Friday, October 31, 2014

Annual Meeting 11/15/14

Calling all OLD BROS !! ...... Calling all OLD BROS !!  This year's Annual Meeting will be held at the chapter house on Saturday, November 15.  Info below ....

================ November 15, 2014  ================
==================  Epsilon Sigma Zeta   ====================


The Brothers of Epsilon Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at UCLA cordially invite you to our 2014 Annual Meeting at the “House” on Saturday November 15th, 2014.


10918 Strathmore Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Schedule of Events

11:00 a.m. -1:30 p.m. - Annual Meeting of alumni and undergraduates with luncheon meal prepared by the Undergraduate Chapter’s Chef.

R.S.V.P. by 11-8-14
e-mail to:
or leave a voicemail at

Ticket Price:
$10 per person

Please pay by check
Mail checks to Lambda Chi Alpha
924 Westwood Blvd Ste. 550
Los Angeles, CA 90024
or pay at the door, but a reservation
 is a requirement to insure
 sufficient food is ordered

Dress: Business casual optional
Parking is available in Lot 8


If you are unable to attend please care enough to forward your proxy to J. Thomas Fagan, P.O. Box 520, Yorba Linda, CA 92885-0520

OK, all you OLD BROS out there, time to come together again and celebrate our bond of brotherhood.  Check out the status of the house, meet some of the New Bro's who are carrying on our legacy, share some grub, and find out about the current state of EpSig at 10918 Strathmore.
Put this on your calendars and make plans NOW to attend, hope to see you all there !!
EpSig 700    


Friday, September 26, 2014

Steven B. Robbins Foundation

Two years ago this week, the Old Bro Network lost one of our own ..... brother Steve Robbins (EpSig 678) left us way too soon, losing his battle against leukemia. 

Old Bro Bill Schlichter sent in the following note about something that Steve's family has recently set up in his memory .....

The 27th of September marks the 2 year anniversary of Brother Steve Robbins’ (EPSIG 678) passing.  He fought the good fight going 2 for 3 against melanoma, colon cancer, and finally Leukemia. 

Steve was active in the House throughout the mid-70s with his biggest contribution as the UCLA Mardi Gras Lambda Chi Fun House Committee Chairman.

After graduation, Steve moved out to the Palm Desert/Palm Springs area where he hired on with the Coachella Valley Water District.  His successful 25 plus year career resulted in his 2003  selection as the water district’s General Manager, the position he occupied until his passing.   Upon his passing, the Water District Board of Directors voted unanimously to dedicate the new water district building which had just completed construction, in Steve’s name.  Today, the Steven B. Robbins Memorial Building is home to the Coachella Valley Water District.  
Steve’s surviving spouse, Karen, and his three daughters; Ashley, Kristyn, and Kirklyn had the idea of honoring their Father by setting up a 501c3 non-profit organization raising scholarship funds for those children whose parents have fought cancer.  You can visit the Steven B. Robbins Foundation Facebook site at   Make sure and put a LIKE on the page to let the girls know we are thinking of them…..and paying respect to their Dad’s name.

 Old Bro Network would love to see ALL of you Old Bro's out there honor one of our own, just click over to the Facebook page and give them a LIKE ..... if you feel like donating to this worthy cause, you'll find info there about how to do that as well.

EpSig 700

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Old Bro's invade Jerry World - 9/13/14

Once again the awesome power of the Old Bro Network was unquestionably the difference maker in cheering on the Bruins to another victory ..... Several Old Bro's were in attendance at AT&T Stadium in Dallas (aka Jerry World) this past weekend to watch our UNDEFEATED Bruins stage an epic comeback and beat the Texas Longhorns 20-17. 

