Friday, December 29, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes - Holiday Edition

Happy Holidays to all you Old Bro's out there ..... hope that the end of another year finds you all still healthy, happy, full of egg nog, and rarin' to go for 2018. 

Old Bro Network has been in existence for seven years now, and with support from each and every one of you, we will continue to spread OBN news amongst the tribe in the future.

As always, if you have contact info for any Old Bro who is NOT currently on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your contact info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll fix that as well.

To close out 2017, we have FIVE new Old Bros to add to the tribe, all from the "1400's zeta group", it's great to see some of the new era bro's join the Old Bro Nation.  Please welcome Scott Lipman (EpSig 1405), Sean Hunter (EpSig 1446), Ryan Baker (EpSig 1461), Jordan Martucci (EpSig 1472), and James McAfee (EpSig 1492).  Special shout out to Robert Frackelton (EpSig 1103) for sending in the UCLA mailing list from the national fraternity, thanks for that.   

V-cards for the new Old Bro's have been sent out with the latest email blast, that brings to total roster count of the OBN up to 342 strong ..... this all started with contact info on only about 40-50 guys seven years ago, so thanks to everyone for participating and keeping the OBN roster growing.

From the national fraternity, the Winter issue of the Cross & Crescent is now out, you can link to that HERE.

And, once again from the WAY BACK machine, another issue of THE GREEK TIMES from 1977, courtesy of Old Bro Gary Messerotes (EpSig 644), check that out HERE.

Finally, it's never too early to start hinting to your family & friends about what to get you for Christmas NEXT YEAR .... OBN recommends the following, it is without a doubt the most awesome tool you could ever hope for.

The incredible, amazing Swiss Army Knife "Giant" Special Edition multi-tool

It's the Swiss Army Knife "Giant", you can order it HERE.  Yes, it IS a bit pricey, but if you read through ALL of the Product Description (87 tools performing 141 functions !!), then read through ALL of the Customer Q&A to get an idea about what this baby can do, then read through ALL of the Customer Reviews to get some real world feedback on this incredible item, you will HAVE to have one !!
(Editor's Note: The Q&A and reviews are pretty funny, I recommend you DO read them all for a few good laughs).

With that, the OBN is officially putting a wrap on 2017, Happy New Year to all, see you in 2018 .....

EpSig 700

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes SEPT 2017

Lanny Noveck
A few odds and ends to tell you about this month in the OBN, there are no NEW Old Bro's to report, but we have updated contact info from our favorite literary agent Lanny Noveck (EpSig 709), as well as from Jim Bonar (EpSig 405).  That info has been sent out as new Vcards, please update your records accordingly.

Remember, if your contact info ever changes, just drop me a note and I'll get it published and out to the rest of the EpSig tribe.

First of all, OBN received a note from Florida Taylor's granddaughter Kim Williams, commenting on Flo's 94th birthday .....

Hi everyone this is Flo's granddaughter Kim.  She wanted to thank all of you for everything, for the flowers, presents, and love for her 94th birthday!  Sorry it took so long to thank you all, I know nothing of this internet bull.  Love to all of you and thankx a lot it meant so much.  Here's my number 562-424-0376.  Flo

Second, the OBN recently received a note from the "New Bro's" at the chapter house, as follows ....

Brother Harness,

I was looking through old documents in the RR and found a sheet that detailed old traditions the house used to have. I was wondering if you or any alumni you may know would have a scrapbook or documentation of traditions the house used to have. We would love to bring some of them back.

Also, I was wondering if you would know where any old composites would be that predate the 1990's. We have been doing some interior renovation and have some perfect spots for composites.  

Yours, in ZAX,

Pierson Marks
High Gamma | EΣ 1669

Pierson sent me a photo of the "sheet" that he found and it is a page from the "60th Anniversary Collection" bound volume that was distributed in 1990 (see cover at right).  If anyone out there might have an extra copy of this volume, let me know, OBN would like to get it to the undergrads, they are just trying to learn as much as they can about the history & traditions of EpSig and this volume has a great deal of info that would help them understand what it means to be an EpSig.  Also, if anyone knows the whereabouts of any old composites, skins, trophies, etc. drop me a note (no questions asked) and let's see if we can get some of these items back to 10918 Strathmore Drive.

