Sunday, July 31, 2011

And a GREAT TIME was had by all !!

Somewhere in the neighborhood of SEVENTY FIVE Old Bro's assembled in Westwood last night to tell some old stories, re-kindle some old friendships, and in general do something that we have always been very, very good at ..... PARTY !!

I'm not sure of the exact count (hey, don't forget, there WAS alcohol involved) but Old Bro's were there from the sixties, seventies, eighties, maybe nineties, and even a couple of New Bro's from the current chapter house as well.

And, as an extra added attraction, our presence was graced by none other than the fabulous cookie herself, Florida Taylor !!

Courtesy of Jeff Davis, here's one of the group photos that was taken well after the festivities were underway:

Assembled under one roof on 7/30/11 are some of the FINEST EpSig Lambda Chi's who have ever roamed the earth !!

Absolutely HUGE PROPS go out to Old Bro John Morris, who conceived, organized, and hosted this event.  Also, I'm sure that in the very near future John will be making available all of the photographer's pics taken at the event, stay tuned for that.

The Old Bro Network is all about old friends re-connecting, and last night was an amazing example of that.  Our little network is thriving due to the participation and support of everyone, and I definitely hope we will continue to have events like last night's in the future.

EpSig 700

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