Sunday, October 13, 2013

Old Bro News & Notes - OCT 2013

Been a while since we've added to the ranks, so I'm pleased to announce the addition of THREE Old Bro's to the roster, bringing our total number up to 315.

First up is Mark Kimball (EpSig 654), special thanks go out to Bill Harrison for tuning Mark in to the Old Bro Network.  Mark has carved out a VERY distinguished career as a computer scientist and motion picture technologist, and we welcome him to the OBN.

Next up is Greg Giansiracusa (EpSig 863), who was referred to the OBN by Jim Scilacci.  If anyone out there runs across one of our Old Bro's who is currently NOT on the roster, send me a note and I'll get them hooked up as well.

Harrison & Scilacci earn "Stud of the Week" honors for helping to expand the Old Bro tribe.

Finally please welcome John Zona (EpSig 1309), who emailed in his contact info.

Also, Carver Chiu (EpSig 958) sent in revised contact info.

Vcards have been sent out for the additions and revisions, please update your records accordingly.


Carl Nelson (EpSig 362), Stu Gibson (Zeta Psi), Dick Ramella (EpSig 346), Haig Bazoian (EpSig 338)

OBN always likes hearing about Old Bro's hooking up at a lunch, or a game, or anywhere for that matter ..... Carl Nelson sent in the photo above of some late 50's era Old Bro's enjoying a lunch together .....

Then Aaron Bendikson sent this in of Old Bro's getting together at a Bruin football game ..... GO BRUINS !!!

Aaron Bendikson (EpSig 1297) , Brian Bruskrud (EpSig 1248), and Tom Turley (EpSig 1086)


OBN is never ceased to be amazed by the accomplishments of studly EpSigs as they continue their lives beyond 10918 Strathmore ..... two of our brothers recently competed in the Herbalife Triathlon in LA, and BOTH of them placed in the top 10 for their age group.  Jim Botko (EpSig 867) came in seventh, check out the photo below of Jim cruising past Disney Hall .....

And on TOP of the podium, the 1st place gold medal winner for his age group, our very own Willy Reese (EpSig 923) ..... congrats to Willy and Jim for their achievements !!

Willy flashes the gold !!
If any of you other Old Bro's out there have any photos you'd like to share, send them in and I'll get them published for all to enjoy.  This website is YOURS to keep in touch with people, and sharing accomplishments throughout our lives is a great way to do so .....

EpSig 700

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  1. Carl, Haig, Stu and Dick: You guys are looking great, considering that you are all in your 70's, no one would ever know, except another old guy! Hope to see you all at the Christmas Party on Dec. 7th. Yours in ZAX Mickey Braffet


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