Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Old Bro Tahoe 6.0 Recap

The sun has now officially set on Tahoe 6.0, the annual gathering of Old Bro's in August, and once again all in attendance have unanimously agreed that a great time was had by all .... from the accommodations, once again graciously hosted by Bill Harrison & John Kohler, to the wine, to the golf, to the grilled dinners, to the cruising around the lake, to just hanging out with old friends, another incredible weekend of brotherhood has made it into the history books ....

Bill Harrison wants to
see YOU next year !
Those of you who missed it should REALLY put it on your calendars for next year, block out the weekend before Labor Day Weekend (Aug 25-28 next year), and make your way up to Tahoe any way you can, your Old Bro's would love to see you ....

This year's Old Bro Golf Championship was contested at the Lake Tahoe Golf Club, and in a see saw battle, John Kohler took home the GOLD MEDAL as the "Low Bro" with a 95 after MJ Harness followed up his front nine 43 with a smooth 53 on the back nine .... yikes !!  MJ took home the SILVER MEDAL, and Gary Messerotes won a pressure packed putting playoff with Drew Kohler for the BRONZE MEDAL, after they finished 18 holes knotted at 99.  Medals will be up for grabs again next year, and if you can break 100, you'll be in the hunt. 

Mezzo (Bronze), MJ (Silver), and JK (Gold) show off their medals after a "spirited" round of golf .....

Other "participants" in this year's tournament took home the coveted "Horses Ass Medallion", as their golf games really stunk up the joint.  Pre-tournament favorite Tuck Meador has vowed to avenge his fall down the leader board at next year's event, and all other Old Bro's are welcome to bring your sticks and shoot for the title of "Low Bro" when we tee it up again next August.

Winners of the "Horses Ass Medallion" for stinky golf .... Tom Larson, Tuck Meador, Bob Neumann, and Drew Kohler

Tahoe 6.0 also showcases nothing but the finest in lakeside dining cuisine, with grilled up shrimp, sausages, rib eye steaks, and cedar plank cooked salmon (one of the specialties at JK's place).  We were also blessed this year to have the finest pastry chef on the planet, whose strawberry shortcake was magnificent !!

Dish yourself out a plateful of grilled salmon, zucchini, and rice pilaf, then refill your wine glass
and head out to the back deck for dinner overlooking the Lake .... not too shabby !!

Yes, Old Bro's, he's been domesticated since his undergrad days ....
Chef Jim Hester preps his world famous strawberry shortcake

Old Bro Anicich just chillin' in the back of the boat,
heading out in search of RumRunners .....
Congenial host Bill Harrison and Old Bro Greg Anicich rounded out the attendees at this years gathering (also a special shout out to Bill's new puppy, Koda, who at 7 months is already 75 lbs. and will be LARGE and IN CHARGE when he grows up .... he's a Great Pyrenees, and a really cool dog as well ... we'll just say he's a Young Bro for now).

Hopefully next year more of you Old Bro's out there will consider joining us for Tahoe 7.0 ..... the weather is great, the food and drink are abundant, the scenery is spectacular, the laughter is non-stop, and the chance to visit and catch up with old friends is priceless ....

Sayonara from Kohler Beach .... l to r Bob Neumann, John Kohler, Tuck Meador, MJ Harness, Bill Harrison,
Tom Larson, Gary Messerotes, Jim Hester, and Greg Anicich ..... always room for a few more Old Bro's next year! 

Note: ALL of the photos from Old Bro Tahoe 6.0 can be seen HERE, browse through them to get an idea about what this weekend is all about ....

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