Sunday, October 13, 2013

Old Bro News & Notes - OCT 2013

Been a while since we've added to the ranks, so I'm pleased to announce the addition of THREE Old Bro's to the roster, bringing our total number up to 315.

First up is Mark Kimball (EpSig 654), special thanks go out to Bill Harrison for tuning Mark in to the Old Bro Network.  Mark has carved out a VERY distinguished career as a computer scientist and motion picture technologist, and we welcome him to the OBN.

Next up is Greg Giansiracusa (EpSig 863), who was referred to the OBN by Jim Scilacci.  If anyone out there runs across one of our Old Bro's who is currently NOT on the roster, send me a note and I'll get them hooked up as well.

Harrison & Scilacci earn "Stud of the Week" honors for helping to expand the Old Bro tribe.

Finally please welcome John Zona (EpSig 1309), who emailed in his contact info.

Also, Carver Chiu (EpSig 958) sent in revised contact info.

Vcards have been sent out for the additions and revisions, please update your records accordingly.


Carl Nelson (EpSig 362), Stu Gibson (Zeta Psi), Dick Ramella (EpSig 346), Haig Bazoian (EpSig 338)

OBN always likes hearing about Old Bro's hooking up at a lunch, or a game, or anywhere for that matter ..... Carl Nelson sent in the photo above of some late 50's era Old Bro's enjoying a lunch together .....

Then Aaron Bendikson sent this in of Old Bro's getting together at a Bruin football game ..... GO BRUINS !!!

Aaron Bendikson (EpSig 1297) , Brian Bruskrud (EpSig 1248), and Tom Turley (EpSig 1086)


OBN is never ceased to be amazed by the accomplishments of studly EpSigs as they continue their lives beyond 10918 Strathmore ..... two of our brothers recently competed in the Herbalife Triathlon in LA, and BOTH of them placed in the top 10 for their age group.  Jim Botko (EpSig 867) came in seventh, check out the photo below of Jim cruising past Disney Hall .....

And on TOP of the podium, the 1st place gold medal winner for his age group, our very own Willy Reese (EpSig 923) ..... congrats to Willy and Jim for their achievements !!

Willy flashes the gold !!
If any of you other Old Bro's out there have any photos you'd like to share, send them in and I'll get them published for all to enjoy.  This website is YOURS to keep in touch with people, and sharing accomplishments throughout our lives is a great way to do so .....

EpSig 700

The tradition of studliness continues at EpSig .....

Just a quick note to let all of you Old Bro's know what your New Bro's are accomplishing ......

At this summer's Stead Leadership Conference, a gathering of Lambda Chi chapters from all over the nation, EpSig took home FIVE awards for excellence .....

A new age has dawned for Epsilon-Sigma Zeta! Re-colonized just a few years ago and already 110 active members strong our Chapter has been recognized by UCLA as the top Fraternity in several categories (e.g. grades and standing in their "standards for excellence" program) and now recognized by our National Fraternity with these awards at the National Leadership Seminar that just took place this last week in Memphis:

(1) The Tozier Brown Public Affairs Project Award
(2) The Academic Achievement Award
(3) The Campus Involvement Award
(4) The Web Development Award

AND THE HIGHEST AWARD GIVEN....the GRAND HIGH ALPHA AWARD!! Kudos to these excellent students and their Alumni Advisor, Damon Anastasia, as well as, our Corp Board.

Robert Frackleton

New Bro's at the Stead Leadership Conference 2013 pose with one of their MANY awards !!!

For all you Old Bro's out there, the Grand High Alpha Award is only given to chapters who exemplify a level of excellence for THREE years in a row, so our New Bro's are obviously gettin' it done at 10918 Strathmore .....

If you ever get the chance, drop by the house and meet some of these outstanding young men who are carrying on the tradition of studliness at EpSig .....

EpSig 700

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tahoe 3.0 Recap

Once again this summer a studly group of Old Bro's from the 70's era of EpSig gathered together in beautiful Lake Tahoe to swap tall tales, play golf, drink wine, and simply enjoy the company of their brothers ..... Old Bro Gary Messerotes filed this account of the weekend's festivities .....

