Sunday, August 7, 2011

FEEL THE POWER ..... of a legendary EpSig Stud !!

Just happened to be browsing through the 331 photos of the recent summer reunion party that John Morris sent out to everyone ..... thank you again John, you are a Stud of the Week, Month, and Year for hosting that affair.

A couple of photos left me wondering ..... just what is it that Don Tringali (EpSig 743) has that other Old Bros seem to want ??  I mean, check out the two photos below:

Now, in this first one, I'm not 100% certain what D.A. is reaching out to shake with his right hand, but brother Don certainly looks excited about his future prospects for short term gratification ..... I'm just sayin'.

Later, in this photo, Dave Shapiro looks very serious as he executes a left handed sneak attack on Don's ..... (well, draw your own conclusions, bro's).

Obviously, this legendary EpSig stud (UCLA's Outstanding Senior the year he graduated, Harvard Law School, etc., etc., etc.) has some super-human power that few of us can actually comprehend ..... but that a couple of us want to be REALLY close to .....

BACK TO REALITY, BRO'S !!! .....  just old dudes being boys again, renewing old friendships and clowning around just like we did during our years in the house.

It was great to see everyone last weekend, the Old Bro Network hopes that we can continue to hold more parties like this one as we head into the future.

EpSig 700


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