Saturday, July 28, 2012

Old Bro News & Notes - July 2012

Just a few odds and ends going on in the Old Bro Network this month ..... first of all, OBN would like to announce the addition of ONE new Old Bro, Jason Garcia (EpSig 1199).  Jason becomes the 299th Old Bro on our roster, so we are now on the verge of becoming a tribe of 300.

Who will Old Bro #300 be ??  I urge all of you to scour your address books and send in contact info on any Old Bro's who are currently NOT on the roster, you WILL be recognized as a "Stud of the Week" for sending in contact info.

Also, Jim Botko (EpSig 867) sent in revised contact info, his updated Vcard will also be emailed out to everyone, please update your records accordingly.

Following up on this year's UCLA Alumni Day festivities, Stan Benson (EpSig 305) sent in this photo of Old Bro's enjoying the festivities on campus ....

Clockwise from left:  Ian McRae (current High Alpha), Stan Benson (EpSig 305), Jeanette Paige (Stan's sister), Josephine Bruin (party crasher!!), Jim Bonar (EpSig 405), Gordon Cudney (EpSig 402), Mike Rainer (EpSig 427), Bob Schulenberg, Linda Sinks (Earl's wife), Earl Sinks (EpSig 384)

Stan reports that a  good time was had by all, especially the reception that the Old Bro's received from the New Bro's at the chapter house that afternoon.

Hank Hickey (EpSig 397) will be coordinating the "Spring Get Together" next year, expect to hear from him about it, and I urge all of you to PLEASE CONSIDER attending this event next year, which combines our passions for UCLA and Lambda Chi together on one day ..... pencil it in on your calendars for next spring, details to follow .....

If anyone out there has any news, photos, upcoming activities, etc. that you would like to share amongst the tribe, send it in and I'll get it posted here for everyone to enjoy.  This is YOUR site to share things on, I'm just the inmate running the asylum .....

EpSig 700

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