Sunday, July 20, 2014

Old Bro News & Notes - JULY 2014

"Sometimes I wonder, what I'm gonna do, cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues" .....

Heard that on the radio the other day, but I know the cure ....... reach out and say howdy to one of your Old Bro's !!

Old Bro Network is please to announce the addition of FOUR new Old Bro's as well as updated contact info for TWO current Old Bro's.  This brings our overall roster count up to 321, so there are plenty of Old Bro's to reach out to and get together with .....

Our four newest Old Bro's are Ron Sarian (EpSig 823), Christopher Johnson (EpSig 1175), Tommy La Buda (EpSig 1186), and Richard Ormond (EpSig 1213).  Updated contact info is available for Dale Breckow and yours truly, Michael J. Harness.  V-cards for all of these have been e-mailed out to the tribe, please update your records accordingly.

Following up on a previous post, Old Bro Jon Weiglin sent in a reminder about the USA Volleyball Cup match on 8/16/14 with  the USA national team facing Iran.  VIP passes still available, contact Jon at for all the details ..... this would be a great event to get together with some of your Old Bro's !!

As usual, if anyone out there has any contact info for any Old Bro's that are currently NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your contact info ever changes, send that in and I'll get the word out to everyone else.

EpSig 700

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