Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Update - 2/18/13

President's Day 2013 -- lots of things happening in the Old Bro Network, so since I have the day off, I'll try to get you all caught up with the latest and greatest OBN news .....
First up, we have ONE new Old Bro to welcome to the group, please reach out and say hello to Ron Williamson (EpSig 587).  "Stud of the Week" honors go to Jack Power, who bumped into Ron at the Holiday Bowl in December and has now helped Ron become the 308th Old Bro.
Also, Scott Douglas (EpSig 1056) has sent in revised contact info, you can reach him at

Next, this month's issue of the Cross and Crescent contains not one, but TWO articles about the general all around studliness of EpSig, it's rebirth at UCLA, and a feature article about a couple of Old Bro's making their mark in the movie & TV biz here in SoCal.

EpSigs hosting a cultural dinner at the house

The article about the chapter house, titled "Back in Action" can be found HERE, and the article about Old Bro's Walt Becker (EpSig 1120) and Trevor Kirschner (EpSig 1131) titled "Artisans of Entertainment" can be found HERE.
Great to see the studly EpSigs gettin some national publicity, after all, we ARE the best house in the land !! 
Now, a couple of events to add to your calendars ..... first, the Lambda Chi Educational Foundation is hosting an event for all alumni in the SoCal area on Thursday, March 7, at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach, details about that can be found HERE.
And, of course, the Annual Meeting of EpSig will be held on Saturday, April 6, at the chapter house, followed by a lunch & birthday celebration for Florida Taylor's 90th birthday ..... the Annual Meeting commences at 10 AM, Old Bro Network encourages EVERY SINGLE EpSig OUT THERE to make plans to attend this event.
Finally, Old Bro Network needs some help in rounding up a few items that can be a "bridge" to help tie together ALL the EpSigs, old and new ..... Please read the following request from Old Bro Tom Larson .....
After the chapter was suspended in January 2001 the contents in the living room trophy cases evaporated.  The missing items include skins from USC and Tennessee, a variety of trophies, a 'shrine' honoring the 2 brothers who drowned at Lake Mead [a condition of our arrangement with their parents] and the picture of Gail Goodrich and others [autographed by Coaches Wooden, Bartow, Cunningham, etc] above the front staircase.
Nobody seems to know how these items were able to walk out the front door.  They would be great additions to link the past with the current and future of Epsilon Sigma Zeta.  Could you put out a plea to the OBN requesting anybody who knows how these items disappeared or if they are being held in safekeeping that they should be returned [no questions asked] to their rightful places in the house.
Feel free to contact my if you have any questions regarding this matter.
If anyone out there has ANY info on the trophy case contents, or the autographed photo mentioned above, PLEASE contact either Tom or the Old Bro Network so we can get these items back to where they belong.
EpSig 700

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