Well, the Tahoe Conclave 3.0 was once again a fabulous time reconnecting with old friends, telling hilarious stories (lies), and memory jarring recollections. 

We had a few newbies this year, with Craig Andrews, Nick Svetkoff, Bill Schlichter, Greg Anicich, Jim LaPeter, and Vic Caldwell attending, and repeats by Bill Harrison, John Kohler, Jim Hester, Tuck Meador, and Gary Messerotes.   Vic gets the furthest distance traveled award this year, coming all the way from Texarkana, TX.  Not only is it over 1500 miles away, it's from a decade in the past! 

Schlichter, Harrison, Anicich, LaPeter, Andrews, Hester,
and Meador watch Caldwell order TWO RumRunners !!
Once again, the Old Bros started things off with Rum Runners on the beach Thursday afternoon and we didn't even need a designated driver to get us home.  However, we wondered why Harrison thought we were under enemy attack and implemented the zig zagged avoidance tactics in his boat all the way home.
Anicich, Meador, Svetcoff, Kohler, LaPeter, and Caldwell ...
four golfers and two caddies ??
King Tuck was dethroned by Kohler, who lost his Daniel Boone moniker, in this year's golf tourney played on a course pretty much devoid of trees. Guess Kohler will vote to play that course again next year!
Even though the Yosemite fire 70+ miles to the south, made it smokier than a Tuck and Keller smoke out, it did little to slow down the Old Bros!  It was so smokey, Slick, who hadn't been to Tahoe since he buzz dived it at Mach 1 years ago, had to ask JK if you normally could see across the lake. I guess when you're in a vertical drop faster than the speed of sound, you're not taking the time to check out the views.

Anicich learning from the GrillMaster himself, John Kohler

This year will go down in history, as we actually sang a tribute to a Bachelor party group at the Edgewood Golf Course Restaurant.  After the normally reserved JK admonished us to not get out of hand when we first arrived, he was the spearhead that prompted us to belt out a chorus of Mary Sue Barns and the California Drinking Song to a standing ovation by the Wait and Bar staff of the establishment.  Guess JK will have to use a pseudonym the next time he wants to make a reservation there....maybe he should use Daniel Boone!

All in all, a good time was had by all and I know the dates are already marked down on my calendar for next year!

Great time Bros!


If history holds true to form, NEXT YEAR'S Tahoe Conclave 4.0 will be held over the weekend of August 23-24, so start making your plans NOW to attend ..... each year this gathering has grown in size, but the more the merrier ..... put it on your calendars NOW, hope to see more of you in Tahoe next year .... Cheers, MJH

The view from Kohler's patio ... YOU should be here next year !!
Note: All photos by Gary Messerotes

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Omega ..... Greg Venturi, Fred Marquez

Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, and one of its meanings is that it symbolizes an end ..... Old Bro Network sadly announces the loss of two of our brothers, Greg Venturi (EΣ 390) and Fred Marquez (EΣ 435).

With respect to Greg's passing, the following note from Hank Hickey (EΣ 397) was forwarded to the OBN by Jim Bonar (EΣ 405) .....

Hello All,

Some of you may not have heard that Greg passed last Thursday, July 11.  There was no service, however, Cynthia is planning a Celebration of Greg's Life sometime in August.  Following are addresses you may want. 

Cynthia Venturi
7730 Paseo del Rey
Playa del Rey, CA 90293

Jill & Todd Venturi (Greg's son)  (I don't have snail mail address)

Yours in ZAX,
Hank & Vanette Hickey

Info about Fred Marquez was sent in by Stan Benson (EΣ 305) via Rich Hemenez (EΣ 415) .....

Julie and I went to the Fred's home yesterday afternoon for the memorial service and met many of his family. His dad is still strong and very alert (93 years old), remarried a while back. His sister Charlotte and his brother Jerry are blessed with good kids and grandchildren. Two of his adult nephews spoke and were sincerely grieving as they told some stories of their uncle Fred.

