Saturday, October 1, 2011

Old Bro "Fall Rush 2011" membership drive recap

House photo courtesy Trevor Kirschner via the UCLA Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni Facebook group page

The Old Bro Network is pleased to announce that the "Fall Rush 2011" membership drive campaign has resulted in the addition of EIGHTY new Old Bro's, by far the largest roster jump in Old Bro Network history.  This brings the total roster count to 232, exactly QUADRUPLING the amount of Old Bro's who have had their contact info posted since this little project began last December.

First up, and taking over as the new "low zeta" of the Old Bro Network, is Stan Benson (EpSig 305).  Stan is part of the "Older Bro Network" that Corp Board President Tom Fagan mentioned in the note that I posted last week, and he continues to support the chapter, please welcome him to the Old Bro Network.

We could not get such a stellar "Fall Rush 2011" class without the help of a few "Studs of the Week", all of whom sent in contact info on Old Bro's who were not previously on the roster.  This week's "STUDS" are David Neuman, Larry Jackel, Tim O'Rourke, and also Trevor Kirschner, who runs the Facebook group page for UCLA Lambda Chi Alumni and continues to cross promote the Old Bro Network as well.

Without further adieu, I present the rest of the "Fall Rush 2011" class of new Old Bro's .... take a look, I'm sure you'll spot an old friend or two amongst the newcomers, and by all means, reach out and say howdy to any or all of them.

Old Bro Network continues to thank all of you who support and participate in this project, and with your help, our directory of contact info will continue to grow in the future.

EpSig 700

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