Sunday, February 19, 2012

Two Old Bro's walk into a hockey rink .....

I know, I know, that headline sounds like the opening line of one of the jokes in Steve Bay's monologue at the Summer Reunion party last year ..... but it's not !!

Old Bro John Horwitz (EpSig 741) recently sent in this photo of himself along with Kevin Becker (EpSig 802) at a hockey rink in Minnesota .....

John Horwitz (left) and Kevin Becker
John also included the following note:

"Kevin Becker's son, Max and my son, Carter, attend high school together in Minnesota at Shattuck-St. Mary's.  They are hockey players there.  Max is leading the team in goals and is only the second sophomore to play on the Prep team since Sidney Crosby!  Prep has won 7 of the last 13 National Championships. Not quite Woodenesque but getting close."


The Shattuck-St. Mary's Boys Prep hockey program is one of the finest in the country, and is recognized as a perennial powerhouse in the sport.  At the last Winter Olympics in 2010, the men's hockey final between the USA & Canada featured no less than FIVE Shattuck-St. Mary's alumni.  Read more about this dynasty of a program HERE and HERE.

Here's a photo of Kevin's son Max in action at a recent game .....

Max Becker chasing down the puck in a recent 8-0 win for Shattuck-St. Mary's ..... Max scored two goals in the game.
Once again, this just goes to show that you never know where you might run into one of your Old Bro's, because our reach is far and wide.  If anyone else has any photos of yourself along with other Old Bro's in faraway places, send them in and I'll post them for everyone to enjoy.

EpSig 700

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