Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - December 2016

Christmas and New Year's BEST WISHES to all you Old Bro's out there, I certainly hope that your holidays are filled with love, laughter, well aged scotch whiskey, and memorable times with your families and friends.  Another year in the history books, and looking forward to 2017 .....

First, a couple of scheduling items .... the Annual Meeting of EpSig has been rescheduled to Saturday, January 28, 2017 at the Chapter house.  Read all about it HERE, please don't forget to RSVP and/or send in your Proxy Vote so that your voice will be heard !!  See you there ....

Another upcoming event to plan for is the SECOND Annual Alumni Golf Tournament, here's the note from the High Rho at the active chapter .....

Dear EpSig Brothers:

I hope you are all having a great holiday season so far.  As newly elected High Rho, the active brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha - Epsilon Sigma and I are proud to be hosting the 2nd Annual Alumni Golf Tournament on February 4th, 2017 at Heroes Golf Course.  While last year was a great time with a solid turnout, we're looking to make this year's event bigger and better. We already have a large number of actives committed and excited to going, and hope to see as many alumni there as possible.  If you are interested in attending, please fill out this brief google form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact myself or one of the other chairs of the event for more information.

in ZAX,

Dom Pletcher, Brother High Alpha, (619) 990-6033,
Mike Chen, Chairman of the Alumni Golf Tournament & Brother High Tau, (832) 285-6354,
Kyle Zeman, Brother High Rho, (312) 315-6778,

And definitely don't forget to check out your UNDEFEATED Bruin ballers at Pauley Pavilion this season, you may run into an Old Bro or two there as well.  The Bruins look primed for a great Pac 12 season and a deep run into March Madness, it is absolutely great to see UCLA hoops doing well again.
OBN is always happy to see it when Old Bro's get together, like this recent lunch in Westwood .....

Front -- Lenny Poirier, Brett Rowley, Seth Kaplan, Lanny Noveck
Back -- Mike Benavente, Ed Mann, MJ Harness, Bill Saunders
Steve Bay & Dave Adelman were also there but did a Dine & Dash before the photo

Willy (left) and Jim are true workout
warriors, and an inspiration to the
entire Old Bro Nation ... keep it up!
Also happy to see Old Bro's getting down and dirty together (whoa, it's not what you think) .... check out the following .....

Hey Mike,

Jim Botko and I, Willy Reese, wanted to send you these pics of the two of us, who raced in the 2016 Spartan Sprint Obstacle Course at Castaic Lake this morning.  5 miles and 22 obstacles later, we were all smiles and feeling pretty good.  Wanted to pass on this fun brotherhood.  Jim and I raced in 3 triathlons together too, including Malibu Olympic Triathlon and Irwindale Trick or Tri.  Jim and I both made the podium in our age group too. Thanks for keeping all the bros plugged into life together.


Again, all the best to you and yours as we close the curtain on 2016.  Old Bro Nation continues to be strong going into another year, but only with all of your support and sharing. 

As usual, if anyone has contact info about an Old Bro who is NOT currently on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if YOUR info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll update that for everyone as well.

OBN also loves to see any photos, either old throwback pix from back in the day or selfies from what you are up to now, send them in with a note and I'll publish them for all to enjoy.


EpSig 700

Friday, October 7, 2016

Epsilon Sigma ANNUAL MEETING 11/5/16

================== November 5, 2016  =====================


================== Epsilon Sigma Zeta   ====================


The Brothers of Epsilon Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at UCLA cordially invite you to 2016 Annual Meeting at the “House” on Saturday November 5th, 2016 to celebrate & memorialize our 76th year of operation.


10918 Strathmore Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Schedule of Events:

11:00 a.m. -1:30 p.m. - Annual Meeting of alumni and undergraduates with luncheon meal prepared by the Undergraduate Chapter’s Chef.

R.S.V.P. by 10-29-16

e-mail to:
or leave a voicemail at

Ticket Price:
$10 per person


Please pay by check
Mail checks to Lambda Chi Alpha
C/O Bresee-Warner , 10960 Wilshire Blvd, #1510
Los Angeles, CA 90024
or pay at the door, but a reservation is a requirement to insure sufficient food is ordered.

Business casual optional
Parking is available in Lot 8.

Your presence or sending in your proxy to us is important as new by-laws and a new corporation board are being approved.


