Saturday, March 31, 2012

Old Bro News & Notes - 3/31/12

Today's post is a bit of catching up for the Old Bro Network, as I've been out of town most of this month and not really paying that much attention to what you slobs are up to.

So, without further adieu, Old Bro Network would like to welcome TWO new Old Bro's to the roster, bringing our total count up to 289.  First up is Jim McDermott (EpSig 637), who was referred to the OBN by the fabulous Rees Evans, who earns the coveted "Stud of the Week" honors for his efforts in expanding our little tribe.

Next comes another "In Memoriam" tribute to a fallen brother, as we have learned that Herb De Ley (EpSig 342) passed away in July 2010.  We will add his name to the roster to honor his memory, as we have done with other Old Bro's who are no longer with us.

Also, Old Bro Jim Scilacci (EpSig 670) sent in a new cell phone number for everyone to update their info with ..... E-Cards for these three bro's have been sent out to all, please update your records accordingly.

Current chapter president Ian McRae sent out the following e-mail on 3/12/12 ....


I thought you would all be happy to hear of the recent successes of Epsilon-Sigma. Last week was "Greek Week," where all Greek organizations joined teams to compete in athletics, academia, and spirit. Our team, which comprised of as many LCA Bros as possible, won many individual contests, placed second in a few, and was the overall champion of Greek Week! On top of that, we were also awarded first place in the Standards of Excellence (SOE) category out of all the Fraternities at UCLA! We received quite a few plaques, a standing trophy for winning Greek Week, and an enormous trophy for winning SOE. We were lucky to be recognized in the presence of our National's Education Leadership Consultant, Nolan Ryan, who lived in the House for a few days and a Pi Beta (UCSD) alumnus who has been meeting the Bros here.   

After all that excitement, its time to get to the grindstone and prepare for final exams next week. I hope you will all get a chance to see our achievements at the upcoming UCLA-EpSig  Alumni Day May 5th. Still lots of work to be done!

Yours in ZAX,
Ian McRae

So congratulations are again in order for our studly chapter house, they continue to excel on campus !!

One final reminder that UCLA Alumni Day is May 5th ..... not sure exactly what sort of event the chapter house is planning, but I do know that Stan Benson and several of the Old Bro's from the 50's - 60's era will be visiting the house in the afternoon as part of their overall Alumni Day festivities.

So mark your calendars for May 5th as a day to stop by the chapter house and see what's going on with our "New Bro's", as they continue the studly tradition of EpSig at UCLA.

EpSig 700

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