Wednesday, January 20, 2016

By request ..... an Old Bro musical event !!

Old Bro Network would like to announce a very special event in honor of a very special Old Bro .....

Ed Mann (EpSig 768) dropped the following note to the OBN the other day about a show that his band, the Mann Sextet, will be playing on Friday, 2/12/16, at Typhoon in Santa Monica .....

Dear Bros and other Bag Man fans:

Brian Baggott (EpSig 785)
The other day I had a unique message that came to me through two old UCLA Lambda Chi fellas, Tim Gudim and Steve Walbridge, and I was touched beyond words. One of my roommates from the days of our youth, Brian Baggott, UCLA football wildman/hero who's in a pitched battle with esophageal cancer had mentioned to them that he had a request, to hear his old roommate and his band play. I had to first realize that he was talking about me, and then reflected on that idea for a moment, after wiping away a few tears. Here’s a guy, whom a number of us visited over the holidays, in the fight of his life, and this is what he wanted. Not to jump out of an airplane, or take a flight around the world, or eat snails in Paris, or ask Ernie for some junk bonds ;-)  but to hear music, from me. I didn’t take the request lightly and got to work.

Typhoon at Santa Monica Airport
Typhoon Restaurant/Club at the Santa Monica Airport will be hosting my band, the Mann Sextet on Friday, February 12th at 9pm, and we’ll be honoring the Bag Man in music for two great sets. Our featured singer will be Tony O., who you may not know, but was an acclaimed singer before he became Frank Sinatra’s road manager for over 20 years and has been managing someone close to me, Don Rickles, for about the same amount of time, and often performs with him. He happens to be an incredibly talented interpreter of the American Songbook and will be a large part of the show. I can’t promise, but as a huge UCLA football fan, Don may have a few choice words during the show.

Our band includes American Idol band member Duane Benjamin on trombone, Dan Heffernan on tenor sax, the sensational Satoshi Kirisawa on drums, Dave Edelstein on keys, Grammy winner Kevin O’Neal on bass, and me on trumpet. I couldn’t be more proud to do this for Brian, but nothing comes of it unless you come out and enjoy the evening with us.

Parking is free, cover is $10 and dinner at Typhoon, if you don’t know it, is a unique and fantastic experience, easily the best Pan Asian food in LA. Reservations are required: I suggest 8:30 so you can order their delicious scorpion platter and have dinner in front of you before the show starts. Be sure to mention that you want to be on the second floor in the showroom for the music.

Please send to anyone that you know who knows him, on your social pages, email networks and outdoor garden parties. We want to fill the house for Brian.

3221 Donald Douglas Loop S,
Santa Monica, CA 90405,  near the intersection of Donald Douglas Loop S and Airport Ave.

Typhoon at SM Airport: Feb 12th
(310) 390-6565

Best to you all,

OK, Old Bro's, time to rise up in support of one of our own ..... spread the word about this event, then get your butts to Typhoon on Friday 2/12 for this "not to be missed" event ......

EpSig 700

FLASHBACK .....From back in the day, here's our favorite bad ass defensive back, returning the first of TWO pick 6 interceptions against the Cal Bears (note the high knee action, football tucked away tight, and rockin' the tied up jersey) ...... a studly Bruin if there ever was one !!

Baggott taking it to the house !!

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  1. Unfortunately, will be out of town but would have loved to join. Bro'ly love and strength to #8!!!! If my trip gets postponed, I'll be there.

    Seth Kaplan 708


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