If you are unable to attend please care enough to forward your proxy to J. Thomas Fagan, P.O. Box 520, Yorba Linda, CA 92885-0520


Lambda Chi Alpha  ------- UCLA


I, Brother _______________________________, Class of ________ will be unable to attend the annual meeting of the Corporation Board of Epsilon Sigma Zeta on November 15, 2016 and designate ____________________________ or  [   ] another member of the Corporation Board to be my attorney-in-fact and proxy for me to vote at the corporation board meeting.

Signed the ____ day of _______________,2016




Print Name

NOTE: You can also access the Proxy Form HERE ..... print it out, fill it out, then mail to the address indicated above.

OK, Old Bro's, clear out a space on your calendar for this event .... hope to see you at the house on Saturday, 11/5.  There is NO Bruin football game that day, so you don't have that excuse either ..... see you there!

EpSig 700

Monday, October 3, 2016

Reception for SoCal Lambda Chi's + FALL RUSH NEWS

OBN received the following notification about an upcoming reception for ALL Lambda Chi's, pencil it into your calendars and let's have a big EpSig presence at the event ....

In addition, it's great to hear that the CURRENT class of studly EpSig's had an awesome fall rush, with FORTY TWO new Associate Members, the largest class since the EpSig chapter was re-chartered.  Congrats to the chapter and best wishes to the new AM's .....

The FALL 2016 Associate Member class

Stud of the Week award goes to Old Bro Robert Frackleton (EpSig 1103) for keeping us all up to date with the above photo and news from the chapter house .... 

As always, if any of you Old Bro's out there have any photos or news to share about anything EpSig related, send it in and I'll publish it for all to enjoy.

EpSig 700

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Old Bro Tahoe 6.0 Recap

The sun has now officially set on Tahoe 6.0, the annual gathering of Old Bro's in August, and once again all in attendance have unanimously agreed that a great time was had by all .... from the accommodations, once again graciously hosted by Bill Harrison & John Kohler, to the wine, to the golf, to the grilled dinners, to the cruising around the lake, to just hanging out with old friends, another incredible weekend of brotherhood has made it into the history books ....

Bill Harrison wants to
see YOU next year !
Those of you who missed it should REALLY put it on your calendars for next year, block out the weekend before Labor Day Weekend (Aug 25-28 next year), and make your way up to Tahoe any way you can, your Old Bro's would love to see you ....

This year's Old Bro Golf Championship was contested at the Lake Tahoe Golf Club, and in a see saw battle, John Kohler took home the GOLD MEDAL as the "Low Bro" with a 95 after MJ Harness followed up his front nine 43 with a smooth 53 on the back nine .... yikes !!  MJ took home the SILVER MEDAL, and Gary Messerotes won a pressure packed putting playoff with Drew Kohler for the BRONZE MEDAL, after they finished 18 holes knotted at 99.  Medals will be up for grabs again next year, and if you can break 100, you'll be in the hunt. 

Mezzo (Bronze), MJ (Silver), and JK (Gold) show off their medals after a "spirited" round of golf .....

Other "participants" in this year's tournament took home the coveted "Horses Ass Medallion", as their golf games really stunk up the joint.  Pre-tournament favorite Tuck Meador has vowed to avenge his fall down the leader board at next year's event, and all other Old Bro's are welcome to bring your sticks and shoot for the title of "Low Bro" when we tee it up again next August.

Winners of the "Horses Ass Medallion" for stinky golf .... Tom Larson, Tuck Meador, Bob Neumann, and Drew Kohler

Tahoe 6.0 also showcases nothing but the finest in lakeside dining cuisine, with grilled up shrimp, sausages, rib eye steaks, and cedar plank cooked salmon (one of the specialties at JK's place).  We were also blessed this year to have the finest pastry chef on the planet, whose strawberry shortcake was magnificent !!

Dish yourself out a plateful of grilled salmon, zucchini, and rice pilaf, then refill your wine glass
and head out to the back deck for dinner overlooking the Lake .... not too shabby !!

Yes, Old Bro's, he's been domesticated since his undergrad days ....
Chef Jim Hester preps his world famous strawberry shortcake

Old Bro Anicich just chillin' in the back of the boat,
heading out in search of RumRunners .....
Congenial host Bill Harrison and Old Bro Greg Anicich rounded out the attendees at this years gathering (also a special shout out to Bill's new puppy, Koda, who at 7 months is already 75 lbs. and will be LARGE and IN CHARGE when he grows up .... he's a Great Pyrenees, and a really cool dog as well ... we'll just say he's a Young Bro for now).

