Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another example of EpSig awesomeness .....

Found the following while browsing through social media posts this morning ....

Hi all!
My name is Kevin and I graduated from UCLA back in 2014 and was a member of Lambda Chi during my time at UCLA (EpSig 1451). Currently I am a Peace Corps volunteer serving in the East Region of Cameroon working to improve maternal-child health services in my small village health center. Aside from work, I enjoy making videos out here as well. My video, whose link I've attached here, was selected by Peace Corps National HQ as a finalist for their annual video competitio
n and as a result, the competition has gone down to a public vote through facebook "likes." If you could help me out by clicking the link, watching my short two-minute video, and 'liking' the facebook photo I've attached here, I would appreciate it! Thanks all so much in advance.
Kevin Tang

Peace Corps's photo.

"Nous Sommes Ensemble" (We Are Together) -Peace Corps Cameroon Volunteer Kevin Tang


"In Cameroon, we live by a saying -- nous sommes ensemble. We are together. Regardless of the circumstances, I am your brother, she is my sister, and we are together navigating through life's challenges and mishaps. It's victories and triumphs. We are united by joy and joy undoubtably results in unity."

OK, Old Bro Nation, time to rise up again in support of one of our own .... check out Kevin's video, give it a like on Facebook, and share this with ALL of your social media networks, let's help Kevin WIN THIS THING !! 

EpSig 700

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  1. Thank you Kevin, for being such an amazing and selfless friend, brother, and human being!


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