Next, a true blast from the past .... Old Bro Gary Messerotes earns another "Stud of the Week" honor for bringing to Tahoe 7.0 some copies of the "Greek Times" from 1977.  OBN has scanned and digitized these for your reading pleasure, you can view the March 14, 1977 edition HERE.  There are a number of stories about, references to, and personal ads to & from Lambda Chi, which is understandable given that FIVE of the Bro's were on the staff of the Greek Times in various capacities.  I'll post another edition next month .....

EPSIG PLAYLIST -- One of the other requests from Tahoe 7.0 was to find out what tunes should make up the all time EpSig playlist ..... which songs did you play at full blast before you headed out to do battle on the IM fields ..... which songs were the ones that ALWAYS got the party started ..... which songs remind you of something at EpSig that is indelibly etched in your mind (and no, I don't mean Mary Sue Barnes).  Send me your TOP FIVE TUNES (and why they should be included), I'll compile the list and publish it in a future OBN blog post.

Also, the Fall 2017 issue of the Cross & Crescent has been published by the national fraternity, you can see that HERE.  

There is an article in this edition about UCLA's own Barry Capello (EpSig 454) and his creation of a scholarship for members of California chapters, read about that HERE.

Finally this month, a bit of chest thumping pride from Basil Poulos (EpSig 385), who sent the following note to the OBN .....

To all my Really Old Brothers at LXA,

Forgive my bragging about my grand-daughter but It could be of special interest to other Lambda Chis and Alumni of UCLA.

The UCLA Alumni Association has awarded our oldest grand-daughter, Corinne Zahlis, a scholarship to study Public Health at the graduate level at our old school this next year. She earned a BA in that field at Tufts University in Boston.

Corinne is currently working with a non-profit organization in S.F. to screen and provide glasses for needy pre-school children with visual needs.

Corinne’s mother and my daughter, Andrea, is also a UCLA Alumnus, formerly a Little Sister of LXA, a Bruin Belle and member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Corinne’s Dad, Chris, is also a Bruin but a member of another fraternity.

Basil Poulos ES 385

Congrats to Corinne (and Basil as well) .....

As always, if anyone out there has any news and/or pix to share, send it in and I'll publish it for all to enjoy.  That might include anyone who hooked up with some other Old Bro's in Memphis before, during, or after the recent Bruin football game.  Remember, this site is YOURS to share info in, I'm just the inmate running the asylum .....

EpSig 700

Friday, September 15, 2017

Tahoe 7.0 Recap

The sun has set on Tahoe 7.0, and as usual, the weekend gathering of Old Bro's turned into a great time enjoyed by all.  This year, 13 Old Bro's made the trip, almost all repeat visitors, as once you've experienced this, you want to come back for more of the same.  Attendees gathered for the group photo below .....

l to r Bob Neumann, Gary Messerotes, Craig Andrews, Drew Kohler, Bill Schlichter, Jim Lacy, Tom Larson,
MJ Harness, Nick Svetcoff, Jim Hester ..... down in front are Koda the Great Pyrenees and Greg Anicich,
up top holding the Bruin flag is Bill Harrison.  Photo by John Kohler, which explains why he's not in the shot. 

Festivities kicked off with Friday afternoon with a few adult beverages at the Beacon Bar & Grill, at Camp Richardson on the southwest shore of the Lake .....

John Kohler, Jim Lacy, and Bill Harrison working on a few RumRunners at the Beacon .....
notice all the empties in the foreground ..... they DID have help with those

Once the entire group arrived at the Lake, we headed out to dinner at the brand new Lodge at Edgewood, a fabulous new facility just north of the casinos on the Nevada side .....

