Thursday, March 24, 2011

New "Old Bro's" + Updates - 3/24/11

Been a while since we've welcomed any new Old Bro's onto the roster, this week we have FIVE new brave souls to add plus TWO updates to publish.

First up and checking in via Facebook is Jeff Summers (EpSig 658), who is currently working for Intel and living down in Chandler, Arizona.  Jeff's profile indicates his musical interests include (among others) Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, and ZZ Top -- which DEFINITELY sounds like an Old Bro playlist.  That's Jeff's Facebook profile photo at left.

Also checking in via Facebook this week is Randy Ricciotti (EpSig 713).  Randy's another one of the Old Bro's who lived in the Hedrick Hall dorm prior to joining Lambda Chi.  He is still living in Los Angeles.

Our first "Stud of the Week" award goes to Tuck Meador, for tracking down and sending in contact info on the one and only Nathaniel Rees Evans III (EpSig 635), who is now living out in the Inland Empire metropolis of Riverside, CA.

Also earning a "Stud of the Week" mention (for the second time) is Jim Scilacci, who forwarded contact info on his Big Bro Bob Neumann (EpSig 615).

The final shout-out for this update goes to Willy Reese (another two time "Stud of the Week"), whose efforts in spreading the Old Bro message amongst the 900 zeta club have led to the addition of John Leonte (EpSig 982).

Also, the Old Bro Network must once again correct an error made on one of our previous posts.  Old Bro Keith Klein's name was inadvertently mis-spelled, a grievous error for which I truly apologize.  Maybe one of these days I'll actually USE spell check before I publish a post .....

There is also an updated e-mail address for Old Bro Jeff Davis, please correct your records accordingly.

New and updated e-cards have been e-mailed out, and these additions bring our overall roster count to 124.  Please welcome our new Old Bro's into the group by sending them a note to say howdy, if you like. 

As always, if you have any contact info for any Old Bro's who are NOT currently on the roster, send it to me and I'll get them hooked up.  Likewise, if anyones info needs correcting, let me know and I'll fix that as well.

EpSig 700   

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