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Chartering Banquet Recap - 4/16/11

This recap of the Chartering Banquet was written by Old Bro Network "Special Correspondent" Len Poirier (EpSig 730) .....

Notes from the UCLA Lambda Chi Chartering Banquet

The rechartering banquet for the Epsilon-Sigma Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha was held on April 16th and was well attended by active members of the chapter and Alumni alike.  Any attempt at naming those Alums in attendance would undoubtedly leave someone out, so I won’t even attempt that.  Suffice it to say the largest contingent of Old Bros was from guys with Zeta numbers between the mid 6 to mid 8 hundreds.  There were however also brothers from as far back as the 50’s, with the lowest Zeta number being 201.

The evening began at the chapter house and the active members were enthusiastic to show us the changes that had been made to the house over the last few years and also the progress they were making on remodeling areas of the house, particularly the basement, where the large space to the right of the front staircase had been made into the new ritual room.  The one glaring deficiency was in the kitchen where they were lacking any dishes or glassware and also had no freezer unit or dishwashing equipment.  Dave Shapiro was quick to point out the dents in the cooktop vent housing that he made during a drunken “spoon drumming” session were still intact.

Old Bro's representing at the Chartering Banquet - standing left to right, Jim LaPeter (EpSig 633) & Tuck Meador (EpSig 638), seated left to right, Bill Schlichter (EpSig 647), Steve Robbins (EpSig 678), & Bill Harrison (EpSig 631)
The group then moved to the banquet facility at Covel Commons adjacent to Sproul Hall.  There were several speakers, two in particular who stood out.  Robert Frackelton, the emcee for the evening, and an Alum from the early 90’s, gave the background of the rechartering effort, including all the hard work of the current corporation board and the new active members that allowed this to happen. Also of note was Scott Lipman, the current High Alpha, who detailed his vision for what the fraternity meant to him and the active’s hopes for the future.  The current active members are a group of highly motivated and engaging young men.  It was great to spend time with them and I think they enjoyed our stories of old, or at least pretended to.

Old Bro's Len Poirier (left) and Tom Larson (right) present Old Bro Network "Gift Check" to current High Alpha Scott Lipman
I presented a  “ceremonial” check to the chapter as a gift from the Old Bro Network in the amount of $11,000, which is what we had raised at the time of the check's printing.  By the end of the day on the 16th, however, I understand the amount was closer to $15,000.  I can’t tell you how many of the active members came up to me after the event to express their thanks.  They really appreciated the efforts of the alumni and said this amount would greatly help in their effort to completely bring the kitchen up to functional status and aid in the goal of hiring a full time cook.

And speaking of cooks, the ultimate cookie herself, Florida Taylor was in attendance.  She received a standing ovation and round of “Here’s to Florida....”.  We were reminded that she served as Lambda Chi's cook from 1965 to 1985 and that she is currently 88 years old.  She looked great and cried when presented with flowers. She said she loved every minute of her work and there was never a day she didn’t look forward to going to work.  She retold several old stories but mostly wanted everyone to know she still thought Ernie Marchosky just wasn’t quite right.

After the banquet many of the alums and quite a few actives adjourned to Bill Schlichter’s room at the Luxe hotel.  The room had a wonderful back patio which would have made for the perfect post party location had the manager and security not come to the room to shut the party down ..... some things never change.  We did leave the room and go to the hotel bar for one more drink and a couple more old stories to excite the current actives.  My evening then ended with Dave Shapiro, Trevor Kirschner and 5 actives making a 1:30 run to the In and Out Burger in Westwood.  It wasn’t quite a 3 am Jumbo Jack and Super Taco run but it was close enough to bring back even more great memories.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the fund raising effort. I know it was tremendously appreciated and I have every confidence it will be put to great use.

Lenny Poirier
EpSig 730

Editor's Notes:

1)  Again, thanks to all of you Old Bro's out there who contributed to the fundraising effort.  One Old Bro in attendance at the banquet remarked that the New Bro's were "completely blown away" by this gift.  Well done, Old Bro's !!

2)  Anyone who would like to comment on their view of the evening's festivities is welcome to do so in the comment box below.

EpSig 700


  1. Len, awesome recount of what was a truly memorable I can remember! I will forever remember the faces of those kids seated around the old bros, Ledsam, Harrison, Meador, Robbins, yourself, LaPeter, Larson.....and a bunch more....smoking cigars, sippin on scotch, and soaking in the stories from the 70's/80's and life at Lambda Chi. I really am looking forward to seeing the legacy we set in motion as a result of that nite we all had together.......Slick EPSIG 647.

  2. A friend once critcized me for tending to reminisce too much; if so, 'guilty as charged'. From the moment we sauntered up the steps and into our beloved 'ol structure, this occasion surpassed all expectations! Immediately greeted by eager pledges, I forced a cordial smile as my mind was preoccupied with the pay phone, our own 'little sisters' who like these stunning young ladies, also circulated so graciously among us, and of course...the carpet! Who could forget that beautiful, brown, shag of shame with so many stories buried so deeply. And Flo, aging more gracefully then most of us certainly, reason alone for supporting the second Slick's post, the post-party was indeed one to remember as ya know it's special when the most memorable moment was thinking, "How cool would it be if 'all the bros' would be here too!!" Everyone involved has to be commended for laying this new foundation; the house is once again filled with great guys and I'm sure we'll all have plenty of moments together in the future to share...Dave 'Peni' Shapiro EPSIG760.


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