Sunday, April 20, 2014

Old Bro upcoming event - 8/16/14

Old Bro Jon Weiglin (EpSig 816) sent in the note below, sounds like a GREAT opportunity for Old Bro's to get together ....... see some old friends and also get to see our NATIONAL volleyball team in action ......

I'm heading up The VIP Experience for The USA Men's National Volleyball Team. 

There will be huge match coming up August 16th @ Pauley Pavillion Our Countries Men's National Team will be playing The Iran National Volleyball Team. The game will be a sell out and will be broadcast live both here and in Iran.

I am able to designate 20 VIP All Access Passes for The Match especially for UCLA-Lambda Chi's.

A Lambda Chi Alpha All Access Pass will consist of : Free Parking, A pre-game Cocktail Party in The Pauley Pavillion Donors Club Room. A pre-game strategy chalk talk, and photo session with USA's Head Coach - John Speraw. ( He's a Bruin ) Front and Center Seating, and A Post Game Cocktail Reception/Autograph and photo session with The Entire USA Men's Team. Cost $150 Per Adult

This game is a great way to get Old Lambda Chi Bro's together and watch our Countries Olympic Team in style.

USA Volleyball is a non -profit, so these tickets are viewed as donations.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again...Hope to see you there.

Jon Weiglin

As all you early 80's bros know, Jon played volleyball for UCLA along with some of the greats of the sport ...... check out the guy on the far right of the front row below ......

If any of you Old Bro's out there are interested in taking advantage of Jon's VIP All Access Passes for this event, email Jon or call him directly, or you can send me a note and I'll pass the word along as well .....