Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st Honorary "Old Bro" is ..... ???

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first "honorary" member of the Old Bro Network.  This individual's knowledge, wisdom, compassion, laughter, and spirit have inspired more Old Bro's than ANY individual member of our roster.  Please welcome to the Old Bro Network, the legend herself ..... Florida Taylor Ward.

So much more than just our cook, Florida kept us on the right path, listening to us when we needed an ear, advising us when we needed to know the cold hard truth, and verbally whipping us back into shape if we ever got out of line.  Flo always took great pride into helping her "boys" grow into being men, and her effect on a generation of Lambda Chis is immeasurable.  One of the first rules we were taught upon joining the house was "Florida is the Supreme Master in the kitchen.  Do what she asks you to do or suffer the consequences".  Anyone who didn't follow her orders would get the "special" chocolate pudding at the next Monday night dinner, and that would be the LAST time they didn't do what Florida asked.
Florida continues to this very day to keep tabs on her boys, the photos below are of her attending the Chartering Banquet this past April and the Summer Reunion party this past July.

Florida with Jim LaPeter, Doug Ledsam, and Steve Hauser at the Chartering Banquet - April 16, 2011

Florida right in the middle of all her boys at the reunion party July 30, 2011 ..... just the way she likes it.
"Stud of the Week" honors go out to Steve Sann (EpSig 784) for sending in Florida's contact info, which has been sent out via E-card to everyone on the Old Bro Network roster.  I'm certain she would very much appreciate a call, a card, flowers, or her favorite ..... a bottle of Mumm's champagne !!  By the way, Flo's birthday is April 8, so mark your calendars accordingly.

I'm also certain that there are dozens if not hundreds of stories and anecdotes about Florida, feel free to leave a comment below or send them to me and I'll publish them for all to enjoy.

EpSig 700


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  1. You guys must be really old as I don't recognize anyone in the reunion picture!

    Sean OB
    EpSig 898 (I think)


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