Mezzo and Hester all smiles and suspiciously behaving themselves at the dinner table at the Lodge at Edgewood

Saturday morning another Old Bro Golf Championship was contested, once again at the beautiful Lake Tahoe Golf Club.  In a reversal of results from last year's event, MJ Harness edged John Kohler to take the title of "Low Bro".  Drew Kohler avenged last year's playoff loss with an undisputed third place finish to grab the bronze medal ..... 

FORE !!! ..... Old Bro golfers Lars, JK, MJ, Dr. Drew, Nick the Greek, Mezzo, and Bob looking very stylish 
on the 10th tee box amid the pine trees & mountains at Lake Tahoe GC ... at least we LOOK like we can play

Saturday evening the entire tribe retreated to Bill's house for BBQ'd shrimp and steaks, a few more glasses of wine, and a lot more laughs at each other's expense .....

Special thanks, as always, to congenial hosts John Kohler and Bill Harrison, who for
seven years now have opened their homes for an EpSig gathering of Old Bro's

Captain Harrison points the bow towards 
more adventure on Lake Tahoe 
Sunday it was boating out on the Lake, then over to Kohler Beach in the afternoon to relax, which is quite a bit smaller this year due to the fact that the Lake is up OVER SIX FEET from last year (what drought?) .... the weekend was capped off magnificently by the traditional salmon bake dinner from Chef Kohler .... followed by the dueling DJ's, Mezzo and Anicich, playing tunes from long ago, all of which Bill Schlichter knew all of the words to (how does he DO that?)

Relaxing on Kohler Beach .... Bill, John, Tom, Greg, Gary, and Jim

Stud of the Week honors go to Bill Schlichter and Gary Messerotes, they took the photos you see here in this OBN post .... to see ALL of the photos from Tahoe 7.0, click HERE.

Perpetual Stud of the Week honors go to John Kohler and Bill Harrison, for hosting us again this year.

Rookie Stud of the Week honors go to Jim Lacy, very glad you showed up to join us and hope to see you again next year.

Golfing Stud of the Week honors go to Nick Svetcoff, let's see YOU try teeing it up with an artificial hip  ..... great job, cart partner.

Four legged Stud of the Week honors go to Koda the Great Pyrenees, what a cool dog .... what will you do if you ever CATCH one of those ducks?

To sum it up, Tahoe 7.0 was another great weekend enjoyed by old friends in a beautiful setting, with great food & drink, great conversation, not so great golf, and much laughter. 

For all you 70's era Old Bros, mark it in your calendars NOW .... Tahoe 8.0 will be held over the weekend of August 24-27, 2018. 

We would love to see you there ....

EpSig 700

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes July 2017

No new Old Bros to report this month ..... Gary Messerotes sent in his new address, a V-card with his new info has been emailed out to all, please update your records accordingly.

There are a few upcoming events to take note of ....

1) LAMBDA CHI ALPHA IN A DAY - this event, put on by the national fraternity, will be held ON CAMPUS at UCLA on August 12.  Thanks to Old Bro Robert Frackelton for sharing the following links for additional info regarding this event.
Link to website and registration page: Website
Link to Facebook page: LCA in a Day
Link to promotional video on YouTube: Promotional Video

Also with respect to this event, Old Bro Tom Larson sent in the following ....


Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity changed its normal routine for the bi-annual Leadership conference for 2017.  Rather than have a single conference to draw Lambda Chi Alpha undergraduates and alumni for programming and training at a single location, the Fraternity decided to regionalize the conferences.  UCLA will be the host site for the Western Region.

On August 12, a gathering of undergraduates and alumni is scheduled to begin at 12:00PM and include time with Bill Farkas, the Executive Director, panel discussions and programming.  A cocktail reception in planned for 5:30PM.  The Purple, Green & Gold banquet follows the cocktail reception.  Attire is Business Casual.

