Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 2.0 - Recap

A world famous RumRunner
On the last weekend in August 2012, 70's era Old Bro's converged on Lake Tahoe for the 2nd Annual Old Bro Tahoe Conclave, here's a recap of the events .....

A 60% increase in attendance at Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 2.0 ..... check.
Tom Larson extending his vacation in order to join the festivities ..... check.
Catching up with Old Bro's about what's new in their lives ..... check.
A 14 mile Friday afternoon bike ride amongst the pine trees ..... check.
Boating across Lake Tahoe to the Beacon for RumRunners at sunset ..... check.
The traditional welcoming BBQ of shrimp and sausages at Harrison's ..... check.
Beers, margaritas, and great wine (and that's just on the 1st night!) ..... check.

The signature 206 yard downhill par 3 13th hole at Coyote Moon golf course 
A foursome of hackers at the beautiful Coyote Moon golf course ..... check.
John Kohler, hunting for his ball in the forest RIGHT of the fairway ..... check.
MJ Harness, on in two and then a smooth four putt for double bogey ..... check.
John Kohler, now hunting for his ball in the forest LEFT of the fairway ..... check.
Tuck Meador, catching fire on the back nine to take the title of "Low Bro" ..... check
(with a 97 ..... I did say HACKERS, didn't I?).
(here's video evidence of Tuck's silky smooth swing .....)

Old Bro's Harrison & Hester taking in the Lake Tahoe Air Show ..... check
JP McDermott attacking the bike trails up around Spooner Lake ..... check.
Lake in the Sky Air Show
An excellent Saturday night dinner at Scusa Italian Ristorante ..... check.
Back in the boats Sunday morning, headed to Emerald Bay ..... check. 
A leisurely hike up to Eagle Falls on a leisurely Sunday morning ..... check.
Gunner, our official mascot, going AWOL and making new friends ..... check.
Gunner, scouting the shores for new friends to play with
Sunday afternoon at Casa de Kohler in Zephyr Cove, NV ..... check.
Finding out why Gary Messerotes is Tuck Meador's new idol ..... check. 
Beach bocce ball, complete with SERIOUS trash talking ..... check.

Chef John Kohler grilling up some king salmon fillets
King salmon fillets expertly cooked on a cedar plank ..... check.
And we actually made a salad to go with the salmon ..... check.
Enjoying the view of Lake Tahoe from John's 2nd level deck ..... check.

Joe Bruin even stopped by to say hello !!
Lunch at the original Red Hut Cafe before heading down the hill .....    check.
Another VERY SUCCESSFUL Old Bro Tahoe Conclave .....      DOUBLE check.

For those Old Bro's fortunate enough to have made it up to Lake Tahoe for Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 2.0, all will remember a GREAT weekend full of activities, food and drink, old stories retold (some true, some maybe not) and getting the opportunity to catch up with old friends in a beautiful setting.

For those of you who MISSED IT, don't worry, we'll be doing it again next year.  You may even have the opportunity to see THIS GUY again .....

Wasn't he a county lifeguard in some previous life ?? 
I've also posted all of the photos the guys sent me on the PHOTO page of the Old Bro Network website, you can see them all HERE.
Just read the comments below from those who were there and I know you will want to be a part of this weekend NEXT YEAR .....
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  1. I trust all you old farts got home safely. I wanted to thank Bill and John for their generous hospitality for the past few days and MJ for getting this thing started.

    It was absolutely fabulous seeing all of you, exchanging memories, laughs, stories and lies...priceless - especially being Tuck's idol for a day!!

    MJ, I'll try and send you some photos over this weekend.
    Keep it going Bros!


  2. Ditto from Pasadena. I really appreciate the hospitality from John and Bill and the farewell gourmet dinner. It was a blast and great seeing everyone. I think my side aches from laughing so much. Take care and Hester, I really love ya man. Ha! John, thanks for the "lessons" in trick shots from trees. Bill, are you sure you were my roommate? Thanks for reminding me of Lad hammer incident. Sorry Billy! WAM BAM BAM. McD, were we roomates too? I also roomed with Ledsam, Hurtado, Keller, and Lad. After college, I roomed with Goldberg, Davis and Rees. I wonder why I had so many roommates.? Ha.Lars, thanks for leaving early so we could have fun. Mezz, thanks for letting me live my life vicariously through your adventures and sorry I beat you up. Must have repressed hostility. Finally, Dr. J thanks for organizing the old bro network and looking after the bros like Steve robbins.Got to go now as I have emergency meeting at Betty Ford clinic. Red wine is good for you, right? Cheers bros!!

  3. Gary -
    Thanks for the note - you beat me to it. Echo Gary's email - John & Bill - your hospitality was great, the company excellent and I can't remember laughing as much as I did in a long time! So great to everyone after all these years - we picked up right where we left off. I'd be honored to host another reunion at the Beach House and will definitely be back next year.

    Thanks, MJ!


  4. John and Bill,

    Thank you for hosting this great event. It was wonderful catching up with everyone. Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Take a look at the last one. We had a late Bruin arrival on Monday morning who seemed pretty adamant about a ride in John’s boat….

    See you all next year,


  5. Bill & John

    Thanks for hosting the Old Bro festivities last week. I am glad Kathy and I were able to extend our stay in the real 'God's Country' with some of my long time Brothers. Kathy was glad to see some familiar knuckleheads and meet a few more.

    Hope this year's event will be a building block for more alumni gatherings.

    Did Meador have Mazzeo's twin sister sitting next to him on the way back to Reno on the bus?

    All the best,

    Tom aka Lars

  6. Cool! Yes, there are a lot of bruins in Tahoe. Next year we will have even more.

    Great friends. Great time. Great food. Great wine. Great weather. In a Great place. What else is there? Oh yeah, great sex. Oh well, almost batted 1000.


  7. Aloha Bros...

    From one bluewater beach to another.. . Great fun being with you all and what an exposure to mother nature! Coyotes checking us out on the golf course, birds of prey plucking fish from the lake as we boated by, a (friendly?) bear sauntering down for a swim with us in the lake, and eagles in their nest peering down as we cruise by. Great fun!

    The serious nature of wine served all weekend is understated... thanks for the contributions!

    Again next year -

  8. After reading the comments and looking at the photos, I'm convinced you guys had a better time at Tahoe than I did working the lousy Raiders/Lions exhibition game. I'm good to go for next year though, providing that the NFL doesn't schedule a Raider home game the same weekend. I've been to the Hair Club for Men and visited with the same plastic surgeon that my wife of 33 years (UCLA Gamma Phi) Liz Lukrich frequents. All I have left to do is whiten my teeth and I should look like a million bucks come next summer. Unfortunately, none of this has improved my golf game. It still stinks.


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