Hopefully next year more of you Old Bro's out there will consider joining us for Tahoe 7.0 ..... the weather is great, the food and drink are abundant, the scenery is spectacular, the laughter is non-stop, and the chance to visit and catch up with old friends is priceless ....

Sayonara from Kohler Beach .... l to r Bob Neumann, John Kohler, Tuck Meador, MJ Harness, Bill Harrison,
Tom Larson, Gary Messerotes, Jim Hester, and Greg Anicich ..... always room for a few more Old Bro's next year! 

Note: ALL of the photos from Old Bro Tahoe 6.0 can be seen HERE, browse through them to get an idea about what this weekend is all about ....

EpSig 700

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - June 2016

Here's what we like to see for a summertime edition of Old Bro News & Notes .... one of our very own, Old Bro Dave Adelman (EpSig 702), lounging around in the water on a hot summer day.  But DO NOT BE DECEIVED, as Old Bro Dave is truly a man on a mission.  Read the following note he sent in to the OBN .....

My UCLA Lambda Chi Brothers . . .

Fit 4 The Cause is a tax exempt non-profit organization (

I helped form it a little over two years ago and remain intimately involved in its leadership.

In the past 12 months F4TC has helped over 200 unduplicated individuals with various health challenges improve the quality of their lives through fitness and nutrition.

I’m now training to compete in a swim relay and hope to raise a few bucks for this great cause in the process.  

Please click on this link and give me a hand.

Many thanks to Brother Rees Evans for his inaugural contribution to my fundraising campaign.

David Adelman (Ep Sig 702)

Come on now, Old Bro's, let's get behind Dave's cause and help him get to his finish line.  I mean the least we can do is get our boy a decent pair of goggles so he doesn't have to swim all those laps in his Ray Bans !! 

Also, Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of ONE new Old Bro, please welcome Stu Gibson to the tribe.  Stu was initially from the Zeta Psi chapter of Lambda Chi at Arizona State, but spent his grad school time (1956-57) living at EpSig, where, as he says "My best and lifelong friendships were created during that year".  Welcome aboard, Stu !! 

One other update to note is that Bill Schlichter sent in an updated phone number to contact him at, his updated Vcard has been e-mailed out, please update your records accordingly.

OMEGA ..... Old Bro Network is sad to report that Brian Baggott (EpSig 785) recently lost his battle with esophageal cancer, and has left us way too soon.  As we have done with all the other Old Bro's who have left us, we will honor Brian's memory by changing his status to "In Memoriam" on the Old Bro roster. 

EpSig 700

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - May 2016

OK, Old Bro's, with Memorial Day weekend right around the corner, I hope you all have a great time outdoors, grilling some steaks, downing a few cold ones, catching a ball game, or whatever it is you enjoy doing ..... but please also take a moment or two to reflect and give thanks to all the brave men and women of our armed services who have and continue to defend our freedom.   

Also, don't forget that the active chapter will be hosting alumni and current brothers for a Bruin Baseball Game at Jackie Robinson (Sunday May 22nd at 1pm) and would love your help to boo the Sun Devils.  Tickets are FREE and food is free as well! I hope to see you there!  Send your RSVP to with how many tickets you may need, feel free to bring your kids!

A quick housekeeping note, OBN received updated email addresses for Bob Neumann (EpSig 615) and Bill Schlichter (EpSig 647), new Vcards have been emailed out to everyone, please update your records accordingly.

This month's "Stud of the Week" award goes to Brian Cohen (EpSig 914), who correctly identified the famous architect who designed 10919 Strathmore Drive as John Lautner.  These residences across the street are intertwined with many of the Old Bro's who lived at the chapter house, as evidenced by the pix below.  These were sent to the OBN by Old Bro Brett Rowley (EpSig 659) who earns his own "Stud of the Week" award for doing so .... one photo seems to indicate that the local gendarmes needed to get involved, and the other looks like a threesome of EpSigs chatting up one of the lovely coeds who lived across the street.  Did one or all of them score?  That's one of those urban legends that might never really be solved .....
Food fight in the middle of Strathmore Drive?  Must have been pitburger night .....
So, did anybody get lucky here?  Just sayin' ......
Evidently in the 80's and 90's several Old Bro's took up residence in the apartments across the street, extending EpSig's reach to both sides of Strathmore Drive. The following remembrance sent in by one of those Old Bro's sums up this time perfectly ....