The non-family members I spoke with had good memories of Fred and emphasized his generosity, graciousness, love of good wine, jazz, his never ending love for his wife Joan and his low key way of life.
Fred's neighbor spoke of his desire to show him New Orleans with its great food and jazz atmosphere and their two year ago trip to the Big Easy.  After more than one Hurricane (the drink) on Bourbon Street, the pair found themselves in another bar.  The neighbor described Fred dancing with a bevy of young beauties (no less than four of them), big grin, legs and arms doing what Fred believed to be the appropriate moves, and a conviction that there was one seventy-plus guy who still had it. Could be (me being just a bit cynical), "it" was probably a wallet full of money.

Regardless, we have lost a fraternity brother who brought much to his world, who was a gentle man and a good friend.

Frederick J. Marquez (Published in the Los Angeles Times on July 14, 2013)

February 10, 1939 - June 25, 2013
Frederick J. Marquez, of Mar Vista, passed away peacefully at his home on June 25, 2013, after a 6 month battle with pancreatic cancer. He was 74 years old.
Fred was born in Santa Monica, CA on February 10, 1939, to Jessie and Sam Marquez. He grew up in Santa Monica, attending St. Monica's Elementary and High School. In 1962, he graduated with a BA from UCLA and was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity..
He married the love of his life, Joan Berger, in 1981. They enjoyed a life together of friends, family, traveling, wine tasting and cooking. Joannie was taken from him far too soon, in 1990, after her courageous battle with breast cancer.
Fred is preceded in death by his mother, Jessie, and his wife, Joannie. He is survived by his father, Sam, his sister, Charlotte Peters, and his brother Jerry. He will also be missed greatly by his nieces and nephews.
A private memorial will be held on Sunday July 14th. In lieu of flowers, a memorial donation can be made in the name of Fred Marquez to the American Cancer Society , at (800) 227-2345/ or to the UCLA Athletics Foundation, c/o UCLA Athletics PO Box 24044, LA, CA 90024-0044, Attn. Emily Lerner.

Sincerely Rich H.

Old Bro Network will ALWAYS honor the memory of our fallen brothers.  Greg and Fred will continue to be listed in our roster with the status of "In Memoriam", along with our other brothers who have left us.  Fred Marquez becomes the 313th Old Bro to be included on the OBN roster.

Our deepest condolences to the family and friends they left behind, and may Greg & Fred rest in peace .....

Yours in ZAX,
EΣ 700


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bruins celebrate National Championship #109 !!

Received this last week from Old Bro Steve Bay (EpSig 763), and supporting our Bruins is ALWAYS something the Old Bro Network can get behind ....


Thanks for all of your hard work (and for creating the old bro network).  We need to schedule another all hands get together.

A fellow Bruin sent me the Donation information below.  UCLA Baseball gets relatively limited funding and given the recent Natty Championship, they deserve more.  I thought it might be relatively easy for you to send this out to the group.  It is an easy way to donate money directly to the Baseball team (or to any particular team, or in general to the athletic department).


On June 25th, 2013, UCLA Baseball captured its first national championship, and the unprecedented 109th NCAA title for UCLA.

We would like to take this opportunity to respectfully ask loyal UCLA Alumni, Friends and Fans to support Coach Savage and our baseball student-athletes with a financial gift that will directly impact their program. While gifts of any size will assist in UCLA Baseball defending their title in 2014, in honor of UCLA’s 109th NCAA National Championship, we are asking for you to make a tax-deductible gift of $109!

As we strive to provide both coaches and student-athletes with the best resources possible to continue our tradition of excellence, we rely heavily on generous individuals such as yourself.

Thank you for your consideration of making a gift of $109 today and GO BRUINS!

Old Bro Network is a BIG FAN of UCLA baseball, having been out to Jackie Robinson Stadium many times to watch the boys in blue ..... we'll be out there again next year supporting our DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, hope to see you there as well .....  hmmm, maybe an Old Bro Day at JRS ??  Stay tuned .....

EpSig 700


Monday, June 17, 2013

Old Bro's on the other side of the pond .....

Old Bro Network always likes to hear about EpSigs from any era getting together and keeping in touch ..... Tom Larson (EpSig 612) sent in the following about a recent trip to London where he was able to connect with a pledge bro, Dr. Jim Schmitz (EpSig 611) .....

