Monday, June 3, 2013

"Dough for Flo" Wrap-up

Got a note this weekend from Old Bro Mike LaCroix, who had the honor of presenting Florida Taylor the check for the remainder of her "birthday present" from all her boys.  Since we didn't know what the final tally was going to be at the time, we gave Flo a check for $5,000 at the house during her birthday celebration on April 6.

She thought the remainder might be a few extra hundred, but as Mike explains,

I dropped off the rest of the funds to Flo yesterday and she just about had a heart attack over the dollar amount.  It seems she was expecting a few hundred bucks and a check for $4,400 completely took her by surprise.  I have attached a picture of the event.

Please embellish this story as you so expertly do J and get it out to the Bro’s

By the way…if anyone out there wants to send Flo mail (or books…she now loves to read) her address is;

Florida Ward
Long Beach Brethren Manor
Unit #313
3333 Pacific Place,  Long Beach, CA 90806

So once again, a big thank you to all you Old Bro's out there who contributed to this VERY worthy cause.  Flo's birthday present tallied up to just under TEN GRAND, and I can not think of anyone more deserving for all she did for us.

And now that you all have her address, make sure to stay in touch, otherwise you just MIGHT get some of that "special" chocolate pudding that Flo was famous for.

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