Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old Bro News & Notes - 9/3/11

Lately I've been doing some tweaking and tuning to the Old Bro Network site, and I hope you all have noticed that I've added a "Join the Old Bro Network" section over on the right sidebar.

This added feature of the site seems to be working well, as this week the Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of SEVEN new Old Bro's to the roster, bringing our total count to 151.

First up is our second "transfer" Old Bro, Bob Hoffman, who was initiated as Iota Sigma 663 at Valparaiso University in Indiana before moving to UCLA where he spent his last three years of college life hanging with the EpSig crowd on Strathmore Drive.

Next, the 900 zeta bro's are finally starting to jump on the Old Bro Network bandwagon, checking in this week are Michael Dreyfus (EpSig 904), Tom Knauer (EpSig 933), Chris Dyrek (EpSig 940), Dan Stroot (EpSig 966), and Bob Trapnell (EpSig 986). Please welcome them all ....

Remember, the Old Bro Network is open to ANY alumni of EpSig who would like to share their contact info on this website ..... it's intended to be a resource for everyone to use to keep in touch with old friends.

Finally, the Old Bro Network would like to honor the memory of Mark Webster (EpSig 1104) by including his name on our roster as "In Memoriam", as we have done with Dave Rufener & Mike Mullins. We should not forget those who left us WAY too soon, and a simple way of doing that to include them on the roster of Old Bro's.

EpSig 700

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