Dr. Jim Schmitz (EpSig 611), Richard Fuller (member of Parliament), Tom Larson (EpSig 612), and Kathy Larson
My bride of 37 years and I recently took a trip that began with a series of Bed & Breakfast stops as we drove on the 'wrong' side of the road and the 'wrong' side of the car touring the Irish coasts and countryside with an 'occasional' stop at an Irish pub to sample the local fare.  We concluded our wonderful trip with several days in London.
Pledge Bro, yes we were Pledges, Jim Schmitz, a fellow Bruin oarsman form the Class of 1974 and now a cardiologist taking a year off to develop new business skills at the reknowned London School of Business, was our gracious host during our visit in London.
Dr. Schmitz is the oldest member of his class of approximately 60.  He is working his tail off as gains new knowledge competing with a classmates a generation younger than Ep Sig 611.  Jim provides some real life and sage experience to his neophyte mates from around the globe.  Graduation is late 2013. The next chapter in Jim's professional world is yet to be determined.
A highlight of our trip was a visit to Parliament and a tour by Richard Fuller, MP (Member of Parliament).  During our tour, we observed the House of Commons (where Mr. Fuller is a member) in session, visited the House of Lords and toured the Parliament facility.  Our visit was capped off with beverages on the Parliament terrace overlooking the River Thames.
The individuals in the attached picture are Dr. Jim Schmitz (Ep Sig 611), Richard Fuller (MP), Tom Larson (Ep Sig 612) and Kathy Larson.

Tom Larson
EpSig 612
Order of Merit

If any of you other Old Bro's out there would like to share your stories about EpSig get-togethers (locally or globally, doesn't matter), send the OBN a note and a photo or two commemorating the occasion and I'll publish it for everyone to enjoy.

With summer vacations right around the corner, if not started already, I'm sure there are a  few Old Bro's out there who might just run into each other somewhere, if so, share those experiences with the rest of the Old Bro Network.

EpSig 700

Monday, June 3, 2013

"Dough for Flo" Wrap-up

Got a note this weekend from Old Bro Mike LaCroix, who had the honor of presenting Florida Taylor the check for the remainder of her "birthday present" from all her boys.  Since we didn't know what the final tally was going to be at the time, we gave Flo a check for $5,000 at the house during her birthday celebration on April 6.

She thought the remainder might be a few extra hundred, but as Mike explains,

I dropped off the rest of the funds to Flo yesterday and she just about had a heart attack over the dollar amount.  It seems she was expecting a few hundred bucks and a check for $4,400 completely took her by surprise.  I have attached a picture of the event.

Please embellish this story as you so expertly do J and get it out to the Bro’s

By the way…if anyone out there wants to send Flo mail (or books…she now loves to read) her address is;

Florida Ward
Long Beach Brethren Manor
Unit #313
3333 Pacific Place,  Long Beach, CA 90806

So once again, a big thank you to all you Old Bro's out there who contributed to this VERY worthy cause.  Flo's birthday present tallied up to just under TEN GRAND, and I can not think of anyone more deserving for all she did for us.

And now that you all have her address, make sure to stay in touch, otherwise you just MIGHT get some of that "special" chocolate pudding that Flo was famous for.

EpSig 700

Monday, May 27, 2013

Old Bro News & Notes - May 2013

Happy Memorial Day to all you Old Bro's out there, hope your long weekend included some grilling, some cold beers, and some good friends to help you mark the occasion .....

Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of FOUR new Old Bro's, bringing our roster count up to 312.  Please welcome these legendary EpSigs into the tribe .....

     1)  H. Clark Bell -- EpSig 467
     2)  Dale Breckow -- EpSig 593
     3)  Hans Berggren -- EpSig 843
     4)  Matthew Morgan -- EpSig 850

E-cards with their contact info have been sent out to all, feel free to drop them a note and say howdy !!

Today is also a day to remember our friends, family, and brothers who have served our country in the military ..... many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice to insure our freedom ..... take a moment today to honor their memory, because their service has touched the lives of each and every one of us.

Over on campus (sort of), UCLA baseball has been chosen to host one of the NCAA regional tournaments at Jackie Robinson Stadium next weekend.  The Bruins finished their regular season with a record of 39-17 and are ready to start their run towards the College World Series in Omaha.  So get your butts out to JRS next weekend to support your Bruins .....

