Saturday, September 24, 2011

UCLA - Texas pregame tailgate party !!

Several Old Bro's gathered in the parking lot west of the Rose Bowl for a tailgate party prior to the UCLA-Texas game on 9/17/11.  On hand for the festivities were Greg Anicich, Mike Benavente, Lanny Noveck, Jim Kaldem, Ernie Marchosky, Bill Waller, Nick Svetcoff, Jim Scilacci, and Rich Schammel, all getting pumped up for kickoff.

L to R - Mike Benavente, Greg Anicich, Nick Svetcoff, Lanny Noveck -- rumor has it that Anicich was on the phone at that very moment to Texas coach Mack Brown, trying to convince him and his staff to SWITCH SIDELINES FOR JUST ONE GAME so the Bruins could see what a real coaching staff looks like .... Mack didn't go for it, however, and the result was horrible for the Bruins, a 49-20 loss.  Nice try, Greg ..... sell it a little harder next time !!

Old Bro Jim Scilacci sitting ON a tailgate AT a tailgate party (how appropriate) talking with Rich Schammel
Thanks to Jim Kaldem for sending in these photos, for that he earns mention as a "Stud of the Week".

Old Bro Network is always in favor of having Old Bro's get together and re-connect, whether it's at a football game, over lunch, drinks, whatever.  Send in any "Old Bro get together" stories and/or photos and I'll publish them here for all to enjoy.

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Message from Corp Board President Tom Fagan

Received the following e-mail from Corporation Board President Tom Fagan (EpSig 504) this week about how the donations from the Old Bro Network and other alumni have had a major impact on living conditions at the house:

Dear Brothers Benson, Chavannes, Senik, Cudney, Smith, Bonar, Martin, Verity, Milner, Frindt, Ramella, Nelson, Rainer, Bazoian, O’Leary, Hickey, Costarella, and Braffet; (AKA Older Bro Network)

On behalf of the Corporation Board and the undergraduate chapter I would like to extend a hearty “Thank You” for taking a moment to write a check to reinvest in Epsilon Sigma Zeta and of course to Brother Hickey for donating that svelte and handsome pool table for the undergraduates’ enjoyment. The undergraduates will be using these timely donations as your alumni class era intended – to refurnish the front living room of the house and touching up and refinishing the trophy cabinet and the room. I believe the furniture will be on display at the alumni day and Rush event this coming Friday evening, though the work on the trophy cabinet will not commence until after Rush is completed.

Your timely donations plus the donations from the Old Bro Network announced at the Chartering Banquet in May have made it possible for the undergraduate chapter to refurbish their kitchen, living room, and other areas that virtually guaranty that Epsilon Sigma will be standing tall during Fall Rush and will enhance he camaraderie that is building in this restored chapter.  The Corporation Board is investing over $110,000 in installing a new roof; a new heating and ventilation system; an improved fire sprinkler system, and some seismic work this fall in a 6-week project that will begin just after Rush is completed. We believe this will further improve health and safety measures in the house in conjunction with a nationwide focus on risk monitoring and fire safety by the Lambda Chi headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Look for an e-mail that I will forward to you detailing the undergraduates’ excitement over the prospects for a great Fall quarter 2011.

Once again, a sincere thanks to you.

J. Thomas (Tom) Fagan Ep. Sig. 504

President, Corporation Board
Epsilon Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha Inc. 

Here's a few photos to show what these donations have resulted in:

 Again, thanks to everyone in the Old Bro Network who so graciously donated to the fundraising effort this past spring, it's great to see that effort now being turned into reality by the "new bro's" as they continue to build a strong Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at UCLA.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

1st Honorary "Old Bro" is ..... ???

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first "honorary" member of the Old Bro Network.  This individual's knowledge, wisdom, compassion, laughter, and spirit have inspired more Old Bro's than ANY individual member of our roster.  Please welcome to the Old Bro Network, the legend herself ..... Florida Taylor Ward.

