Friday, September 28, 2012

Old Bro News & Notes - Sept. 2012

Old Bro Network is happy to announce the addition of ONE new Old Bro this week, and he's another of the "transfer" Old Bro's who was initiated elsewhere, then came to his senses and started hanging out with the EpSigs.

Please welcome Bob Schulenberg (Iota Gamma 99), who was initiated at Fresno St. before becoming part of the "50's era" Old Bro's at UCLA.  "Stud of the Week" honors go to Stan Benson (EpSig 305) for making sure that Bob got hooked up with the Old Bro Network.

This brings the total roster count for the Old Bro Network up to 303 and, as always, if anyone of you has contact info on any EpSigs who are currently NOT on the roster, send it in and I'll get them added.

Also this week, Steve Aylward (EpSig 838) sent in an updated email address, that has been distributed to all as well.  Again, if your contact info ever changes or is somehow incorrect, send me a note and I'll fix it.

Several Old Bro's posted photos of the shuttle Endeavour's last flight over Los Angeles this week, such as .....

Photo by Jim Kaldem
Photo: IMG_0296
Photo by Trevor Kirschner
Photo by Tuck Meador
However, what I'll bet that you DIDN'T KNOW was that not one, but TWO Lambda Chis flew missions on Endeavour during its long career with NASA.
Colonel Thomas Akers, from Alpha Delta zeta at University of Missouri-Rolla, flew on missions STS-49 and STS-61, and Colonel Terrence Wilcutt, from Lambda Lambda zeta at Western Kentucky University, flew on missions STS-68 and STS-89.
Endeavour will be on display starting October 30 at the California Science Center in Exposition Park, adjacent to the LA Memorial Coliseum and across the street from that other university across town. 
So you may now consider yourselves SLIGHTLY better educated .....
EpSig 700

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Steve Robbins Update - 9/22/12

About three months ago Old Bro Network published THIS POST about Steve Robbins (EpSig 678) and his battle with leukemia.  Since then, an "EXACT" bone marrow match for Steve was identified, and yesterday Bill Schlicter sent in this photo and note updating Steve's upcoming transplant schedule .....

Tuck Meador, Steve Robbins, Bill Schlichter
9/21/12 ..... Steve's transplant will take place next Wednesday the 26th.  We exchanged texts yesterday. He is currently undergoing pretty intense pre-transplant chemo which is intended to completely knock out his immune system.  Understandably, the chemo makes him feel like crap, but his spirits are good because he knows the transplant is finally gonna happen, and he has been waiting for that since May.  `You can see in the picture that Tuck and I were required to wash up, and wear mask and gloves before entering his room as his immune system was already in a weakened state.  This current round of chemo will completely knock it down.  The transplant is actually somewhat anti climactic as they simply come to his room with another IV bag which contains the bone marrow.  The bag gets hung, and the transplant material flows into his body, and ends up going to the right place…….done deal.  After that he goes into strict isolation while they monitor him closely to ensure the transplant takes.  Because they found an "exact" match for his bone marrow, the odds are in his favor.  But a little prayer from the Bros would certainly be welcomed.

Roughly 2 weeks after his transplant, they will move him to a small cottage located  at the City of Hope where his wife Karen can stay with him but he is still close enough for his docs to keep close tabs on him.  I think once he moves into the cottage he can have visitors, but to be sure, I will confirm all that in a future update.  Steve will spend 2 or 3 weeks in the cottage, then be released to go home around 01 Nov.

Anyway, just wanted to keep everyone appraised of his current status.  My hope is we can use Steve's recovery to rally in Duarte with a few of the Bros in mid/late October.  There is a Spaghetti Factory just around the corner where Tuck and I had dinner where we could meet. 

In Zax,  Slick    

I encourage ALL of you Old Bro's out there to keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers, especially next Wednesday, with high hopes for a successful transplant so that Steve can get this behind him and continue to live a full and long life .....

As Slick mentions above, we hope to use Steve's recovery as a reason to get together next month sometime, I'll keep everyone posted as details about that become available.

EpSig 700

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 2.0 - Recap

A world famous RumRunner
On the last weekend in August 2012, 70's era Old Bro's converged on Lake Tahoe for the 2nd Annual Old Bro Tahoe Conclave, here's a recap of the events .....

A 60% increase in attendance at Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 2.0 ..... check.
Tom Larson extending his vacation in order to join the festivities ..... check.
Catching up with Old Bro's about what's new in their lives ..... check.
A 14 mile Friday afternoon bike ride amongst the pine trees ..... check.
Boating across Lake Tahoe to the Beacon for RumRunners at sunset ..... check.
The traditional welcoming BBQ of shrimp and sausages at Harrison's ..... check.
Beers, margaritas, and great wine (and that's just on the 1st night!) ..... check.

