Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hall of Fame Old Bro reminisces ....

For all of you Old Bro's who were a part of the chapter house in the very early 80's, I'm sure you remember that UCLA basketball coach (at the time) Larry Brown joined Lambda Chi as an honorary member (EpSig 866).

Coach Brown, a point guard himself, played his college ball at North Carolina, won a gold medal with USA Basketball in the Olympics, and played professionally in the old American Basketball Association.

He has coached in both college and the pro's, and is the ONLY coach to have won both an NCAA title and the NBA championship.  His NBA teams have won over 1,000 games.

For all of his accomplishments, Coach Brown was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.

Currently, Coach Brown is leading the Southern Methodist University Mustangs in Dallas, TX, and recently crossed paths with Old Bro Dan Godwin (EpSig 812), who is now a reporter and anchor for the local Fox TV affiliate in Dallas.

Dan's interview with Coach Brown touched on both basketball as well as their shared experiences as Lambda Chi's at UCLA.

Check out Dan's interview at the link below.....


As always, if any of you Old Bro's out there have any news to share about what's up lately, or about any Old Bro get togethers, or just about anything with an EpSig flavor, send it in and I'll publish it for all to enjoy.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Old Bro News & Notes - FEB 2014

Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of TWO new Old Bro's, bringing our total roster count up to 317.

First up is another from the awesome pledge class of Spring '75, Charlie Phillips (EpSig 705), who is now living up in Auburn, CA. and can probably still out-drive us all from the back tees.

Next is Dave Sloyer (EpSig 731), now hanging out down in La Jolla, CA.

V-cards have been sent out with Charlie and Dave's contact info, drop them a note and say howdy.

Revised info was sent in by Jon Weiglin (EpSig 816) and Ron Azad (EpSig 685), new V-cards have been sent out for them as well.

As usual, if anyone out there knows of any Old Bro's who are currently NOT on our roster, send me their contact info and I will get them hooked up with the rest of the Old Bro Nation !!

Also, please note that our Grand High Alpha award winning undergraduate chapter of New Bro's has sent out an invitation to attend TWO events at the chapter house ..... the initiation ritual for the Winter AM class is being held on April 19, beginning at 5:30 PM, and the annual Alumni Luncheon is planned for Saturday, May 3, at noon.  RSVP to chapter High Rho Franklyn Bakala at lcaepsighighrho@gmail.com if you plan to attend.

Finally, get your butts off the couch and out to see your Bruins compete for even MORE national championships ..... March Madness is right around the corner and the Bruins are rounding into form for the tournament ..... and your DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Bruin baseball team kicked off their season this weekend, head out to Jackie Robinson Stadium and catch them in action as well.

Don't forget that this Old Bro Network belongs to all of YOU ..... if you have any photos to share, information about Old Bro get-togethers coming up, news & notes about what you've been up to lately, or anything else you'd like to share with your Old Bro's, send it in and I'll publish it for all to enjoy.

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