Old Bro Robert Frackelton sent in the following note:

Brother Harness,

There was a great showing of the Brotherhood in Dallas this past weekend to watch the Bruins come back to beat Texas in the Dallas Cowboy’s amazing stadium.  There was an impromptu tailgate with Bros from the early 1980’s (e.g. Scott Sellens and Bob Saunders), late 1980s (e.g. Trevor Kirschner, KC Nowak, Stefan LaCasse, Mark Redd, Chris Sutherland, Chris Johnson, Robert Frackelton) and 1990’s (but I can’t recall their names!).  Pre-game there was a gathering at Uptown Dallas bars with Jeff Richards, Bart Cleveland, Jon Congdon, Walt Edwards, and more. Attached are some photos….


Other Old Bro's in attendance posted photos to their Facebook pages .....


As always, whenever Old Bro's come together, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN !!  Old Bro Network encourages everyone to share those experiences, just send in a photo or two and I'll make sure it gets out to the entire tribe ....
U --- C --- L --- A --- UCLA FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT !!  GO BRUINS !!
EpSig 700 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 4.0 - Recap

The annual Old Bro gathering in Lake Tahoe happened the weekend before Labor Day, as usual, and once again a group of lifelong friends got together to eat, drink, and be merry (which we Lambda Chi's are especially good at).

Role call included Greg Anicich, Jim Hester, Gary Messerotes, MJ Harness, Nick Svetcoff, BOTH Kohlers (John & Drew), Bill Harrison, JP McDermott (with wife Candy), Mark Kimball (with wife Linda), and Tom Larson (with wife Kathy).

Opening ceremonies 2014 - raise your glasses !!
Opening festivities ..... Conclave was declared as officially open with the traditional assault on Harrison's wine collection, which coincided with the opening Friday night BBQ.  As you can tell, Jim found a "Hester sized" bottle to get the party started .....

It's a bit of a mystery as to how many bottles of wine the Old Bro's knocked down on Friday night, but rumor has it that the total number ran into double digits, as no one's glass was ever empty for very long .....

Old Bro Tahoe Classic Golf Tournament ..... was held this year at the scenic Gray's Crossing Golf Club in Truckee.  In a controversial finish, MJ Harness drained an eight foot bogey putt on the final hole to apparently eke out a one stroke victory over John Kohler to claim the coveted title of "Low Bro".  However, after MJ conceded to using TWO mulligans to John's one, the golf gods reviewed all the facts over a round of Long Island iced teas and declared them to be .... CO-CHAMPIONS !! 

Next year we are hoping that more Old Bro's will bring their sticks to Tahoe and challenge to become the "Low Bro".  If you can break 100, you are definitely in the hunt for the title !!

L to R .. "Sandtrap" Svetcoff, Mezzo, MJ, Lars, and Dr. Drew, with JK attempting to fly in front

Saturday dinner at Edgewood ..... The entire group descended on the restaurant at the Edgewood golf club for dinner on Saturday night.  Evidently the wait & bar staff remembered us from last year, as they REQUESTED that we sing for them.  JK led us in a rousing rendition of the California Drinking Song, which received a standing ovation from our waiters (OK, they were already standing while serving us ....).  They DID stop laughing long enough to shoot a group photo .....

The entire tribe, on our best behavior (i.e. no food fights took place)
Sunday picnic at Emerald Bay ..... everyone took to the boats for a quick cruise across the lake to scenic Emerald Bay, for a Sunday brunch picnic before heading back to the Hacienda de Harrison to watch the 49ers-Chargers game.  Yeah, it was only a pre-season game, but those Niners fans are HARD CORE!! 
Commodore Bill Harrison leading the charge into Emerald Bay .....

Sunday dinner at JK's ..... the weekend concluded with everyone gathering on John's patio for dinner.  As the sun set over Lake Tahoe, all in attendance declared Tahoe 4.0 to be a rousing success, and agreed to meet again next year for Tahoe 5.0. 

The view from JK's patio .... YOU should be here next year for Tahoe 5.0, put it on your calendar NOW!!

Start making your plans NOW to attend Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 5.0, which will be convened over the long weekend of August 28-31, 2015.  Make your way up to see everyone for the entire time or just show up for a day or two, all of your Old Bro's would LOVE to see you again, in the beautiful setting of Lake Tahoe.  See you next year !! .....

