief, and other such frivolities ..... show up anytime on Friday 8/24, leave on Monday 8/27, or any other amount of time that weekend you can spare.  It's a great way to reconnect with Old Bro's in a beautiful setting, here's our view from JK's patio deck ..... drop me a note if you're interested in joining us this year, the more the merrier !!

This is how we roll in Tahoe .... deck overlooking a private beach, lake right in front of us ... not too shabby !!

Also, if anyone wants to share info about any other Old Bro events or get-togethers in the upcoming future, send me a note with all the particulars and I'll post it to the OBN (like maybe a football tailgate this fall?)

EpSig 700

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