Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Year end recap + looking forward to 2012 ....

As the Old Bro Network draws the curtains on our 1st year in existence, we have a few items to make everyone aware of, then we'll reflect on a year gone by and another to come .....

First, please welcome the 280th Old Bro to the roster ..... Vern Tyerman (EpSig 447).  Vern's contact info was forwarded by Hank Hickey, who earns a "Stud of the Week" mention for his efforts.  Also sending in revised info were Ron Azad (EpSig 685), Tim Gudim (EpSig 818), and Scott McDonald (EpSig 1044).  New & revised e-cards have been sent out for all, please update your records accordingly.

Next, Old Bro Trevor Kirschner (EpSig 1131) posted the following note (and photo) on the UCLA Lambda Chi Alumni Facebook page .....

Merry Christmas Brothers. I'm 43 years old and for Christmas my mother needle pointed a Lambda Chi Alpha tree ornament for me... She also made my wife a Pi Beta Phi ornament and my dad a sigma chi ornament. Happy Holidays everyone!

Old Bro Network thinks that Trevor's mom deserves mention as a "Stud-ette of the Week" for such a cool gift (even got the colors right !!).

For all of you who are registered on Facebook, check out Trevor's UCLA Lambda Chi Alumni page, send him a note and he'll get you included in it.  The Old Bro Network whole-heartedly endorses Trevor's efforts (and his mom's as well !!)

Jenna ScilacciFinally, belated congratulations go out to Jenna Scilacci (daughter of Old Bro Jim Scilacci - EpSig 670) and the rest of the UCLA women's volleyball team on winning UCLA's 108th NCAA championship !!  The Lady Bruins defeated Illinois 3 sets to 1 in San Antonio on 12/17 to win our first women's volleyball championship since 1991 .... way to go, Jenna !! 

Now, for a few thoughts on what the Old Bro Network has been able to accomplish in our 1st year of operation .....

1) Grew the roster from 58 original Old Bro's to our current total of 280.  This is simply the result of the participation and support of many of you Old Bro's out there who have sent in contact info on other Old Bro's, thus expanding the roster.  Our original goal was to have the means to get information circulated as quickly as possible amongst as many of us as possible in the event of ANY kind of news about any one of us, and I think we are well on the way to having that capability.

2) Held a fundraising drive in support of the "New Bro's" who re-colonized our chapter on campus and received our charter back from the national fraternity.  Old Bro Lenny Poirier presented the current High Alpha with a check for $11,000 at the Chartering Banquet in April, on behalf of the 50 or so Old Bro's who contributed to this worthy cause (special thanks to Old Bro Dave Adelman a.k.a. the Grand High Rainmaker for rallying the troops to dig deep and donate big time !!).

3) Helped to promote and get the word out about several Old Bro events, starting with the Chartering Banquet, but also including lunch get-togethers, UCLA baseball games, the Summer Reunion party, a couple of UCLA football get-togethers, the 1st annual Tahoe Conclave, and the recent Alumni-Active Luncheon held at the chapter house.

4) Honored the memory of Old Bro's who are no longer with us.

5) Hopefully have stirred up a bunch of fond memories from everyone's time in the house, as well as re-kindling a few old friendships.

Old Bro Network would LOVE to hear anyone's thoughts on how we might further improve the Old Bro Network ..... this little project has already evolved into something WAY more than what it originally started out to be, and it really belongs to all of YOU ..... so drop me a note if you have any ideas, I'm open to anything that will benefit the group.

Onward to 2012 .....  just to jump start your calendar for next year, consider the following dates of great importance .....

Jan 23 - "Year of the Dragon" begins, signifying a period of success and happiness ..... hopefully by then the UCLA basketball Bruins will still be in the Pac-12 race.

Feb 17 - Opening day for UCLA baseball at Jackie Robinson Stadium.  Get out and support your Bruins this year, JRS is a great place to see a game !!

Feb 29 - Leap Day ..... rumor has it that this is the ONLY day that new football coach Jim Mora will allow seniors to jump the wall and ditch practice.

May 20 - Partial eclipse of the sun visible in the western USA, and no, excessive consumption of Old Milwaukee will NOT be the cause of the eclipse.

July 27 - Summer Olympics begin in London.  Hoist a Guinness in support of all the UCLA athletes who will be competing there.

Sept 08 - 1st home game for new head football coach Jim Mora, who is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha (U. of Washington) ..... GO BRUINS !!

Dec 21 - the Mayan calendar predicts that this date will be the end of the world as we know it.  Old Bro Network thinks they just conjured this idea up in order to have a great theme party somewhere !!

I'm also sure that there will be several "Old Bro" events to talk about next year ..... if anyone has any ideas they would like to promote (golf tournament, anyone ?) drop me a note and I'll make sure to help you get the word out about it.

Let's all make year number TWO of the Old Bro Network even better than year number ONE ..... remember, it's all about YOU anyway so take your best shot.

From the inmate STILL running the asylum .....

Yours in ZAX,
EpSig 700

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