Saturday, June 30, 2012

Old Bro Newsflash -- Steve Robbins (EpSig 678)

Recently I became aware that one of our own, Old Bro Steve Robbins (EpSig 678) has been diagnosed with leukemia and is battling it head-on with intensive chemotherapy treatments.

Steve Robbins

Steve is the general manager and chief engineer for the Coachella Valley Water District, out in the Palm Springs area.  Two weeks ago, at the CVWD offices in Palm Desert, a bone marrow drive was held in support of his cause ..... you can read the article written about the event in the local paper HERE.

A couple of days later, Steve wrote the following letter which was published in the Desert Sun ..... 

I want to thank all my friends, colleagues and complete strangers who attended the bone marrow donor drive held June 13 at the Coachella Valley Water District. It was heartwarming and inspiring to see so many people selflessly offer to be a donor through the worldwide Be the Match Registry.

The drive was a great success with nearly 300 people added to the registry. Several more people tried, but unfortunately didn't qualify. If the drive doesn't result in a bone marrow match for me, hopefully it will result in a match for someone else in need. A simple “thank you” doesn't express my deep appreciation for the outpouring of support my family and I have received during my battle with leukemia. I truly feel blessed to be surrounded by so many caring and thoughtful people.

I also want to thank the media, including The Desert Sun, which helped encourage the community to attend the drive. If you missed the event, it's not too late to register with Be The Match. Simply go to to have a kit mailed to you.

Steve Robbins, general manager-chief engineer, Coachella Valley Water District  

OK, Old Bro's, its time to stand up and be counted in support of one of our own.  The article about Steve's event also listed a "How to Help" section, which I've copied below.

How to help

If you couldn't make it to the bone marrow drive, visit and go through the questionnaire process to join the Be The Match Registry. When it asks for a promo code, enter hope4steve.  

I urge all of you to visit the website, go through the process, and join the Registry.  Right now Steve needs our help, let's show him that the Old Bro Nation is in this fight with him .....

I'll also pass along any future info I get about how Steve's doing .....

Yours in ZAX,
Michael J. Harness
EpSig 700 

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