From a personal perspective, I have actively participated at 16 annual conferences (General Assemblies and Leadership conferences alternate each year) and found the conferences to be of great value in developing a greater understanding of the mission of Lambda Chi Alpha, forging relationships with the leadership teams of the Fraternity for day to day management and the Grand High Zeta as well as interfacing with alumni and undergraduate members from across the franchise.  The contacts I have made contributed to my service to our Fraternity, appointment to the Lambda Chi Alpha Properties Board, Nominating Committee as well as selection as an Order of Merit recipient.

In short, this opportunity will allow our undergraduate and alumni members to experience a 'snapshot' of how Lambda Chi Alpha distinguishes itself from our competition with cutting edge initiatives and what it has to offer young men as they prepare for life after college.

Details are in the attachment.  Register at

Hope to see you at UCLA on August 12.  Spread the word to your lambchop buddies.

Tom Larson
Dave Adelman
2)  FIT 4 THE CAUSE QUADRATHLON - Also happening on August 12, Old Bro Dave Adelman (EpSig 702) is involved with the "Fit 4 the Cause Quadrathlon", an event supporting an organization that brings free fitness and nutrition programs to individuals who need this the most, like low income families, fragile seniors, and at risk children/teens among others.

Due to a recent back surgery, Dave is not going to be able to PARTICIPATE this year like he has in past F4TC events, but he did send in the following note about the event .....

My Lambda Chi Brothers . . .

On July 10th I’m having back surgery.  Ouch.

As the very proud Chairman of the Board of Fit 4 The Cause (“F4TC”), an IRS-determined 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, I was planning to compete in F4TC’s first ever QUADRATHALON (bike, swim, run and lift) on August 12th in exchange for your donations.

So much for those plans.  Urgh !!!!    

Nevertheless, here’s the link to my QUADRATHALON page:

Please help me with my recuperation by clicking on this link and making a tax-deductible donation to F4TC on my behalf.  WHY NOT SKIP A LATTE AND GIVE A LATTE?

You can learn more about F4TC and its remarkable achievements on my QUADRATHALON page (complete with “thank you’s” for those of you who’ve generously supported me in prior years).

Many thanks, in advance.  Any donation would be meaningful

David Adelman

Many Old Bro's have already contributed to Dave's cause, but he still needs our help to reach his fundraising goals for this worthy endeavor.  Peel off a few bucks, whip out your favorite VISA card, whatever you've got .... help an Old Bro help others (always a great idea).

Captain Bill Harrison heading into
Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe
TAHOE 7.0 - For all of you 70's era Old Bros, the seventh annual gathering in Tahoe is ON once again.  Old Bros Bill Harrison & John Kohler will once again play congenial hosts, and several Old Bros have already confirmed they will be on hand for the celebration.  This is always a great weekend of catching up with old friends, and I strongly suggest you consider joining us if you can.  Generally speaking, the festivities will commence Friday, August 25 and continue throughout the weekend.  If you are interested in attending, drop me a note and we will hook you up.

UCLA @ Memphis 9/16/17
4) UCLA BRUINS AT MEMPHIS (Football !!) - Many Old Bros have indicated an interest in attending the game at Memphis on Saturday, September 16 (11 AM local time start).  Sorry, Elvis won't be there, but you CAN visit Graceland as part of the trip, and also head down to Beale Street for some good old Memphis blues and barbecue. Feel free to use the Old Bro Network to let others know you're going to the game, just make sure to send in some photos of your trip !! 

As always, if any of you Old Bros out there have any other News & Notes items you would like to see published, send me the info and I'll get it pushed out to the entire tribe to enjoy.

EpSig 700

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes - June 2017

Summertime is right around the corner, time to open up another cold one and see what's new in the Old Bro Nation .....

Got a note with updated contact info from Old Bro Aaron Placourakis (EpSig 707), his new email is, please update your records accordingly.  Aaron is one of the most successful restauranteurs in Hawaii, last year he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from his peers in the islands, read all about that HERE.  Obviously, if you're ever over there, stop in to one of Aaron's restaurants for a great dining experience.  If our boy is in the house, tell him you are an EpSig and I'll bet he'll have a story or two to tell you about HIS time at UCLA.  Congrats, Aaron !!

