Sunday, January 27, 2013

Old Bro News & Notes - January 2013

Happy New Year to all you Old Bro's out there, hope the new year finds you healthy, happy, and hoping the Bruins make a deep run into March Madness (not too far away .....).

Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of ONE new Old Bro to the roster, please welcome Dan Ludwick (EpSig 1003).  This brings the total roster count for the Old Bro Network up to 307.  Dan's contact info E-card has been sent out via e-mail, please add him to your address books.

Also, Old Bro J.P. McDermott (EpSig 637) has sent in a new e-mail address for contact purposes amongst the Old Bro's (some lame ass excuse about being monitored by pesky securities compliance officers necessitating the e-mail switch), please update your records accordingly.  Just kidding, J.P., no worries .....

By the way, if anyone wants their Old Bro Network e-mails to go to your personal e-mail instead of your work e-mail (or vice versa), just shoot me a note and I'll make it happen.

On your Old Bro calendars, please take note of the following info from Corp Board President Tom Fagan, with respect to a change in the date of the EpSig Annual Meeting .....

It is now official. Our plan is to combine the annual meeting with a birthday party for Florida Taylor on April 6th: Tentative agenda is an annual meeting at 10:00 AM followed by a birthday lunch at 12:30PM until 2:30PM.  This will take place at the house unless the response for the turnout is so overwhelming we have it the same facility on campus that we had the charter meeting in 2010.  More to follow as the planning begins.

Tom Fagan

Also, the "Dough for Flo" campaign is fully underway, Tuck Meador & Tom Larson have leaked the following info to the OBN ..... 

The first round for the Dough for Flo campaign totals 25 donors.  With the exception of Stan Benson, the Really Old Bros have either forgotten to get engaged or they are waiting for their next social security check to post to their account so they can join the distinguished donor club.  Flo is going to be whacking pee pees of the slackers with her butcher knife if they fail to join the club.  She will track them down.  Hello - 1960's and early 1970's!

Feel free to use this as fodder for your next Old Bro update.  The following brothers have put their pens to checks for donations to the Dough for Flo campaign:
Donald Tringali
Gary Messerotes
Aaron Placourakis
Victor Hurtado
Gary Schwary
Lee Troxler
Robert Craig
Charles Goldberg
Jeff Korchek
Paul King
David Neuman
Lenny Poirier
Andrew Kohler
Jim McDermott
Ross Berry
Brian Troxler
Michael Harness
Craig Andrews
Greg Anicich
Stanley Benson
Rees Evans
Pete Phelps
Jeff Davis
Vernon T. Meador III
Tom Larson
Tom Larson

Those of you who have already contributed, feel free to verbally bitch slap those who have not ..... Those of you who have yet to contribute, there is still time to do so ..... the Grand High Rainmaker will be reaching out to each of you slacker bro's in the near future to separate you from some of your disposable income, for the worthy cause of celebrating the 90th birthday of the living legend herself, Florida Taylor.

And finally, something that the Old Bro Network thought had been lost forever, has been found again ..... can you identlfy this Old Bro?

Yup, that is none other than EpSig 659 himself, Brett Foster Rowley, obviously a star before, during, and after his days at 10918 Strathmore ..... special thanks and "Stud of the Week" honors go to Old Bro Charlie Goldberg for sending this in for everyone to enjoy .....
EpSig 700

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  1. Dear Lambda Chi Brothers this is from Flo the oldest Bro of all. thank you for a wponderful 90th birthday party and for the 9,400 dollars total.But most of all i want to thank you all for the love you've shown me for 48 years.Your special ways and generous hearts makes a beautiful difference.Thank you very much Love,Florida PS STEVE SANN GIVE ME A CALL @ 5624240376 OR 5629918147


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