As always, if any of you out there have any contact info on one of our Old Bro's who is currently NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up. Likewise, if your info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll get that updated as well.

EpSig 700

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Sweetheart of Lambda Chi .....

Dozens and dozens of Old Bro's gathered at 10918 Strathmore Drive on April 6 to honor one of our own ..... the legend herself, Florida Taylor, graced us with her presence once again as we all celebrated her 90th birthday.  During her twenty years of service at the chapter house, Flo was our cook, housemother, psychiatrist, co-conspirator, and took all of us under her wing as we navigated the life and times of being an EpSig at UCLA.  It was great to see Flo as well as her extended family (children, nieces, nephews, friends, etc.), all of whom were our guests at the chapter house.
To commemorate this VERY SPECIAL occasion, the Old Bro's rallied together once again in support of this VERY SPECIAL lady.  Donations to the "Dough for Flo" campaign rolled in from near and far, and we were able to present Flo a check for $5,000 from her "boys" as a birthday present.  Many more checks have been pledged, and the final tally looks like it will wind up between $9-10K ..... Happy Birthday, Flo !!!
Special thanks and "Stud of the Week" honors go to Tuck Meador, whose fundraising efforts also earn him the title of "Grand High Rainmaker" for now.
Also thanks and "Stud of the Week" honors to Gary Horwitz and Bill Schlichter for sending in the photos above.
Final thanks and "Studs of the Week" honors go out to ALL of the undergrads at the chapter house, who did a GREAT job of hosting this event and making everyone feel right at home, no matter how many years we've been away.  The tradition of studliness at EpSig continues .....
And, by the way, EpSig actually DID hold our first Annual Meeting in several years prior to Flo's birthday party ..... presided over very efficiently by current Corporation Board President Tom Fagan .... all of the actions taken by the Corporation Board over the last several years were ratified, Corporation Board officers and Trustees were elected (some re-elected), Tom pounded the gavel a few times, and everything became official. 
And once the final gavel fell, the party was on ..... many old friendships were renewed, as once again we celebrated our bond of brotherhood and Florida's 90th .....
If anyone has any contact info to add about Old Bro's who are currently NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your info ever changes, drop me a note and I'll make sure that gets updated and published to everyone as well.
EpSig 700   

Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day Update - 2/18/13

President's Day 2013 -- lots of things happening in the Old Bro Network, so since I have the day off, I'll try to get you all caught up with the latest and greatest OBN news .....
First up, we have ONE new Old Bro to welcome to the group, please reach out and say hello to Ron Williamson (EpSig 587).  "Stud of the Week" honors go to Jack Power, who bumped into Ron at the Holiday Bowl in December and has now helped Ron become the 308th Old Bro.
Also, Scott Douglas (EpSig 1056) has sent in revised contact info, you can reach him at

Next, this month's issue of the Cross and Crescent contains not one, but TWO articles about the general all around studliness of EpSig, it's rebirth at UCLA, and a feature article about a couple of Old Bro's making their mark in the movie & TV biz here in SoCal.

EpSigs hosting a cultural dinner at the house

The article about the chapter house, titled "Back in Action" can be found HERE, and the article about Old Bro's Walt Becker (EpSig 1120) and Trevor Kirschner (EpSig 1131) titled "Artisans of Entertainment" can be found HERE.
Great to see the studly EpSigs gettin some national publicity, after all, we ARE the best house in the land !! 
Now, a couple of events to add to your calendars ..... first, the Lambda Chi Educational Foundation is hosting an event for all alumni in the SoCal area on Thursday, March 7, at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach, details about that can be found HERE.
And, of course, the Annual Meeting of EpSig will be held on Saturday, April 6, at the chapter house, followed by a lunch & birthday celebration for Florida Taylor's 90th birthday ..... the Annual Meeting commences at 10 AM, Old Bro Network encourages EVERY SINGLE EpSig OUT THERE to make plans to attend this event.
Finally, Old Bro Network needs some help in rounding up a few items that can be a "bridge" to help tie together ALL the EpSigs, old and new ..... Please read the following request from Old Bro Tom Larson .....
After the chapter was suspended in January 2001 the contents in the living room trophy cases evaporated.  The missing items include skins from USC and Tennessee, a variety of trophies, a 'shrine' honoring the 2 brothers who drowned at Lake Mead [a condition of our arrangement with their parents] and the picture of Gail Goodrich and others [autographed by Coaches Wooden, Bartow, Cunningham, etc] above the front staircase.
Nobody seems to know how these items were able to walk out the front door.  They would be great additions to link the past with the current and future of Epsilon Sigma Zeta.  Could you put out a plea to the OBN requesting anybody who knows how these items disappeared or if they are being held in safekeeping that they should be returned [no questions asked] to their rightful places in the house.
Feel free to contact my if you have any questions regarding this matter.
If anyone out there has ANY info on the trophy case contents, or the autographed photo mentioned above, PLEASE contact either Tom or the Old Bro Network so we can get these items back to where they belong.
EpSig 700

