Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts on this upcoming Memorial Day weekend - 2011

Reflections & comments for Memorial Day 2011 --

1)  First & foremost, Memorial Day is the occasion to commemorate and pay tribute to all U.S. military members who paid the ultimate price while serving our country.  Without their sacrifices, life as we know it today would be undoubtably different.  Please take a moment or two on this day to reflect on this, our fallen heroes deserve our admiration & respect.

2)  Secondly, Memorial Day is also a time to remember family and friends who have left this earth before us, who have hopefully taught us something about living, loving, and laughing our way through our time here. Two of the people I will be remembering on this day are my Lambda Chi brothers Dave Rufener (EpSig 697) and Mike Mullins (EpSig 717), both of whom left this world WAY too soon. 

3)  Finally, Memorial Day (for me, at least) is all about auto racing !!  As I grew up, this was the weekend that our family tackled all the major projects around the house, whether that be repainting the kitchen, shampooing all the carpets, or weeding out all the flowerbeds scattered around our yard.

But we were ALL glued to the TV when the green flag waved for the Indianapolis 500.  My favorite driver was A.J. Foyt, whose hell bent for leather driving style usually led to either a win or a wreck .....

Later in life I was fortunate enough to ATTEND the Indy 500, as a guest of Lambda Chi's national office, whose headquarters are also in Indianapolis.  The bond of brotherhood and a passion for racing intersected for four glorious days, providing me with some more of those "memories of a lifetime" that are associated with my involvement with Lambda Chi Alpha.

So whatever your choice of entertainment is for this Memorial Day, be it a backyard BBQ, watching one of the three major auto races on TV (Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco, Indy 500, NASCAR Coca-Cola 600), or just hanging out with family & friends,  I urge you to take a moment or two and remember those no longer with us whose lives meant something to you along your journey .....


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  1. Thx MJ....and amen to Dave and Mike.....can't believe they are not with us......and a special prayer to the families of our POW/MIA families......still waiting for news.....


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