Sunday, July 22, 2012

EpSig #1 !! New bro's rock !!

Received the following update on how well the "New Bro's" of the undergraduate chapter house are doing on campus these days, they are obviously building their own legacy at EpSig, just as the hundreds of us who came before them did in our time at the house .....

Thanks to Old Bro's Trevor Kirschner (EpSig 1131) and Robert Frackelton (EpSig 1103) for sharing the following news .....

Following isn’t public knowledge quite yet for our Lambda Chi students at Epsilon-Sigma Zeta at UCLA (since they have not officially picked-up their grades report from UCLA’s Greek Life office), so please keep this confidential for now…

Our outstanding Greek Advisor at UCLA, Mande Adams, shared this great news with me and so I am forwarding it to Chapter Services at Lambda Chi headquarters as well as our local alums.  Please keep this quiet for now, but read this and smile!.....

Epsilon-Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha at UCLA (which was re-colonized just a few years ago) can proudly state that out of the entire UCLA fraternity system, they are:

#1 in grades
#1 in recruitment class numbers and retention
#1 in Standards for Excellence
#1 in Greek Week

Fantastic!  I learned this from Mande as we communicated regarding the Brother A. Barry Cappello Scholarship program, so I had to share.  I hope you all agree this is a Cross & Crescent worthy news item!

I think we owe a big thanks to Mande Adams, Bill Farkas, Barry Cappello, Berky Nelson, Derek Abrams, Aiden Mette, our entire Corp Board, Trevor Kirschner, Tom Turley, Damon Anastasia, our Alumni Scholarship Committee, and the terrific students who not only brought back Lambda Chi to UCLA but brought it back to a whole new level of excellence!  Truly fantastic that Ep-Sig is doing so well.

Best in ZAX,
Robert Frackelton

The studliness continues at 10918 Strathmore Drive .....

EpSig 700


  1. What great news. Yes, these young men are certainly going to leave their mark in ES history for years to come. It is great to know that the chapter is now in good hands.
    Jim Bonar
    ES 405

  2. Wow! Those are amazing achievements! =]

    I want to give a big THANK YOU to all the Old Bro Network members. Your support has a big influence on the growth of our young chapter.

    Kyle Nguyen
    ES 1404


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