Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Dough for Flo" campaign underway .....

It all started with a simple email sent in to the Old Bro Network .....

Hi, My name is Krystal and I'm Florida "Cookie" Taylor's grand daughter.
I am trying to get into contact with the fellas that were spent time with her while she was there.

You may email me back or give me a call @ 323-877-6838! 


Old Bro Tom Larson contacted Krystal and reported back with the following .....


Rather than kick the can down the road, I contacted Krystal to determine why she was attempting to contact the Bros.

Flo is in good health and continues to drive at the young age of 89.  She has been a long time resident in the retirement complex in Long Beach.  Krystal advised me that Flo was going 80 on the freeway last week.  Pointing with a knife in her hand is also a trait that lives on per Krystal.

Flo's 90th birthday is April 6, 2013.  Krystal is in the infant stages of planning a party for the grand dame and wanted to include Flo's adopted family of Lambda Chi's in the celebration.  I suspect that Krystal could use some assistance in the planning and some $ for the spread.  This would be a great opportunity for the Old Bros to rally for a salute to our 'Mom' during our days at UCLA.

Tom Larson

Within minutes the Old Bro Network came alive with messages of support and "how can I help" and offers to contribute towards Flo's upcoming 90th birthday party. 

Tuck Meador has been nominated, seconded, and approved by acclamation to handle the incoming contributions, here's how YOU can be a part of this .....

1)  Make checks payable to "Epsilon Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi  Alpha, Inc."
2)  Mail to V.T. Meador, 993 Glen Oaks Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91105

For all of you Old Bro's going to watch the Bruins vs. Baylor at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego on 12/27, give your "Dough for Flo" checks to Tim Gudim and he'll make sure they get to Meador as well ..... GO BRUINS !!!

For many of us Old Bro's, Flo was not only just our cook, she was our housemother, our drill sargeant, our confidante, our partner in crime (well, there are rumors ....), and truly one of the most special and beloved individuals we have ever known.

She still to this very day is proud of her "boys" that she helped turn into men, and continues to show up at events, like this photo of her surrounded by her admirers at last year's summer reunion party .....

So dip into your piggy banks, clean out your couch cushions, and let's make Flo's 90th birthday celebration another great event !!!

The obvious contribution amount would be $90 each (90 for 90, right ??) but any and all amounts are welcome.  The last time the Old Bro Network had a fundraising drive we raised $11,000 for the "New Bro's" as a thank you for reviving our chapter at UCLA, I think that's a good target to shoot at for the "Dough for Flo" campaign.

Details about the birthday "event" itself are still in the formative stages, Old Bro Network will keep everyone posted as to the what, where, etc. as more info becomes available.  So, CLEAR YOUR CALENDARS AND SAVE THE DATE OF SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 2013 ..... stay tuned for the 411 and in the meantime, send in your contributions !!!

EpSig 700

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