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Old Bro News & Notes - JULY 2014

"Sometimes I wonder, what I'm gonna do, cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues" .....

Heard that on the radio the other day, but I know the cure ....... reach out and say howdy to one of your Old Bro's !!

Old Bro Network is please to announce the addition of FOUR new Old Bro's as well as updated contact info for TWO current Old Bro's.  This brings our overall roster count up to 321, so there are plenty of Old Bro's to reach out to and get together with .....

Our four newest Old Bro's are Ron Sarian (EpSig 823), Christopher Johnson (EpSig 1175), Tommy La Buda (EpSig 1186), and Richard Ormond (EpSig 1213).  Updated contact info is available for Dale Breckow and yours truly, Michael J. Harness.  V-cards for all of these have been e-mailed out to the tribe, please update your records accordingly.

Following up on a previous post, Old Bro Jon Weiglin sent in a reminder about the USA Volleyball Cup match on 8/16/14 with  the USA national team facing Iran.  VIP passes still available, contact Jon at for all the details ..... this would be a great event to get together with some of your Old Bro's !!

As usual, if anyone out there has any contact info for any Old Bro's that are currently NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your contact info ever changes, send that in and I'll get the word out to everyone else.

EpSig 700

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Old Bro upcoming event - 8/16/14

Old Bro Jon Weiglin (EpSig 816) sent in the note below, sounds like a GREAT opportunity for Old Bro's to get together ....... see some old friends and also get to see our NATIONAL volleyball team in action ......

I'm heading up The VIP Experience for The USA Men's National Volleyball Team. 

There will be huge match coming up August 16th @ Pauley Pavillion Our Countries Men's National Team will be playing The Iran National Volleyball Team. The game will be a sell out and will be broadcast live both here and in Iran.

I am able to designate 20 VIP All Access Passes for The Match especially for UCLA-Lambda Chi's.

A Lambda Chi Alpha All Access Pass will consist of : Free Parking, A pre-game Cocktail Party in The Pauley Pavillion Donors Club Room. A pre-game strategy chalk talk, and photo session with USA's Head Coach - John Speraw. ( He's a Bruin ) Front and Center Seating, and A Post Game Cocktail Reception/Autograph and photo session with The Entire USA Men's Team. Cost $150 Per Adult

This game is a great way to get Old Lambda Chi Bro's together and watch our Countries Olympic Team in style.

USA Volleyball is a non -profit, so these tickets are viewed as donations.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks again...Hope to see you there.

Jon Weiglin

As all you early 80's bros know, Jon played volleyball for UCLA along with some of the greats of the sport ...... check out the guy on the far right of the front row below ......

If any of you Old Bro's out there are interested in taking advantage of Jon's VIP All Access Passes for this event, email Jon or call him directly, or you can send me a note and I'll pass the word along as well .....


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Hall of Fame Old Bro reminisces ....

For all of you Old Bro's who were a part of the chapter house in the very early 80's, I'm sure you remember that UCLA basketball coach (at the time) Larry Brown joined Lambda Chi as an honorary member (EpSig 866).

Coach Brown, a point guard himself, played his college ball at North Carolina, won a gold medal with USA Basketball in the Olympics, and played professionally in the old American Basketball Association.

He has coached in both college and the pro's, and is the ONLY coach to have won both an NCAA title and the NBA championship.  His NBA teams have won over 1,000 games.

For all of his accomplishments, Coach Brown was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2002.

Currently, Coach Brown is leading the Southern Methodist University Mustangs in Dallas, TX, and recently crossed paths with Old Bro Dan Godwin (EpSig 812), who is now a reporter and anchor for the local Fox TV affiliate in Dallas.

Dan's interview with Coach Brown touched on both basketball as well as their shared experiences as Lambda Chi's at UCLA.

Check out Dan's interview at the link below.....

As always, if any of you Old Bro's out there have any news to share about what's up lately, or about any Old Bro get togethers, or just about anything with an EpSig flavor, send it in and I'll publish it for all to enjoy.

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