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Old Bro News & Notes - January 2013

Happy New Year to all you Old Bro's out there, hope the new year finds you healthy, happy, and hoping the Bruins make a deep run into March Madness (not too far away .....).

Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of ONE new Old Bro to the roster, please welcome Dan Ludwick (EpSig 1003).  This brings the total roster count for the Old Bro Network up to 307.  Dan's contact info E-card has been sent out via e-mail, please add him to your address books.

Also, Old Bro J.P. McDermott (EpSig 637) has sent in a new e-mail address for contact purposes amongst the Old Bro's (some lame ass excuse about being monitored by pesky securities compliance officers necessitating the e-mail switch), please update your records accordingly.  Just kidding, J.P., no worries .....

By the way, if anyone wants their Old Bro Network e-mails to go to your personal e-mail instead of your work e-mail (or vice versa), just shoot me a note and I'll make it happen.

On your Old Bro calendars, please take note of the following info from Corp Board President Tom Fagan, with respect to a change in the date of the EpSig Annual Meeting .....

It is now official. Our plan is to combine the annual meeting with a birthday party for Florida Taylor on April 6th: Tentative agenda is an annual meeting at 10:00 AM followed by a birthday lunch at 12:30PM until 2:30PM.  This will take place at the house unless the response for the turnout is so overwhelming we have it the same facility on campus that we had the charter meeting in 2010.  More to follow as the planning begins.

Tom Fagan

Also, the "Dough for Flo" campaign is fully underway, Tuck Meador & Tom Larson have leaked the following info to the OBN ..... 

The first round for the Dough for Flo campaign totals 25 donors.  With the exception of Stan Benson, the Really Old Bros have either forgotten to get engaged or they are waiting for their next social security check to post to their account so they can join the distinguished donor club.  Flo is going to be whacking pee pees of the slackers with her butcher knife if they fail to join the club.  She will track them down.  Hello - 1960's and early 1970's!

Feel free to use this as fodder for your next Old Bro update.  The following brothers have put their pens to checks for donations to the Dough for Flo campaign:
Donald Tringali
Gary Messerotes
Aaron Placourakis
Victor Hurtado
Gary Schwary
Lee Troxler
Robert Craig
Charles Goldberg
Jeff Korchek
Paul King
David Neuman
Lenny Poirier
Andrew Kohler
Jim McDermott
Ross Berry
Brian Troxler
Michael Harness
Craig Andrews
Greg Anicich
Stanley Benson
Rees Evans
Pete Phelps
Jeff Davis
Vernon T. Meador III
Tom Larson
Tom Larson

Those of you who have already contributed, feel free to verbally bitch slap those who have not ..... Those of you who have yet to contribute, there is still time to do so ..... the Grand High Rainmaker will be reaching out to each of you slacker bro's in the near future to separate you from some of your disposable income, for the worthy cause of celebrating the 90th birthday of the living legend herself, Florida Taylor.

And finally, something that the Old Bro Network thought had been lost forever, has been found again ..... can you identlfy this Old Bro?

Yup, that is none other than EpSig 659 himself, Brett Foster Rowley, obviously a star before, during, and after his days at 10918 Strathmore ..... special thanks and "Stud of the Week" honors go to Old Bro Charlie Goldberg for sending this in for everyone to enjoy .....
EpSig 700