Saturday, September 24, 2011

Message from Corp Board President Tom Fagan

Received the following e-mail from Corporation Board President Tom Fagan (EpSig 504) this week about how the donations from the Old Bro Network and other alumni have had a major impact on living conditions at the house:

Dear Brothers Benson, Chavannes, Senik, Cudney, Smith, Bonar, Martin, Verity, Milner, Frindt, Ramella, Nelson, Rainer, Bazoian, O’Leary, Hickey, Costarella, and Braffet; (AKA Older Bro Network)

On behalf of the Corporation Board and the undergraduate chapter I would like to extend a hearty “Thank You” for taking a moment to write a check to reinvest in Epsilon Sigma Zeta and of course to Brother Hickey for donating that svelte and handsome pool table for the undergraduates’ enjoyment. The undergraduates will be using these timely donations as your alumni class era intended – to refurnish the front living room of the house and touching up and refinishing the trophy cabinet and the room. I believe the furniture will be on display at the alumni day and Rush event this coming Friday evening, though the work on the trophy cabinet will not commence until after Rush is completed.

Your timely donations plus the donations from the Old Bro Network announced at the Chartering Banquet in May have made it possible for the undergraduate chapter to refurbish their kitchen, living room, and other areas that virtually guaranty that Epsilon Sigma will be standing tall during Fall Rush and will enhance he camaraderie that is building in this restored chapter.  The Corporation Board is investing over $110,000 in installing a new roof; a new heating and ventilation system; an improved fire sprinkler system, and some seismic work this fall in a 6-week project that will begin just after Rush is completed. We believe this will further improve health and safety measures in the house in conjunction with a nationwide focus on risk monitoring and fire safety by the Lambda Chi headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Look for an e-mail that I will forward to you detailing the undergraduates’ excitement over the prospects for a great Fall quarter 2011.

Once again, a sincere thanks to you.

J. Thomas (Tom) Fagan Ep. Sig. 504

President, Corporation Board
Epsilon Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha Inc. 

Here's a few photos to show what these donations have resulted in:

 Again, thanks to everyone in the Old Bro Network who so graciously donated to the fundraising effort this past spring, it's great to see that effort now being turned into reality by the "new bro's" as they continue to build a strong Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at UCLA.

EpSig 700 

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