Friday, February 3, 2012

And the Gold Medal goes to .....

 Little did I know when I posted the photo of Leaping Lenny Poirier (EpSig 730) last week that ANOTHER Old Bro, Dangerous Don Tringali (EpSig 743) would be making the EXACT SAME LEAP a couple of days later.  Here's their bungy jump photos side by side, please vote for a winner .....

"Dangerous Don"
"Leaping Lenny"

Lenny & Don were on separate trips, but did manage to meet up in Queenstown.

Lenny Poirier & Don Tringali in Queenstown, New Zealand

All of which simply goes to show that you never know WHERE you might run into an Old Bro, as our reach is far and most definitely worldwide.  Old Bro Network hopes that you all stay safe whenever you travel, and if you'd like to share any photos of yourself (or of other Old Bro's) taken in far away places, send them in and I'll gladly post them on the Old Bro Network for everyone to enjoy.

EpSig 700


  1. My vote goes to Leaping Lenny.
    Though he is already further along in his journey, his form is still superior.
    Legs and feet straight and tight,
    posture remains solid and
    arms still stiffly jutted out in impeccable three point position.
    Well done.

    Though cheers to Don as well, not sure I'd have the courage for that jump.


  2. Guess all those years of gymnastics paid off. Of course I can't do a lay up so unlike Don was totally worthless in intramural basketball.

  3. Lenny and Don -

    I watched people jump from that bridge when I lived in NZ - watching was enough fo me! BTW, if any of you go to Queenstown have ice cream or chocolate in Patagonia which the guys are standing in front of - good place. I was there in October for Rugby World Cup.

  4. I did this too!
    There is one of Flo's biscuits at the bottom and if you grab it with your teeth and keep it in your mouth your jump is free.
    Just ask for the Old Bro Biscuit Discount.
    ZAX on, ZAX off.


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