Also sending in revised contact info is Jim Bonar (EpSig 405), who has moved up north a bit to be closer to his kids.  Jim's revised V-card has been emailed out, please update your records accordingly.

As always, if you have contact info for any Old Bro's that are NOT already on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if you own contact info ever changes, send that in and I'll update the rest of the OBN tribe.

In other news, Old Bro Gary Schwary (EpSig 727) is now a bona fide AUTHOR !!  Well, contributing featured author at least ..... Gary's story "Limitless: A Lesson in Living Life" is included in the anthology collection "Extraordinary Lives; Stories of Triumph and Inspiration".  You can find it on HERE, all of the stories in the book are great, and Old Bro HQ recommends it for your summer reading pleasure.

As far as upcoming events go, the Lambda Chi Alpha Educational Foundation will host "Lambda Chi Alpha in a Day" on Saturday, August 12, beginning at 12 p.m., coinciding with the Stead Leadership Seminar at UCLA.

This is an opportunity for all southern California alumni to “dip their toe back in the Lambda Chi Alpha water.”  Whether you’re still connected to the fraternity or if you haven’t heard from Lambda Chi Alpha in 20 years, this is a fun day designed to help you reconnect and relive your chapter experience.

At LCA in a Day, you will have the chance to create your own experience by choosing which events interest you. You can join us for lunch, attend the discussions and programming, or just network at the cocktail reception before the final banquet.

For more info about this event, including a tentative agenda and how to register, click HERE Old Bro Robert Frackelton (EpSig 1103) earns the "Stud of the Week" honors for sharing this info about "LCA in a Day".

And it's getting close to that time of year again for all of you 70's era Old Bros to gather in Lake Tahoe for TAHOE 7.0, a long weekend of food, drink, catching up with friends, golf, hiking, biking, drinking, boating, tall tales, mischief, and other such frivolities ..... show up anytime on Friday 8/24, leave on Monday 8/27, or any other amount of time that weekend you can spare.  It's a great way to reconnect with Old Bro's in a beautiful setting, here's our view from JK's patio deck ..... drop me a note if you're interested in joining us this year, the more the merrier !!

This is how we roll in Tahoe .... deck overlooking a private beach, lake right in front of us ... not too shabby !!

Also, if anyone wants to share info about any other Old Bro events or get-togethers in the upcoming future, send me a note with all the particulars and I'll post it to the OBN (like maybe a football tailgate this fall?)

EpSig 700

Monday, May 15, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes - May 2017

Been a while since we've had any new Old Bro's join the ranks, that all changes this month with the addition of Carl Dispenziere (EpSig 819).  Please welcome him to the Old Bro Nation.

That brings the OBN roster up to a total of 337 studly Old Bro's, 24 of whom are honored with the status of "In Memoriam".

In addition, Mois Navon (EpSig 918) sent in an updated email address ..... ..... please update your records accordingly. 

As always, if you have any contact info about an Old Bro who is currently NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your own contact info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll get that info updated as well.

In general fraternity news, OBN has been informed that the national fraternity will be holding their annual "Stead Leadership Seminar" event AT UCLA on August 10-13, 2017.  You can learn more about this event by clicking HERE.

As part of the overall event, there will be activities for alumni on Saturday 8/12 including a conversation with current Lambda Chi CEO Bill Farkas as well as an alumni reception.

As an alternative to rubbing elbows with those from the national fraternity, August is also the month where Old Bro's from the mid-70's era gather in Lake Tahoe to eat, drink, and be merry (something we are VERY good at).

Congenial Tahoe hosts John Kohler and Bill Harrison sent in the following .....

Hello Everyone -

Ten days ago Brother Bill and I caught the last of the Ski Season in Heavenly.  It was a great day of skiing and reminded us that:  SUMMER IS COMING …  Yep, time to mark your calendars for another Tahoe tumble into brotherly love and beer.  August 24th - 28th is the date.  


