Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tahoe 3.0 Recap

Once again this summer a studly group of Old Bro's from the 70's era of EpSig gathered together in beautiful Lake Tahoe to swap tall tales, play golf, drink wine, and simply enjoy the company of their brothers ..... Old Bro Gary Messerotes filed this account of the weekend's festivities .....

Well, the Tahoe Conclave 3.0 was once again a fabulous time reconnecting with old friends, telling hilarious stories (lies), and memory jarring recollections. 

We had a few newbies this year, with Craig Andrews, Nick Svetkoff, Bill Schlichter, Greg Anicich, Jim LaPeter, and Vic Caldwell attending, and repeats by Bill Harrison, John Kohler, Jim Hester, Tuck Meador, and Gary Messerotes.   Vic gets the furthest distance traveled award this year, coming all the way from Texarkana, TX.  Not only is it over 1500 miles away, it's from a decade in the past! 

Schlichter, Harrison, Anicich, LaPeter, Andrews, Hester,
and Meador watch Caldwell order TWO RumRunners !!
Once again, the Old Bros started things off with Rum Runners on the beach Thursday afternoon and we didn't even need a designated driver to get us home.  However, we wondered why Harrison thought we were under enemy attack and implemented the zig zagged avoidance tactics in his boat all the way home.
Anicich, Meador, Svetcoff, Kohler, LaPeter, and Caldwell ...
four golfers and two caddies ??
King Tuck was dethroned by Kohler, who lost his Daniel Boone moniker, in this year's golf tourney played on a course pretty much devoid of trees. Guess Kohler will vote to play that course again next year!
Even though the Yosemite fire 70+ miles to the south, made it smokier than a Tuck and Keller smoke out, it did little to slow down the Old Bros!  It was so smokey, Slick, who hadn't been to Tahoe since he buzz dived it at Mach 1 years ago, had to ask JK if you normally could see across the lake. I guess when you're in a vertical drop faster than the speed of sound, you're not taking the time to check out the views.

Anicich learning from the GrillMaster himself, John Kohler

This year will go down in history, as we actually sang a tribute to a Bachelor party group at the Edgewood Golf Course Restaurant.  After the normally reserved JK admonished us to not get out of hand when we first arrived, he was the spearhead that prompted us to belt out a chorus of Mary Sue Barns and the California Drinking Song to a standing ovation by the Wait and Bar staff of the establishment.  Guess JK will have to use a pseudonym the next time he wants to make a reservation there....maybe he should use Daniel Boone!

All in all, a good time was had by all and I know the dates are already marked down on my calendar for next year!

Great time Bros!


If history holds true to form, NEXT YEAR'S Tahoe Conclave 4.0 will be held over the weekend of August 23-24, so start making your plans NOW to attend ..... each year this gathering has grown in size, but the more the merrier ..... put it on your calendars NOW, hope to see more of you in Tahoe next year .... Cheers, MJH

The view from Kohler's patio ... YOU should be here next year !!
Note: All photos by Gary Messerotes