Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - May 2016

OK, Old Bro's, with Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, I hope you all have a great time outdoors, grilling some steaks, downing a few cold ones, catching a ball game, or whatever it is you enjoy doing ..... but please also take a moment or two to reflect and give thanks to all the brave men and women of our armed services who have and continue to defend our freedom.   

Also, don't forget that the active chapter will be hosting alumni and current brothers for a Bruin Baseball Game at Jackie Robinson (Sunday May 22nd at 1pm) and would love your help to boo the Sun Devils.  Tickets are FREE and food is free as well! I hope to see you there!  Send your RSVP to with how many tickets you may need, feel free to bring your kids!

A quick housekeeping note, OBN received updated email addresses for Bob Neumann (EpSig 615) and Bill Schlichter (EpSig 647), new Vcards have been emailed out to everyone, please update your records accordingly.

This month's "Stud of the Week" award goes to Brian Cohen (EpSig 914), who correctly identified the famous architect who designed 10919 Strathmore Drive as John Lautner.  These residences across the street are intertwined with many of the Old Bro's who lived at the chapter house, as evidenced by the pix below.  These were sent to the OBN by Old Bro Brett Rowley (EpSig 659) who earns his own "Stud of the Week" award for doing so .... one photo seems to indicate that the local gendarmes needed to get involved, and the other looks like a threesome of EpSigs chatting up one of the lovely coeds who lived across the street.  Did one or all of them score?  That's one of those urban legends that might never really be solved .....
Food fight in the middle of Strathmore Drive?  Must have been pitburger night .....
So, did anybody get lucky here?  Just sayin' ......
Evidently in the 80's and 90's several Old Bro's took up residence in the apartments across the street, extending EpSig's reach to both sides of Strathmore Drive. The following remembrance sent in by one of those Old Bro's sums up this time perfectly ....

"I recall being very, very inebriated on the balcony once (but only once) when a architecture tour group passed by.  The leader was carrying a flag on a small bullhorn and was telling his architecture loving group about the history of the building and others around it.  They looked up at me and he said something to the effect of, “and sadly this glorious masterpiece is being inhabited by a bunch of degenerate frat boys”.  I was never more proud."

Finally, last month's photo from the 50's era resulted in a number of stories about life at EpSig in the 50's being sent in by Stan Benson (EpSig 305), who earns a "Stud of the Week" award as well.  I've organized all of Stan's recollections into one document that you can read HERE.  Stan's got some great stories, check it out ......

Don't forget, OBN wants to see YOUR old photos and/or old stories about life at EpSig, I'll publish everything I get for everyone to enjoy.

OMEGA ..... sadly, the OBN received a note today about the passing of Harry Woolpert (EpSig 341).  Harry's daughter mentioned that he had a long battle with cancer, and it finally got the best of him on 5/17/16.  As we do with all our brothers who have left us, Harry's name will remain on the OBN roster with the status of "In Memoriam".

Happy Memorial Day to all,
EpSig 700

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