The signature 206 yard downhill par 3 13th hole at Coyote Moon golf course 
A foursome of hackers at the beautiful Coyote Moon golf course ..... check.
John Kohler, hunting for his ball in the forest RIGHT of the fairway ..... check.
MJ Harness, on in two and then a smooth four putt for double bogey ..... check.
John Kohler, now hunting for his ball in the forest LEFT of the fairway ..... check.
Tuck Meador, catching fire on the back nine to take the title of "Low Bro" ..... check
(with a 97 ..... I did say HACKERS, didn't I?).
(here's video evidence of Tuck's silky smooth swing .....)

Old Bro's Harrison & Hester taking in the Lake Tahoe Air Show ..... check
JP McDermott attacking the bike trails up around Spooner Lake ..... check.
Lake in the Sky Air Show
An excellent Saturday night dinner at Scusa Italian Ristorante ..... check.
Back in the boats Sunday morning, headed to Emerald Bay ..... check. 
A leisurely hike up to Eagle Falls on a leisurely Sunday morning ..... check.
Gunner, our official mascot, going AWOL and making new friends ..... check.
Gunner, scouting the shores for new friends to play with
Sunday afternoon at Casa de Kohler in Zephyr Cove, NV ..... check.
Finding out why Gary Messerotes is Tuck Meador's new idol ..... check. 
Beach bocce ball, complete with SERIOUS trash talking ..... check.

Chef John Kohler grilling up some king salmon fillets
King salmon fillets expertly cooked on a cedar plank ..... check.
And we actually made a salad to go with the salmon ..... check.
Enjoying the view of Lake Tahoe from John's 2nd level deck ..... check.

Joe Bruin even stopped by to say hello !!
Lunch at the original Red Hut Cafe before heading down the hill .....    check.
Another VERY SUCCESSFUL Old Bro Tahoe Conclave .....      DOUBLE check.

For those Old Bro's fortunate enough to have made it up to Lake Tahoe for Old Bro Tahoe Conclave 2.0, all will remember a GREAT weekend full of activities, food and drink, old stories retold (some true, some maybe not) and getting the opportunity to catch up with old friends in a beautiful setting.

For those of you who MISSED IT, don't worry, we'll be doing it again next year.  You may even have the opportunity to see THIS GUY again .....

Wasn't he a county lifeguard in some previous life ?? 
I've also posted all of the photos the guys sent me on the PHOTO page of the Old Bro Network website, you can see them all HERE.
Just read the comments below from those who were there and I know you will want to be a part of this weekend NEXT YEAR .....
EpSig 700

Monday, September 3, 2012

Old Bro Nation adds 300th member !!

Not quite two years old yet, the Old Bro Network is happy to announce the 300th member to the roster, please welcome Tim Bryant (EpSig 548).  Tim is a "late 60's" bro, who heard about the Old Bro Network from Nick Svetcoff (EpSig 746) and sent in his contact info.

Nick therefore earns the coveted title of "Stud of the Week" for his efforts in helping to expand the Old Bro Network.

In addition, we have TWO more new Old Bro's to add to the roster.  First up is the recently graduated Michael Ta (EpSig 1415) who sent in the following:

Dear Brother M.J. Harness, 

My name is Michael Ta and I recently graduated this June and would like to join the old bro network and be part of the Epsilon Sigma's legacy/studliness if that's all right. As a recent alumnus, I would like to thank all of the older brothers for helping us throughout these years. We wouldn't have achieved everything that we achieved without the assistance of the older brothers. Have a great day and looking forward to alumni events!

Michael Ta
EƩ 1415

The next addition to the roster is another "In Memoriam" tribute to John Dukes (EpSig 383) who left us in March 2011.  Special thanks to Stan Benson (EpSig 305) for making us all aware of this news.  Old Bro Network always remembers our fallen brothers, and will add John's name to the directory in tribute.

Finally, please note that Old Bro Jim Hester (EpSig 641) has officially joined the ranks of the retired Old Bro's, his updated e-mail address has been distributed to all.

This now brings the total roster count for the Old Bro Network to 302.  Soon we will be promoting another "OLD BRO FALL RUSH" campaign, so check your address books for any Old Bro's who are NOT currently on the roster and be ready to send their contact info in.

20120830_mje_sm8_468_extra_large  Right back at ya, Coach !!  A tip of the cap and congratulations to new UCLA head football coach Jim Mora (a Lambda Chi) on the Bruins season opening 49-24 win over Rice.  Yeah, I know it's only Rice, but ANY win these days is something to celebrate ..... good luck to Coach Mora and the Bruins for their home opener this weekend against Nebraska, if you get the chance, head out to the Rose Bowl and cheer on the Bruins !!  There is also a post-game fireworks show to watch, let's hope the Bruins can provide some fireworks DURING the game as well !!

EpSig 700