"I recall being very, very inebriated on the balcony once (but only once) when a architecture tour group passed by.  The leader was carrying a flag on a small bullhorn and was telling his architecture loving group about the history of the building and others around it.  They looked up at me and he said something to the effect of, “and sadly this glorious masterpiece is being inhabited by a bunch of degenerate frat boys”.  I was never more proud."

Finally, last month's photo from the 50's era resulted in a number of stories about life at EpSig in the 50's being sent in by Stan Benson (EpSig 305), who earns a "Stud of the Week" award as well.  I've organized all of Stan's recollections into one document that you can read HERE.  Stan's got some great stories, check it out ......

Don't forget, OBN wants to see YOUR old photos and/or old stories about life at EpSig, I'll publish everything I get for everyone to enjoy.

OMEGA ..... sadly, the OBN received a note today about the passing of Harry Woolpert (EpSig 341).  Harry's daughter mentioned that he had a long battle with cancer, and it finally got the best of him on 5/17/16.  As we do with all our brothers who have left us, Harry's name will remain on the OBN roster with the status of "In Memoriam".

Happy Memorial Day to all,
EpSig 700

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - April 2016

First up, a little housekeeping note, Allen Heck (EpSig 856) has sent in revised contact info, his revised V-card has been mailed out to all, please update your records accordingly. 

As usual, if any of you know of any Old Bro's who are currently NOT on the roster, send me their contact info and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your own contact info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll update that as well.

Image result for happy birthday
On April 6, Florida Taylor Ward (a Lambda Chi legend in her own right) celebrated her 93rd birthday.  More than just the cook, Flo inspired us, mentored us, co-conspired with us at times, but she always took great care of "her boys" and helped us to become what we are today.  Happy B-day, Flo !!

In other news, Old Bro George Siegal (EpSig 828) sent in a note about a project he is working on, a documentary film he is creating named "License to Parent" ..... George has established a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to help secure funding for this project, read all about it HERE.

Also, many of you Old Bro's responded to Doug Ledsam's request to help out his four month old grandson as he underwent open heart surgery to repair some defects.  According to the most recent post HERE, baby Charles is back home resting, recovering, and improving from his recent procedures ..... many thanks to all of you Old Bro's out there who contributed to this effort !!

Throwback photos ..... first of all, "Stud of the Week" awards go to both Tom Larson and Jim Hester for correctly identifying the two other Old Bro's in last month's photos as Wayne Sager and Harold Hofer.  Both of them also got extra credit for recognizing the girl in the photo as Robin Keller, sister of legendary basement bro Mark Keller.

This months throwback photo goes WAY BACK .... from Old Bro Carl Nelson (EpSig 362), who notes the following ....

In the fall ’57-’58 We Ep Sigs teamed with Kappa Sigma to build the Homecoming Sweepstakes Parade-winning float; a person-powered moving Carrousel.

The float building effort almost Busted me out of school…this afternoon I found a post card grade report ( D in electrical Engineering). Good that I followed Civil Engineering after that.

The attached photo (010) is best I could get because we worked up till the last minute getting my  wooden track to work. Then it rained all night after parade so this is washed out colors in morning:
Hope you “techies” can use your computer to enlarge for better view.

EpSig and Kappa Sigma's prize winning Homecoming float

OK, Old Bro's, you may not have known it (or may not have cared), but the apartment building directly across the street from 10918 Strathmore, seen in the background of the photo above, is designated as a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument. 

First one to name the famous architect who designed this landmark building wins the coveted title of "Stud of the Week".  You saw it every time you walked out of the front door of the chapter house, does anyone have any stories to share about it ?? 

EpSig 700

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - March 2016

Michael E. Soderberg Obituary
Mike Soderberg

Omega ..... the Old Bro Network is sad to report that our brother Mike Soderberg (EpSig 562) passed away last December.  Mike had an incredibly distinguished career with the LA Sheriff's office, you can read his obituary notice HERE.  Thanks to Old Bro Jim Bonar for getting this info into the OBN, and as with all the other brothers who have left us way too soon, we will add Mike's name to the OBN roster with the notation "In Memoriam".

Image result for musical notesIn other news, last month's musical event at Typhoon was a great success.  There were close to two dozen Old Bro's scattered throughout the audience to hear the Ed Mann Sextet as Ed led the band through a night of great music in tribute to Brian Baggott.  

In between sets, Mindy Rickles entertained the crowd with some choice one liners, particularly at Ernie Marchosky's expense, which only proves that one thing hasn't changed since college ..... everybody still likes to pick on Ernie.