So much more than just our cook, Florida kept us on the right path, listening to us when we needed an ear, advising us when we needed to know the cold hard truth, and verbally whipping us back into shape if we ever got out of line.  Flo always took great pride into helping her "boys" grow into being men, and her effect on a generation of Lambda Chis is immeasurable.  One of the first rules we were taught upon joining the house was "Florida is the Supreme Master in the kitchen.  Do what she asks you to do or suffer the consequences".  Anyone who didn't follow her orders would get the "special" chocolate pudding at the next Monday night dinner, and that would be the LAST time they didn't do what Florida asked.
Florida continues to this very day to keep tabs on her boys, the photos below are of her attending the Chartering Banquet this past April and the Summer Reunion party this past July.

Florida with Jim LaPeter, Doug Ledsam, and Steve Hauser at the Chartering Banquet - April 16, 2011

Florida right in the middle of all her boys at the reunion party July 30, 2011 ..... just the way she likes it.
"Stud of the Week" honors go out to Steve Sann (EpSig 784) for sending in Florida's contact info, which has been sent out via E-card to everyone on the Old Bro Network roster.  I'm certain she would very much appreciate a call, a card, flowers, or her favorite ..... a bottle of Mumm's champagne !!  By the way, Flo's birthday is April 8, so mark your calendars accordingly.

I'm also certain that there are dozens if not hundreds of stories and anecdotes about Florida, feel free to leave a comment below or send them to me and I'll publish them for all to enjoy.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Classic Moments in EpSig History, Vol. 3

Not only were the Old Bro's definitely dangerous on the intramural football field, but the softball teams that wore the purple, green, and gold were equally studly as well.  Bill Schlichter (EpSig 647) sent in the following pic of the 1975 Ronrico Rum Cup winning team, anchored at shortstop by Jack Power (EpSig 667).

Jack's account of the how the championship game ended:

"Setting the record straight! The game ended 8-7. We beat the Sigma Nu's to win the 16 team tournament by Ronrico Rum and Playboy. The last out was recorded on the rarest of plays. The last hitter for the "Signus" hit a 2 hopper deep in the hole at short. I don't think I could have gotten it. It did hit the runner on second who was appropriately running with the pitch and got struck by the ball between 2nd and third in full stride ending the game in the bottom of the 7th and last inning. If you were scoring that day, you would have given Gary Williams the final "put-out". We were undefeated and untied that year. Fuck You Sigma Nu's. Boy were they pissed."

Jack also sent in the following photo of Gary Williams playing 3rd base (that's Jack in the background at shortstop) taken during the Ronrico Cup tournament:

As always, if anyone has any old photos they would like to share on the Old Bro Network, send them in and I'll get them published for all to enjoy.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Old Bro News & Notes - 9/3/11

Lately I've been doing some tweaking and tuning to the Old Bro Network site, and I hope you all have noticed that I've added a "Join the Old Bro Network" section over on the right sidebar.

This added feature of the site seems to be working well, as this week the Old Bro Network is pleased to announce the addition of SEVEN new Old Bro's to the roster, bringing our total count to 151.

First up is our second "transfer" Old Bro, Bob Hoffman, who was initiated as Iota Sigma 663 at Valparaiso University in Indiana before moving to UCLA where he spent his last three years of college life hanging with the EpSig crowd on Strathmore Drive.

Next, the 900 zeta bro's are finally starting to jump on the Old Bro Network bandwagon, checking in this week are Michael Dreyfus (EpSig 904), Tom Knauer (EpSig 933), Chris Dyrek (EpSig 940), Dan Stroot (EpSig 966), and Bob Trapnell (EpSig 986). Please welcome them all ....

Remember, the Old Bro Network is open to ANY alumni of EpSig who would like to share their contact info on this website ..... it's intended to be a resource for everyone to use to keep in touch with old friends.

Finally, the Old Bro Network would like to honor the memory of Mark Webster (EpSig 1104) by including his name on our roster as "In Memoriam", as we have done with Dave Rufener & Mike Mullins. We should not forget those who left us WAY too soon, and a simple way of doing that to include them on the roster of Old Bro's.

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