Monday, April 30, 2012

Old Bro News & Notes - April 2012

Just a couple of quick notes for everyone this month .....

First, we would like to announce the addition of ONE new Old Bro during the month of April, that being Rick Figueroa (EpSig 837).  Rick's E-card has been distributed to everyone, and he brings the total roster count for the Old Bro Network up to 290. 

We keep sneaking up on 300, and I encourage everyone to scour your Rolodexes (does anyone even HAVE those anymore ??) and/or address lists for any Old Bros who are currently NOT on the roster.  Send me their info and I'll get them hooked up.  Whoever sends me the 300th Old Bro will be forever recognized as "STUD 300" for your efforts .....

In other news, following up on a previous Old Bro Network post from February, Old Bro Kevin Becker's son Max had the assist on the eventual game winning goal as the Shattuck St. Mary's boys hockey team won the national championship (again).  This makes back to back titles and 8 of the last 14 for the SSM program.  Congrats to Max, and thanks to "Stud of the Week" John Horwitz for sending in that bit of news.

Don't forget, next Saturday 5/5 is "UCLA Alumni Day" with several events on campus to help you remember your college days. Click HERE for all the info on this full day of activities on campus.

Old Bro Network has not seen anything specific from the chapter house relative to what's happening over there next Saturday, but I do know that Stan Benson and several of the 50's - 60's Old Bros will be visiting the house sometime between 2:00 - 3:30, feel free to stop by and join them.

For you sports minded Old Bros, the nationally 12th ranked Bruins baseball team will be playing a doubleheader against the 15th ranked Purdue Boilermakers at Jackie Robinson Stadium, game times at 1:00 and 5:00 PM.  Another good old Pac-12 vs. Big 10 matchup, should be a good pair of games.

Also, the Bruins football team, led by Lambda Chi Coach Jim Mora, concludes their spring practice schedule with a live scrimmage at the Rose Bowl at 5:00 PM.  Admission is FREE, parking is $10, click HERE for info.

So, there are several opportunities to show your Bruin pride next Saturday, get out there and support the Blue & Gold ..... GO BRUINS !!!

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