Now if only someone who was there can send me a photo of Martin Ensbury showing off his dance moves ..... 

HUGE thanks to Ed & Mindy for putting on the show, thanks to all the Old Bro's for representing, and much love to the entire Baggott clan for inspiring us all.

Print In general fraternity news, this year's General Assembly will be held Aug. 4-7 at the Doral Resort in Miami, FL.  For anyone interested in attending, you can find all the info you need HERE.  Maybe stick around afterwards a couple of extra days and get in a round at the famous "Blue Monster" golf course?  Just sayin' ....

Following up on last month's throwback photo, the highly coveted "Stud of the Week" award goes to Steve Bay for correctly identifying the location of the photo as the Hotel Del Coronado.  Kevin O'Connor was actually the first to reply, but the good doctor couldn't seem to remember the right venue ..... evidently his recollection is STILL a bit foggy about the night in question.

This month's throwback photos come to us courtesy of Old Bro Pete Phelps (EpSig 650), who earns a "Stud of the Week" for his efforts as well ..... Pete went with the "Big Bro - Little Bro" theme, first one to identify the other two Old Bro's in the pix below gets a nod as "Stud of the Week" ..... enjoy.

Remember, the OBN will ALWAYS publish throwback photos for everyone to enjoy, just send them in and I'll take care of the rest ..... this is YOUR site for sharing anything EpSig related, be it old photos, news and/or current events, get togethers, etc.  Keep in touch ........

EpSig 700

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another example of EpSig awesomeness .....

Found the following while browsing through social media posts this morning ....

Hi all!
My name is Kevin and I graduated from UCLA back in 2014 and was a member of Lambda Chi during my time at UCLA (EpSig 1451). Currently I am a Peace Corps volunteer serving in the East Region of Cameroon working to improve maternal-child health services in my small village health center. Aside from work, I enjoy making videos out here as well. My video, whose link I've attached here, was selected by Peace Corps National HQ as a finalist for their annual video competitio
n and as a result, the competition has gone down to a public vote through facebook "likes." If you could help me out by clicking the link, watching my short two-minute video, and 'liking' the facebook photo I've attached here, I would appreciate it! Thanks all so much in advance.
Kevin Tang

Peace Corps's photo.

"Nous Sommes Ensemble" (We Are Together) -Peace Corps Cameroon Volunteer Kevin Tang


"In Cameroon, we live by a saying -- nous sommes ensemble. We are together. Regardless of the circumstances, I am your brother, she is my sister, and we are together navigating through life's challenges and mishaps. It's victories and triumphs. We are united by joy and joy undoubtably results in unity."

OK, Old Bro Nation, time to rise up again in support of one of our own .... check out Kevin's video, give it a like on Facebook, and share this with ALL of your social media networks, let's help Kevin WIN THIS THING !! 

EpSig 700

Friday, February 5, 2016

Old Bro News & Notes - FEB 2016

Looks like Coach Mora (a studly Lambda Chi himself) and the rest of the Bruin football coaching staff added another outstanding class of recruits on National Signing Day this year ..... come this fall they will be following Coach Mora out of the tunnel and kicking ass in the Rose Bowl  ..... GO BRUINS !! 

In Old Bro Network recruiting news, I'm pleased to announce the addition of FOUR new Old Bro's to the tribe, give a shout out to Matthew Yee (EpSig 1436), Austin Copp (EpSig 1465), Nirvesh Sikand (EpSig 1477) and Dylan Cartier (EpSig 1551).  All of these studs were part of the recent resurgence of EpSig at UCLA, please welcome them to the Old Bro Network.

Including our four new Old Bro's, a quick recount of the roster shows our number at a total of 334 Old Bro's, 314 of whom are still out there somewhere being masters of the universe, and 20 of whom who have left us far too early and are listed as "In Memoriam".

As always, if anyone has any contact info for any Old Bro's who are NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your own contact info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll get that updated as well.  Check it out over in the right hand column for how to send in any info to the OBN ------>>>

One thing that OBN has NOT seen in a while are any more classic throwback photos of life at EpSig.  So this month's challenge to all you Old Bro's out there is to send me some pix (digital, of course) of YOUR experiences at 10918 Strathmore and I'll get them posted for everyone to enjoy. 

Here's one to get it started ..... how many of you who are actually IN THIS PHOTO remember where it was taken ??  First one to email me the correct answer earns the coveted "Stud of the Week" award .....

EpSig 700