Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - March 2016

Michael E. Soderberg Obituary
Mike Soderberg

Omega ..... the Old Bro Network is sad to report that our brother Mike Soderberg (EpSig 562) passed away last December.  Mike had an incredibly distinguished career with the LA Sheriff's office, you can read his obituary notice HERE.  Thanks to Old Bro Jim Bonar for getting this info into the OBN, and as with all the other brothers who have left us way too soon, we will add Mike's name to the OBN roster with the notation "In Memoriam".

Image result for musical notesIn other news, last month's musical event at Typhoon was a great success.  There were close to two dozen Old Bro's scattered throughout the audience to hear the Ed Mann Sextet as Ed led the band through a night of great music in tribute to Brian Baggott.  

In between sets, Mindy Rickles entertained the crowd with some choice one liners, particularly at Ernie Marchosky's expense, which only proves that one thing hasn't changed since college ..... everybody still likes to pick on Ernie.

Now if only someone who was there can send me a photo of Martin Ensbury showing off his dance moves ..... 

HUGE thanks to Ed & Mindy for putting on the show, thanks to all the Old Bro's for representing, and much love to the entire Baggott clan for inspiring us all.

Print In general fraternity news, this year's General Assembly will be held Aug. 4-7 at the Doral Resort in Miami, FL.  For anyone interested in attending, you can find all the info you need HERE.  Maybe stick around afterwards a couple of extra days and get in a round at the famous "Blue Monster" golf course?  Just sayin' ....

Following up on last month's throwback photo, the highly coveted "Stud of the Week" award goes to Steve Bay for correctly identifying the location of the photo as the Hotel Del Coronado.  Kevin O'Connor was actually the first to reply, but the good doctor couldn't seem to remember the right venue ..... evidently his recollection is STILL a bit foggy about the night in question.

This month's throwback photos come to us courtesy of Old Bro Pete Phelps (EpSig 650), who earns a "Stud of the Week" for his efforts as well ..... Pete went with the "Big Bro - Little Bro" theme, first one to identify the other two Old Bro's in the pix below gets a nod as "Stud of the Week" ..... enjoy.

Remember, the OBN will ALWAYS publish throwback photos for everyone to enjoy, just send them in and I'll take care of the rest ..... this is YOUR site for sharing anything EpSig related, be it old photos, news and/or current events, get togethers, etc.  Keep in touch ........

EpSig 700

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