Friday, November 23, 2012

Old Bro News & Notes - November 2012

Old Bro Network is happy to announce the addition of ONE new Old Bro this month, please welcome Larry Keele (EpSig 478).  Larry listed his current address as Surfers Paradise, Australia, so it's great to see that the Old Bro Network is reaching farther and wider to bring more & more Old Bro's together.

Larry sent in the following note along with his contact info, a memory of life as an EpSig ....

Was sorry to learn of John Ford's it in the news.  He was very generous to loan the house an upright piano for a party we had planned to hold downstairs, so a few of us borrowed a pickup and headed up into the "expensive real estate area", carefully loaded the  piano into the pickup, and headed for the frat house. I was among those riding in the back to steady the piano. We found the traffic to be slow, and were surprised to notice the famous comedian Red Skelton driving a Rolls in the lane next to us. When Mr Skelton noticed us, he began an impromptu comedy mime performance that was truly overwhelming. Very generous of him to entertain us that way! John should have been riding with us! I have remembered it for 50 years!!!!!

Larry Keele 
Ep Sig 478

Next, current House Corporation President Tom Fagan sent in the following note to announce the date of next year's annual meeting .....

Thanks for the FYI. For all of those who are interested, the Corporation Board has scheduled Ep Sig’s annual meeting for February 23, 2013 that will most likely be at the house with a return to the chuck wagon lunch or at a venue close by. Mark your calendars and plan to attend. Stay tuned for announcements as the planning of the meeting progresses.  On the undergraduate side, your contact will be Kevin Drake who will be working with the Board to put on a memorable event. All alumni will have a lot to be proud of in terms of our resurgence on campus as one of the top leadership organizations at UCLA

J. Thomas (Tom) Fagan
Corporation Board President
Finally, order has been officially restored to the universe .....

I think I'm gonna make this my new screen saver !!

Photo courtesy of Old Bro Gerald Sauer's Facebook page, just for posting this Gerald also earns the coveted title "Stud of the Week " ..... GO BRUINS !! 

EpSig 700

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