Saturday, January 2, 2016

EpSig Alumni Golf Tournament - 1/23/16

OBN received an email this morning from the High Rho at the chapter house, announcing the details for the ALUMNI GOLF TOURNAMENT.  So get your sticks out, work on "improving your lies" (you know what I mean), and make plans to attend this event (you NEED to RSVP by FRIDAY 1/8/16) ..... see a few of your Old Bro's and get to meet some of the outstanding young men who are carrying on the tradition that is EpSig !!

Hello Brothers,
Happy New Year! We hope you are all thoroughly enjoying this holiday season. We are incredibly excited to announce that the Lambda Chi Alumni Golf Tournament will officially be held on Saturday, January 23rd. Here's the relevant information:

Lambda Chi Alpha
Epsilon Sigma Alumni Golf Tournament

Date: Saturday, January 23rd, 2016
Time: 10 A.M. and 12 P.M. (Noon) Shotgun Starts

Location: By popular vote, Heroes Golf Course, 11301 Wilshire Blvd., Bldg. 329, Los Angeles, CA 90073


·   $22 Per Player (Paid by 1/8/2016)

·   9 Hole, Par 3 Golf Course (Pull Carts Provided)

·   The House (10918 Strathmore Dr) will also be open all day for visiting alumni to get to know the actives and watch the away game against Oregon

·   Pizza and refreshments will be provided at the house

·   Mulligans may be pre-purchased for $3 (Paid by 1/8/2016) and purchased at the course for $5. Each mulligan purchased entails having the opportunity to re-do a stroke.

A HUGE thank you to all of the brothers who volunteered to sponsor holes, including but not limited to:

- David Adelman (Ep Sig 702)
- Robert Frackelton (Ep Sig 1103)
- Jake Les (Ep Sig 1431)
- Len Poirier (Ep Sig 730)
- David Kurtz (Ep Sig 1598)
- John Waters (Ep Sig 808)
- Gary Horwitz (Ep Sig 846)
- Bobby Christianson (Ep Sig 1513)
- Aaron Bendikson (Ep Sig 1297)
- Bob Newman (Ep Sig 555)
- Dominic Pletcher (Newly Initiated Brother)
- Trevor Kirschner (Ep Sig 1131)
- Ron Azad (Ep Sig 685)
- Steve Aylward (Ep Sig 838)
- Kyle Nelson (Ep Sig 1450)

Please mail checks/cash made payable to the "Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Epsilon Sigma Zeta Chapter" with memo "Ep Sig Golf Tournament" to the house (10918 Strathmore Dr, Los Angeles, CA, 90024) or Venmo Mike Chen (@mchen18) by January 8, 2016.

 Once again, happy holidays and hope to see you there! 

Kai Convery, Mike Chen, and Andre Jones

Also, the chapter would like to extend a special thanks to brother Gary Horwitz (Ep Sig 846) for his generous donation of couches and other furniture for the House. Thanks again Gary!

NOTE: Details, directions, and other info about the HEROES Golf Course can be found by clicking HERE ...

EpSig 700

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