Monday, February 13, 2012

Omega ..... Dean Gittleson 2/12/12

The Greek letter Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, and one of its meanings is that it symbolizes an end .....

Received the following tragic news from Reuben Franco this morning .....

Dear Brothers,

Our Brother Dean Gittleson passed away yesterday.  Dean was a giver til the end.   He donated
7 of his organs, including heart and lungs.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

May he Rest in Peace.


Dean lost his life due to injuries sustained in an auto accident last Tuesday, 2/7/12.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dean's family and friends with sincere condolences at this unthinkable loss.

Dean was initiated into Lambda Chi Alpha at San Diego State (Zeta Pi chapter) but subsequently transferred up to UCLA and spent his formative college years in the early 80's with the rest of the bro's at 10918 Strathmore Drive.

Old Bro Network will honor Dean's memory by adding him to the roster with the status of "In Memoriam", as we have done with other bro's who have left us way too soon.

If you have any memories of Dean that you would like to share, please feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this page.

Yours in ZAX,
EpSig 700


  1. Good man and very nice guy.
    I cannot imagine the pain his family is dealing with.
    So sudden.
    We all felt so invincible in those days and many of us still do.
    Hopefully success and failure have taught us perspective, gratitude and humility.
    Dean's passing reminds me of how precious every moment is with the ones we love and our friends.
    Grateful for the simple gifts of the present and the wonderful memories of the past with some very good friends on Strathmore Dr.
    We will miss you, Dean.

  2. Reuben Franco provided the following info on Dean's services:

    Services are at 11:00 AM on Saturday, February 18 at:

    St Stephens Church
    31020 Cole Grade Rd
    Valley Center, CA

    This is east San Diego County.

  3. The following was e-mailed to me by Old Bro Brett Stover .....

    Lambda Chi looses a dear brother.

    Dean was apparently felled behind the wheel by an aneurism…

    The good news is that it happened as he was driving his Corvette down a twisty San Diego back county road. As a former owner myself… of both a Vette and an aneurism, this story hits a little close to home.

    My memories of Dean are all fond ones. He was a kind soul and really LOVED his cars!

    If you gotta go “alone”, I would bet this would be precisely the way he would have chosen.

    Godspeed Dean-o!

    Link to article:


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