Friday, May 25, 2012

Old Bro News & Notes - May 2012

Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of FIVE new Old Bro's, as well as updated information for ONE Old Bro.

"Stud of the Week" honors go to Justin Cochrane for submitting contact info on Danny Klein (EpSig 1077), Walt Becker (EpSig 1120), Gordon Froeb (EpSig 1158), Erich Litch (EpSig 1159), and Luke Williams (EpSig 1176).  These new additions bring the total Old Bro Network roster count up to 295.

In addition, Old Bro Steve Smith (EpSig 806) sent in an updated e-mail address.  New & updated E-cards have been sent out to the entire roster, please update your records accordingly.

Hope that everyone has plans to enjoy the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, and also hope that everyone takes a moment or two to honor our military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country (the real reason for the holiday !!)

It's also a day to remember other "fallen heroes" such as the EpSig brothers who have left us way too soon.  Old Bro Network continues to honor their memory by including them on our roster with the status "In Memoriam".

The other thing that Memorial Day weekend always means to me is ..... AUTO RACING !!  Whether your preference is for Formula One (the Grand Prix of Monaco), IndyCar (the Indy 500), or NASCAR (the Coca-Cola 600), settle in on Sunday and watch some great races as the finest drivers in the world battle it out on road courses as well as oval tracks.

Any of these races also provides a great reason to break out the barbecue, chips, and beer (as if any of you really needed a great reason for that !!)

As always, if anyone has contact info on other Old Bro's who are currently NOT on the roster, send it to me and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if your contact info changes or is inadvertently incorrect, drop me a note and I'll fix that as well.

EpSig 700

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