Saturday, November 12, 2011

Old Bro News & Notes - 11/12/11

OLD BRO EVENT ALERT -- Hopefully you all have received your invitation from High Rho Max Henderson regarding the "Alumni Lunch Reception" being held at the newly renovated chapter house on 12/3 from 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM. 

Please consider stopping by the house to see all of the new improvements, many of which were funded by donations from the Old Bro Network.  I encourage everyone to stop by and check it out, if only to compare it to what you remember life was like back when YOU were living at 10918 Strathmore Drive .....

Truth be told, I got FIVE years at UCLA since I didn't really do it right
 my freshman year (which was BEFORE I became a studly Lambda Chi).

Also, the Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of THREE new Old Bro's, as well as updated information for FIVE Old Bro's.

Our three NEW Old Bro's are Chris Plows (EpSig 872), Jeff Donaldson (EpSig 1068), and Chris Kelly (EpSig 1252).  This brings the total roster count for the Old Bro Network up to 278.  Please drop them a note and make them feel welcome.  Updated info was sent in by Mike Gallegos (EpSig 1090). 

In addition, Old Bro Network has been informed that four of the 1950's and 1960's Old Bro's who were added to the roster in a previous posting are, in fact, no longer with us (i.e. deceased).  These four individuals are John Stearns (EpSig 336), John Ford (EpSig 354), Jim Krembas (EpSig 373), and Bruce Boydston (EpSig 423).  Old Bro Network will change their status on the roster to "In Memoriam", as we have done in the past with other Old Bro's who are no longer with us.  Please correct your records accordingly as well.

EpSig 700

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