Saturday, August 20, 2011

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL ??

OK, Bruins, it's time once again to get ready for another football season at the Rose Bowl.

Will the Bruins rebound from last season's 4-8 record or are they destined to finish at the bottom of the new Pac-12 South ??

I'm not even 100% sure they could beat the team in the photo below .....
(Top L-R) Jack Power, Gary Messerotes, Mike Wright, Doug Ledsam, Steve Robbins, John Kohler, Rees Evans
(Bottom L-R)  Brett Rowley, Glenn Garlick, Vic Caldwell, Mark Keller, Jim Meier, Mike Cook, Gary Williams

Presenting the Lambda Chi Alpha intramural football team, circa 1975 or so.  Some of the meanest, roughest, toughest, beer drinkin' and hell raisin' bad-asses who ever set foot on UCLA's intramural football fields.

As you can tell, most of them aren't looking at the photographer, I believe their minds are all on the keg that is cooling down back at the house for the post-game celebration (or maybe that was for the pre-game celebration ..... or possibly even DURING the game, depending on what we could sneak onto the sidelines).

Photo above courtesy of the very awesome Bill Schlichter (aka Slick) (aka EpSig 647).

As for the 2011 Bruin football team, hopes are high with a revamped coaching staff and another year of experience for the many underclassmen who have had to play in the last couple of years ..... GO BRUINS !!!

For all of you Old Bro's who will be attending the UCLA-Texas game on Sept. 17, contact Greg Anicich at to coordinate getting together outside the Rose Bowl before the game to share a few "Old Bro" stories and to meet some "Old Bro" friends. 

EpSig 700

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