Old Bro's Harrison and Kohler want to see YOU at Tahoe 7.0, August 24-28

"I'll be there" rumors are already creeping in for Tahoe 7.0, most of the usual characters will be there again, but we all hope to see more of you join us this summer ..... it's a great weekend of beautiful weather, great food & drink, some pretty shabby golf, and just enjoying hanging out and catching up with some of your Old Bro's.

If any of you other Old Bro's out there have any "events" you want to get the word out about, send me a message and I'll get it published to the entire Old Bro Nation.  It's always a great time when Old Bro's get together ....

EpSig 700

Monday, March 13, 2017

Old Bro News & Notes - MARCH MADNESS edition

Yep, it's that time of year again ..... time to hole up in your mancave in front of your HUGE flat screen and feast your eyeballs on sixty-seven battle royales commonly known as MARCH MADNESS (aka the NCAA Basketball tournament). 

Or, as an alternative, head out to Vegas, hunker down in one of the sports books lounges, pick your brackets, place your bets and hope your brackets don't get busted on day one (don't you just hate it when that happens).

Our beloved Bruins start things out as a #3 seed in the South Regional this year, they will start their run to the title in Sacramento, if all goes well there, it's on to the Sweet 16 in Memphis and then hopefully Phoenix for the Final Four.  Check your local listings for game times ..... GO BRUINS !!!

UCLA has also already landed one of the highest ranked recruiting classes for NEXT season, so Bruin hoops dominance looks promising for the future as well ..... GO BRUINS !!!

Obviously, if any of you Old Bro's get together to watch some UCLA March Madness, the OBN wants photos of the occasion ..... send them in and I'll post them for all to enjoy.

A few OBN updates to report ..... Nick Svetcoff, Allan Heck, and Stan Benson have sent in updated contact info, their new V-cards have been sent out to all, please update your records accordingly.

Don't forget, if your contact info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll get your updates out to everyone ..... also, if you know of any Old Bro's who are currently NOT on the roster, send in their info and I'll get them hooked up as well. 

EpSig 700

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Omega ..... Ray Rubio, EpSig 1002

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet, and one of its meanings it that it symbolizes an end .....

Old Bro Network, with respect and condolences to all of his family, friends, and brothers, is sad to report the passing of our brother Ray Rubio (EpSig 1002), who left us on March 4, 2017 after battling pancreatic cancer for the past several months.

David Neuman (EpSig 853) announced Ray's passing on social media, as follows .....

Yesterday, it was a my honor and privilege to help my dear friend and brother, Ray Rubio, cross over following a savage, months-long struggle with pancreatic cancer. Ray's time on this planet ended at 1:53pm Saturday afternoon, surrounded by family and friends, and under superb care.

What a delight it was to be best friends with Ray for over 30 years. He was a gifted practitioner of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, a swashbuckling adventurer, a devoted father, and a ferociously loyal friend. Thank you Ray for showing us how to go with honor, courage, and grit. I love you forever buddy.

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Raymond E. Rubio, February 21, 1962-March 4, 2017

Brian Cohen (EpSig 914) also commented on Ray's passing .....

Today we lost a friend, a brother, a father, a teacher, a healer. We lost a loved one who would do anything for us. To the very end he lived life on his own terms and taught us how to move on with dignity and stoicism - thank you for that and for everything. We love you Ray Rubio, and, until our paths cross again.

As with all the others who have left us way too soon, Ray will remain on the OBN roster with the status "In Memoriam".

Ray's family has requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the college fund established for Ray's children ..... you can donate to that fund by clicking HERE.

A very special thank you to all of you EpSigs out there who have already contributed to this crowdfunding effort ..... if you haven't yet, please give generously in remembrance of our brother Ray Rubio and in your support of Savannah & Jesse Rubio's college fund.

EpSig 700