Sunday, October 13, 2013

The tradition of studliness continues at EpSig .....

Just a quick note to let all of you Old Bro's know what your New Bro's are accomplishing ......

At this summer's Stead Leadership Conference, a gathering of Lambda Chi chapters from all over the nation, EpSig took home FIVE awards for excellence .....

A new age has dawned for Epsilon-Sigma Zeta! Re-colonized just a few years ago and already 110 active members strong our Chapter has been recognized by UCLA as the top Fraternity in several categories (e.g. grades and standing in their "standards for excellence" program) and now recognized by our National Fraternity with these awards at the National Leadership Seminar that just took place this last week in Memphis:

(1) The Tozier Brown Public Affairs Project Award
(2) The Academic Achievement Award
(3) The Campus Involvement Award
(4) The Web Development Award

AND THE HIGHEST AWARD GIVEN....the GRAND HIGH ALPHA AWARD!! Kudos to these excellent students and their Alumni Advisor, Damon Anastasia, as well as, our Corp Board.

Robert Frackleton

New Bro's at the Stead Leadership Conference 2013 pose with one of their MANY awards !!!

For all you Old Bro's out there, the Grand High Alpha Award is only given to chapters who exemplify a level of excellence for THREE years in a row, so our New Bro's are obviously gettin' it done at 10918 Strathmore .....

If you ever get the chance, drop by the house and meet some of these outstanding young men who are carrying on the tradition of studliness at EpSig .....

EpSig 700

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